Only dead fish go with the flow
22 March 2018 00:39 (South Africa)

Sandy conversion: Chris Christie's newfound appreciation for Barack Obama

  • J Brooks Spector
    brooks spector 02 BW
    J Brooks Spector

    Spector settled in Johannesburg after a career as a US diplomat in Africa and East Asia. He has taught at the U. of the Witwatersrand, been a consultant for an international NGO, run a theatre, and been a commentator for South African and international print/broadcast/online media, in addition to writing for The Daily Maverick from day one. Spector is a Writing Fellow of the Unit of Johannesburg’s Institute for Advanced Studies. He says he learned everything he needs to know about politics from ‘Casablanca.’ Maybe he's cynical about some things, but a late Beethoven string quartet, John Coltrane’s music and a dish of Pad Thai will bring him close to tears.

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The world's worst politician gets done, again

By Richard Poplak
C:\fakepath\brooks on George Mc Govern jd edit

George McGovern, a man of integrity and honour

By J Brooks Spector
BBC jimmy saville

The 'butterfly effect' and the crisis at the BBC

By Kevin Bloom
third debate

US2012 debate No 3: The final battle goes to Obama, but is it enough?

By J Brooks Spector

One El of a Battle: Alamein, 70 years on

By Rebecca Davis
C:\fakepath\Poplak on Newsweek

Old news: Newsweek chooses online kingdom

By Richard Poplak
C:\fakepath\brooks on US-Iran

Collision course: Iran Nuclear and US2012

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\cuban crisis main

Thirteen days when Earth stood still - 50 years later

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\Early Israeli elections a failsafe Netanyahu ploy jd edit

Early Israeli elections a failsafe Netanyahu ploy

By Kevin Bloom
obama strikes back

US2012, second debate: Obama strikes back

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\kevin eu nobel

The EU's Nobel Peace Prize: Backslappers unite!

By Kevin Bloom
C:\fakepath\brooks on sihanouk

Death of Norodom Sihanouk: A man who would be king, prince, PM and king-father

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\brooks obama romney 2 preview

US2012: Obama and Romney prepare for decisive second debate

By J Brooks Spector
biden ryan slug it out

US2012 VP debate: Biden and Ryan slug it out

By J Brooks Spector

Malala Yousafzai: The crime of wanting an education

By Khadija Patel
C:\fakepath\Brooks on vp debate preview jd edit

US2012: Next up, the vice-presidential wrestling match

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\rebecca kony

Kony: Still not stopped

By Rebecca Davis
C:\fakepath\Poloney-ium jd edit

Exhuming Arafat: Hold the polon(e)y

By Richard Poplak
C:\fakepath\brooks mitt romney foreign policy

US2012: Romney foreign policy - incoherence revisited

By J Brooks Spector

Chinese security threat or US insecurity? Congress attacks Huawei

By Kevin Bloom
brooks big bird

America's civic avian trinity: Eagle, turkey and... Big Bird

By J Brooks Spector

Turkey and Syria: No war yet.

By Khadija Patel
brooks on debate no 1

US 2012 debate No 1: Battle of the sound bite stars

By J Brooks Spector

Syria: Is there really a refugee crisis?

By Khadija Patel
C:\fakepath\simon gaddafi death

In death as in life, Colonel Gaddafi wins the crazy prize

By Simon Allison
C:\fakepath\Brooks Obama race

Race and the race: Does Obama's race still matter?

By J Brooks Spector
US 2012 will there be an October Surprise

US 2012: Will there be an October Surprise?

By J Brooks Spector
zuma at the UN

Jacob Zuma at the UN: "Crisis? What crisis?"

By Simon Allison
Greg UN

UN General Assembly: What to watch in Africa

By Greg Nicolson