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20 March 2018 06:19 (South Africa)

Obama’s Middle East adventure: Soft gloves, hard punches

  • J Brooks Spector
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    J Brooks Spector

    Spector settled in Johannesburg after a career as a US diplomat in Africa and East Asia. He has taught at the U. of the Witwatersrand, been a consultant for an international NGO, run a theatre, and been a commentator for South African and international print/broadcast/online media, in addition to writing for The Daily Maverick from day one. Spector is a Writing Fellow of the Unit of Johannesburg’s Institute for Advanced Studies. He says he learned everything he needs to know about politics from ‘Casablanca.’ Maybe he's cynical about some things, but a late Beethoven string quartet, John Coltrane’s music and a dish of Pad Thai will bring him close to tears.

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brooks on desert schmooze MAIN.jpg

Obama in the Middle East, aka Operation Another Desert Schmooze

By J Brooks Spector
khadija iraq war.jpg

Iraq War: Ten years, ten questions

By Khadija Patel
POPLAK on airlines.jpg

Fly by night – Boeing and Airbus have enormously big weeks. Or do they?

By Richard Poplak
brroks iraq war.jpg

Crusade versus Jihad: The mistaken narratives of a misbegotten war

By J Brooks Spector
simon xi vs pope.jpg

New pope, new Chinese president: Who’d win in a fight?

By Simon Allison
new pope MAIN.jpg

Habemus Papam: Francis the builder, the moderate, the humble one

By Ranjeni Munusamy
North Korea-Simon Allisongvdw.jpg

North Korea: Eccentric, yes; irrational, no

By Simon Allison
IsraelApartheid-KhadijaPatelgvdw MAIN.jpg

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, now at a university near you

By Khadija Patel
simon MAIN.jpg

In China, size matters

By Simon Allison
dalai lama MAIN PHOTO.jpg

Dalai Lama: I would love to see Mandela once more

By Guy Lieberman
brooks on chavezgvdw.jpg

Hugo Chavez, the 21st-century Socialist Caudillo

By J Brooks Spector
abe lincoln

From our vault: The Gettysburg address, and why SA politicians should read it every day

By J Brooks Spector
BROOKS dennis rodman in NOKO.jpg

Dennis Rodman visits North Korea, proves Young Leader can jump

By J Brooks Spector
poplak on italy.jpg

Italy on the brink: Europe’s basket case weaves more pain

By Richard Poplak

Auf wiedersehen, B16!

By J Brooks Spector

China’s military build-up: not as scary as it looks

By Simon Allison
brooks on Beppe grillogvdw.jpg

The Clown and the Italian Job

By J Brooks Spector
Cameron military aidSimon Allison (1)gvdw.jpg

Cameron’s cunning plan: Foreign aid can fund the British military

By Simon Allison
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Oscar Pistorius, the OJ Simpson of the Twitter age

By J Brooks Spector
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Time to bring Dr Karabus home

By Rebecca Davis

Afzal Guru: One man’s execution shows up Indian self-doubt

By Khadija Patel

Sparing Saudi Arabia’s blushes: How the US media colluded with government

By Khadija Patel
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Obama’s State of the Union: Bolstering the middle class is key to a resurgent US

By J Brooks Spector

To Africa, from Russia with love

By Khadija Patel
Brooks on Obama SOTUgvdw.jpg

Obama’s State of the Union speech – the preview

By J Brooks Spector
brooks on race the final frontier.jpg

Race, still the Final Frontier

By J Brooks Spector

‘Extraordinary Renditions’, aka How To Flout International Law With Impunity

By Khadija Patel
obama holy land.jpg

Obama’s new Holy Land mission – it’s all about balance

By J Brooks Spector
brooks stalingrad MAIN.jpg

Stalingrad: the city, the heroism, the horror – 70 years later

By J Brooks Spector