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Suné Payne answers 21 Questions

Daily Maverick Journalist,  Suné Payne, answers 21 questions for Maverick Insider

Suné Payne

Daily Maverick Journalist

Sometime in Paris during the Art Nouveau period, since it was my favourite design period while I was still on high school.

My 8 year old nephew with the most beautiful mind.

Frida Kahlo, Mia Arderne, Vinette Ebrahim, Leonardo da Vinci and Ryan Murphy

King – Years and Years

Something in design or somewhere involved in politics/governance.

The empty streets of Kloof Street on a Friday afternoon.

My nephew’s T Rex which had sounds and lights that kept everyone entertained for hours.

A beautiful leather notebook from my partner.

Walking out of a bathroom and not realising my jacket was looped into my pants.

My mom always told me people don’t think like you and I should be grateful about it.

A certain politician’s phone so I could uninstall and block Twitter forever so he could stop tweeting and actually work.

Summer definitely