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Tinashe Munyuki answers 20 Questions

20 Questions We Ask Everyone

Junior Business Administrator Tinashe Munyuki answers our questions.

Tinashe Munyuki

Junior Business Administrator

Inferno by Dan Brown.

How Americans got to vote for Trump.

Yet to figure that one out.

Riding a motorcycle between cars. I do it all the time though. Until some bastard change lanes without indicating. Motherf…r!

Been told I am a comedian – a good one (sigh).

Well done for the exceptional work.

Mom, yeah, it’s mom.

Hans Landa.

Just pasta, with chicken of course!

Still thinking about that one.

Runner in a restaurant. That was so damn terrible.

Trump admitting that he sucks.

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings – Eric Hoffer.

Ant-Anti-Anti-Corruption (a single anti-corruption ministry won’t manage the current levels of corruption).

Tens of millions of pounds….just kidding, I’d print houses for the homeless.

When I do something wrong and I am confronted about it, I just flash my dimples and voila! I am free. Only works with girls though.