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Stephen Grootes answers 20 Questions

Senior Political Analyst, Stephen Grootes, answers our questions.

Stephen Grootes

Senior Political Analyst

Beach. Without question. With family, friends, a cricket bat, and some currently illegal liquid.

Staying Home by C. Ovid (19th edition).
The Winds of War by Herman Wouk.

Why their grandparents put the phone to their ear.

Waking up John Stupart.

The Notebook.

No, not really. The Big Short.

People who think they must be right.

I can move my ears. Both of them.

“On my way”.

The 2018 Nat Nakasa Award winner, several of the current members of the White House Press Corp, everyone who works for the Amabhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism and Scorpio.

Anyone who tries to divide us.

Bean curd and couscous. Will be ready to die after that.

Tested disinfectant directly on the US President.

My six months at Britain’s Royal College of Midwives

Well, it won’t be Zooming with the Zumas.

Life isn’t fair.

Tablets. Millions of them. So everyone could join the information age.

Being paid to “work” on radio.