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Steve McGown answers 20 questions

Author of Six Years with al Qaeda,  Steve McGown, answers our questions.

Steve McGown

Author: Six Years with al Qaeda

My Bird Book.

Both, ideally a beach that borders the bush.

Being offered 9 jobs from 9 interviews.

Lord of the Rings.

The person making the decision in Government, whoever that is

Slow drivers causing traffic jams.

I used to be able to think like a bug and catch lots of fish, but that talent seems to have disappeared now.

See you 12:30 tomorrow, we’ll bring the salad.

Anyone who invites me fishing, birding, kayaking, 4×4’ing, hiking….

Anyone who wakes me up before sunrise.

Murdering a person for being cruel to an animal.

Number crunching

According to Islam, the approaching of Kiyama (End of days before the Day of Judgement). According to me, Eskom.

Keep life balanced.

Fewer people and more wilderness areas.