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15 December 2017 12:11 (South Africa)
South Africa

Farmworkers' strike: Clanwilliam example may provide way out of the tight, ugly corner

  • Rebecca Davis
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    Rebecca Davis

    Rebecca Davis studied at Rhodes University and Oxford before working in lexicography at the Oxford English Dictionary. After deciding she’d rather make up words than define them, she returned to South Africa in 2011 to write for the Daily Maverick, which has been a magnificilious decision.  

C:\fakepath\rebecca de doorns 15th jan

Analysis: Measuring racial hatred, one murder at a time

By Mandy de Waal
eskom nationalisation

FIVE MINUTES: South Africa

By Daily Maverick Staff Reporter
C:\fakepath\Greg Nicolson on Amplats closuresgvdw

Platinum belt, 2013: Amplats to cut 14,000 jobs. Workers to strike.

By Greg Nicolson
C:\fakepath\brooks on ANC's artful dodging

The Artful Dodger: The ANC's art investment game

By J Brooks Spector
DeDorrns death

De Doorns protests claim first life

By Kate Stegeman
C:\fakepath\rebecca on KOI

Khayelitsha policing inquiry: Zille and civil society 1, Mthethwa 0

By Rebecca Davis
C:\fakepath\ranjeni anc finance

ANC and its funders: 'generally corrupt' becomes the general norm

By Ranjeni Munusamy

Conversations: Jane Duncan on race, identity and racism

By Mandy de Waal
C:\fakepath\lindiwe mazibuko speech at The Gathering 2

FIVE MINUTES: South Africa

By Daily Maverick Staff Reporter
C:\fakepath\de doorns MAIN

De Doorns: A community enveloped by fear and anger

By Benjamin Fogel

ANC's Face/Off: Second transition and National Development Plan

By Sipho Hlongwane
rebecca nosey pieterse

In the eye of the winelands storm: Nosey Pieterse

By Rebecca Davis
Ranjeni Zuma's deputies

Analysis: The curious case of Zuma's deputies

By Ranjeni Munusamy
greg nicolson on land

Zuma's attempted miracle: turning land into legacy

By Greg Nicolson

2013 in education: Another year, another fight

By Greg Nicolson
rebecca on winelands 2nd day

Winelands protests: More violence, but new talks possible

By Rebecca Davis
C:\fakepath\ranjeni anc & ancyl

To purge or not to purge: Youth League and ANC Limpopo leadership in the firing line

By Ranjeni Munusamy
C:\fakepath\sipho marikana 2013

2013: The lingering spectre of Marikana

By Sipho Hlongwane
C:\fakepath\DeDoorns7 MAIN

Temperature rising: Deja vu in De Doorns

By Rebecca Davis & Kate Stegeman
ranjeni ramaphosa real

Ramaphosa: Back in the game, waiting to exhale

By Ranjeni Munusamy
C:\fakepath\greg nicolson 2013 dignity

2013: The fight for dignity

By Greg Nicolson
C:\fakepath\ranjeni on 101 years of ANC

The ANC at 101; the ANC of Jacob Zuma

By Ranjeni Munusamy
C:\fakepath\sipho cosatu 2013

2013: Cosatu's year of introspection

By Sipho Hlongwane
C:\fakepath\Klitsha_shackfire MAIN

Khayelitsha photo essay: Community on the verge of a breakdown

By Kate Stegeman
C:\fakepath\greg nicolson on outa appeal

E-tolls: Outa ready for the next round

By Greg Nicolson

South Africa's 2013: The year of mediocrity or living dangerously... again

By Ranjeni Munusamy
C:\fakepath\A devil in the shacks MAIN

Shack fires: A devil in the detail of development

By Jared Sacks
C:\fakepath\20130106-_MG_5399 MAIN

The homeless/ huddled/ homeless of Johannesburg's Berea street

By Greg Nicolson
C:\fakepath\Ode to Zumanation

Ode to Zumanation: So long, Mangaung

By Richard Poplak