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Thom von Zahn answers 20 questions

Daily Maverick Financial Manager, Thom von Zahn, answers our questions.

Thom von Zahn

Financial Manager

Too many to count; generally the stuff that replaces the lens over reality. I’m thinking Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb and Thinking Fast and Slow by Dany Kahneman.

One of the many, many, perks of living in Cape Town is having an abundance of both. I’m an abundance guy.

I’m still a member of “our children’s generation”, as Branko keeps on reminding me… Fran, can I get a fact-check?

Leaving my job in institutional asset management to come and work for a cash-strapped media start up, and thinking that it was a good idea.

Oh man this is like the book one all over again… Ex Machina is a recent favourite, but to be honest the next hundred years of film will still pale in comparison with Lord of the Rings.

My own…would love to know what on earth is actually going on in there…if someone knows please call.

People getting my name wrong: ‘thom’ not ‘tom’ and ‘von’ not ‘van’ – details are important.

Attention to detail. Also I have an encyclopedic knowledge of serial killers (don’t ask).

“I’m reading too much. The creep of addiction…” 

Any truth seekers. Journalists, scientists, and those willing to have uncomfortable but necessary conversations with family. You’re cut from the same cloth.

People who argue badly. Politicians I’m (mostly) looking at you.

Glass of water. Got to look svelte when they stick me in the electric chair.

Made some very powerful, dangerous enemies in a charming, totally arbitrary sort of way.

Oh this one for sure. Funny thing is that the hardest things are the most transformative. It’s just damage, repair, damage, repair.

Nothing really at this point. That’s our fault guys. We made our own cage.

The opposite of fear is not courage, it is understanding.

Critical thinking and uncertainty.

Critical thinking and uncertainty.

Delaying a confrontation with some big demons.