While you were sleeping, 25 July

Bar bombing in Bavaria, Germany, a Democratic Party scandal, and the fall of Yahoo.

“Racism should never have happened and so you don’t get a cookie for reducing it.” 

 – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah

Story of the Day

LGE 2016: ANC claws back with race baiting, veterans and the dab

Had the local government elections happened in April instead of August, the ANC would have been fighting fires over the Constitutional Court judgement on Nkandla and the backlash over allegations of “state capture” by the Gupta family. The ANC has successfully closed down the discourse on both these issues and in the last few weeks launched a “hearts and minds” campaign to appeal to the sentimentality of their traditional voters. Although the party is still expected to dip in support compared to previous elections, it might not take the hammering initially expected. And for those who think the election results will hurt President Jacob Zuma, think again. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY.
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While you were sleeping

Bar bombing in Bavaria, Germany 

A Syrian refugee detonated a bomb outside a bar close to a music festival on Sunday night, killing himself and injuring 12 others. Nearby festivalgoers were evacuated, and no other fatalities were recorded. Authorities noted that the 27-year-old bomber had spent time in a psychiatric clinic. The attack was the third in the region in a week. Read more

Eight dead, 20 lost at sea

Eight bodies have been retrieved after a boat carrying 62 people capsized in Malaysian waters at the weekend. Another 20 are still missing. The passengers, thought to be Indonesian refugees, are believed to have been making the treacherous journey back to their home country. Read more. 

Leaked emails deliver more woe to Democratic Party

Insider efforts to undercut Bernie Sanders’ campaign revealed on Sunday have sent the Democratic Party into frenzy to mitigate the damage. The Party boss, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, announced she would resign, a move Sanders called “the right decision for the future of the Democratic Party”. Naturally, this all took place on the eve of the convention to officially nominate Hillary Clinton. This is US politics, after all. Read more. 

The fall of Yahoo

Pioneering search engine Yahoo is set to sell its core online assets to telecom giant, Verizon. The deal, expected to be officially announced this morning, will hand over the $4.8 billion remnants of the Internet giant. Yahoo stakeholders are likely looking back wistfully at its $100 billion career high in the 1990s. Read more.


In Numbers

3 billion

The number of letters in the human genome. 

Fact of the Day

The world’s deadliest hunter is… the dragonfly. The winged predator is four times more likely to catch its prey than big cats and twice as likely as great white sharks. They don’t call him a dragon for nothin’. 

Weather & Financial Data

BFN: min: 4° max: 11°, rainy
CPT: min: 11° max: 18°, sunny-ish
DBN: min: 12° max: 17°, rainy
EL: min: 13° max: 16°, rainy
JHB: min: 7° max: 15° thunderstorms
KIM: min: 3° max: 11°, rainy
NLP: min: 12° max: 18°, rainy
PMB: min: 7° max: 12°, rainy
PKN: min: 9° max: 17°, cloudy
PE: min: 9° max: 18°, thunderstorms
PTA: min: 4° max: 24°, sunny

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JSE All Share=53,005.22 
DJIA= 18,570.85
FTSE 100=6,730.48

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