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21 March 2018 14:49 (South Africa)

Istanbul journal: Three days of Erdogan

  • Olivia Walton
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    Olivia Walton

    Olivia Walton is a freelance writer and editor from Cape Town. After an internship at The Paris Review in New York, she is now giving life in Istanbul a try. Tear gas is to be avoided.

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G-8 and the shadow of Syria

By J Brooks Spector

Edward Snowden, Hong Kong's most unusual refugee

By Simon Allison
poplak on snowden.jpg

Wither Edward Snowden, and what we don’t know about the privacy we’ve never had

By Richard Poplak

Abenomics: Japan’s most dangerous game

By Michael Rands

And officially: Barack Obama and Xi Jinping, the world’s ultimate power couple

By J Brooks Spector

Fixing China’s image, one African student at a time

By Simon Allison
brooks on sarin.jpg

When the air is the enemy

By J Brooks Spector

Obama’s impending Africa trip – how is the continent responding?

By J Brooks Spector
Turkey protests-Simon Allisongvdw.jpg

Analysis: Turkey’s Prime Minister went too far, too fast

By Simon Allison
China tourism-Simon Allisongvdw.jpg

China to Chinese tourists: Oh, behave!

By Simon Allison
brooks on cherios race debate.jpg

Cheerios fever, or, Guess Who’s Coming for Breakfast?

By J Brooks Spector

Yemen: Is there a way out for the two kidnapped South Africans?

By Khadija Patel
Simon on Aung San Suu Kyi compromise.jpg

Looking beyond Aung San Suu Kyi’s halo

By Simon Allison
brooks on obama pivot.jpg

Obama's foreign policy pivot

By J Brooks Spector
brooks on obama in africagvdw.jpg

Barack Obama coming to Africa – a trip alive with possibilities

By J Brooks Spector
simon ai weiwei.jpg

Ai Weiwei and the resurrection of the protest song

By Simon Allison
poplak on japan.jpg

Land of the Rising Son: Abe’s Japan gets busy

By Richard Poplak

Barack and Michelle Obama to visit Africa next month

By J Brooks Spector
brooks guptagate US.jpg

Guptagate, US edition: A parable

By J Brooks Spector
rhino poaching.jpg

Rhino horn smuggling bosses jailed in US

By Fiona Macleod
brooks on obama.jpg

The White House strikes back – but can Obama slay three dragons at one blow?

By J Brooks Spector
Government Spending Watch-Simon Allisongvdw.jpg

Millenium Development Goals: What the money trail tells us

By Simon Allison
brooks on death and taxesgvdw.jpg

The Obama administration: Death and taxes, round two?

By J Brooks Spector
China Japan Sex propaganda-Simon Allison.jpg

Sex and propaganda: Japan hits China below the belt

By Simon Allison
brooks on Benghazigvdw.jpg

Benghazi, the 2016 US presidential campaign’s first battle

By J Brooks Spector
khadija on SA-India.jpg

South Africa and India: All’s fair in love, BRICS and Guptroversy

By Khadija Patel
brooks on wef messagegvdw.jpg

WEF’s message: Yo Africa! You snooze, you lose, baby!

By J Brooks Spector

Syria: Who are the good guys, really?

By Simon Allison

US gays' ultimate choice: For love or your country

By Rebecca Davis