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17 January 2018 05:12 (South Africa)

Turkey and Syria: No war yet.

  • Khadija Patel
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    Khadija Patel

    Khadija peddles words on street corners, in polite company she's known as a journalist. Words are her only defence against impending doom, old age and iniquity - spurring her interest in what language tells us about where we are from, what we are doing and where we are headed. Don't mind the headscarf, she don't need no liberation. 

brooks on debate no 1

US 2012 debate No 1: Battle of the sound bite stars

By J Brooks Spector

Syria: Is there really a refugee crisis?

By Khadija Patel
C:\fakepath\simon gaddafi death

In death as in life, Colonel Gaddafi wins the crazy prize

By Simon Allison
C:\fakepath\Brooks Obama race

Race and the race: Does Obama's race still matter?

By J Brooks Spector
US 2012 will there be an October Surprise

US 2012: Will there be an October Surprise?

By J Brooks Spector
zuma at the UN

Jacob Zuma at the UN: "Crisis? What crisis?"

By Simon Allison
Greg UN

UN General Assembly: What to watch in Africa

By Greg Nicolson
brooks on aircraft carrier

Aircraft carrier force-projects China into the 21st Century

By J Brooks Spector
khadija drones

Report: In Pakistan, drones upend everyday life

By Khadija Patel
brooks emancipation

150 years later, Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation remains a milestone

By J Brooks Spector
bllom on foxcon

Apple, China, and the mounting violence of the profit margin

By Kevin Bloom
brooks on romney's 14 days of hell

US2012: Mitt Romney's 'Fortnightus horribilis'

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\brooks on Mr Africa

America's Mr Africa

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\Bloom Zuma Xi

Zuma and Xi: Uncanny similarities, vast differences

By Kevin Bloom
C:\fakepath\poplak cctv

Big Brother is being watched by you: Chinese television and Africa

By Richard Poplak
C:\fakepath\brooks mittanic

US2012: The USS Mittanic sails into the iceberg field

By J Brooks Spector

View from China: Anti-Japanese sentiment spills onto the streets

By Kevin Bloom
C:\fakepath\160912-Embassy riots-Simon Allison

Middle East embassy riots: All your questions answered

By Simon Allison
C:\fakepath\brooks embassies attacks day two

Middle East's bloody round two: US Embassies as the new front line

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\brooks benghazi murders

US ambassador to Libya pays the ultimate price of religious madness

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\brooks on Seal book

An Ambien-infused SEAL and the book that may shatter the mystery

By J Brooks Spector
C:\fakepath\brooks debates

Obama vs. Romney: And now for the debates

By J Brooks Spector

View from Beijing: The Bo Xilai affair and the looming leadership changeover

By Kevin Bloom
barack obama accepts nomination

US 2012: Barack Obama rallies his troops for the final fight

By J Brooks Spector

The Beijing brush-off: Hillary Clinton visits China, to little effect

By Richard Poplak
obama clinton

Bubba Clinton delivers second term to Obama

By J Brooks Spector
michelle barack 4 more years

Michelle Obama: Barack needs four more years

By J Brooks Spector

Sanctions and cultural boycotts - the next frontier?

By J Brooks Spector

Attack on Iran: Israeli opinion shaped by US casino mogul

By Kevin Bloom