Analysis of the third kind
21 March 2018 14:47 (South Africa)

Sunday Times reflects the world in Fifa World Cup

  • Andy Rice
    andy rice
    Andy Rice

    Andy Rice is a founding partner of Yellowwood Future Architects, a marketing strategy consultancy. In his other lives, he is the southern hemisphere's only supporter of Cambridge United Football Club, and was once upon a time the South African National Spoofing Champion. He has played football at Wembley and cricket at Lord's within the same weekend, but troubled the scorer on neither occasion. Things could only go up from here.

sunday times cover
brooks sp main

Sport through the ages, always more than just a game

By Andy Rice
ray mccauley

World Cup 2010: Ray McCauley saves

By Andy Rice
england footballers

View from London: How Brits perceive the SA World Cup

By Branko Brkic
thnak you soweto main

Soweto and Bulls love each other, but logistics bode ill for World Cup

By Branko Brkic
brendan jack

The Brendan Jack unofficial, Fifa-unendorsed guide to the 2010 Soccer World Cup

By Branko Brkic
landis armstrong

Landis finally admits doping, also implicates Armstrong

By Branko Brkic
Mark Perryman

What? English football fans coming to SA with fantastic attitudes?

By Branko Brkic

Al Qaeda's World Cup attack plot: the sum of all 2010 fears?

By Branko Brkic
lord tiesman

Wag the Dog at World Cup 2010: Why Lord Triesman’s allegations of ref bribery won’t get much play

By Branko Brkic
sf main

Flash, bang, rah rah rah, look how World Cup ready we are

By Branko Brkic
blatter life less publicised

Sepp Blatter: a life less publicised

By Branko Brkic
Andrew Jennings

Is Fifa an organised crime group? Meet the man who's out to prove it

By Kevin Bloom
wc main tickets

Over-the-counter World Cup ticket sales start amid crowd chaos

By Branko Brkic
basebal opener

Baseball’s back to the fields of dreams

By Branko Brkic
khoza 03

Irvin Khoza: I didn’t do nothing to nobody, never, ever

By Branko Brkic
khoza jordaan

Khoza vs Jordaan: it’s all about South Africa’s Big Men

By Branko Brkic
stormers storing to top

SUPER 14 WEEKEND No. 4: Storming up the log

By Branko Brkic
wellington vs lion


By Branko Brkic
bull brumbies


By Branko Brkic
tiger apologises

Tiger and JZ: not quite brothers from another mother, but maybe cousins

By Branko Brkic
floyd landis

The man who would be 'Tour de France' king, Floyd Landis, now wanted by French for hacking

By Branko Brkic
sharks waikato chiefs 900

Opening weekend of the Super 14: Waikato Chiefs stun Sharks on their own hunting ground

By Branko Brkic
super 14

Super 14 this way comes

By Branko Brkic
lindsay vonn

Ill omens darken build-up to ‘Vonn-couver’ Winter Olympics

By Branko Brkic
new orleans wins

New Orleans Saints, sentimental favourites, win the 44th Super Bowl

By Branko Brkic
egypt win african cup

Egyptians rewrite record books in Africa Cup of Nations

By Branko Brkic
ghana in finals

Egypt and Ghana on road to Africa Cup of Nations glory

By Branko Brkic
mickey arthur

Something’s not cricket in the Protea kingdom

By Branko Brkic
egypt cameroon

Egypt beat Cameroon, Nigeria scrape through to semis at Africa Cup of Nations

By Branko Brkic