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18 August 2017 04:53 (South Africa)
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Putting land at the heart of radical economic transformation – a perspective from the ground

  • Sithandiwe Yeni
    Sithandiwe Yeni

    Sithandiwe Yeni is the national co-ordinator of Tshintsha Amakhaya, a civil society alliance for land and food justice in rural South Africa.]

Photo by Delyth Angharad via Flickr.

AmaBookaBooka: From activist to author to seeker of hidden skeletons (Podcast)

By Amabookabooka

Street Talk: #ZumaMustFall (Video)

By Street Talk
Photo: An elephant in Timbavati (Photo by Mr D via Flickr)

Dear Don Pinnock: No Timbavati ‘100-pounder’ elephant hunt

By Simon Espley
Photo: Elephants in Timbavati Game Reserve, 2 Jan 2013. Photo by Maureen Barlin via Flickr

Dear Simon Espley: Let’s talk elephants and fake reporting

By Don Pinnock
Photo: Karin Schimke winner of the  the prestigious Ingrid Jonker Prize is this week's guest on Amabookabooka.

AmaBookaBooka: Poetry in Commotion (Podcast)

By Amabookabooka

Street Talk: Youth, activating for change (Video)

By Street Talk

Letter to the Editor: The right to reproductive health – Government and journalists need to do better

By Daily Maverick
Photo: A Western Cape High Court judgment has taken a step towards decriminalising dagga use, but it is still illegal for small-scale Eastern Cape dagga farmers to grow their crops. Photo: Masixole Feni

GroundUp: Understanding Judge Davis’s dope judgment

By GroundUp
Photo: South Africans react to the ruling legalizing Cannabis outside the Cape High Court in Cape Town, South Africa, 31 March 2017. The Western Cape High Court 31 March 2017 ruled it will allow people to possess, cultivate and use Cannabis at home. The law that made it illegal has been removed. Parliament has 24 months to write it into statute. EPA/NIC BOTHMA

The Cannabis Chronicles: Peace, Love, Respect

By Kevin Bloom

Theatre review: The Play That Goes (perfectly) Wrong

By Lesley Stones

Alibi, Ep 5: A deep look at how a man was tortured… to figure out if he was innocent of murder (Podcast)

By Paul McNally
Photo: Doctor Ewelina Krol from the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdansk and the Medical University of Gdansk during her work in the university laboratory in Gdansk, Poland, 04 October 2016. EPA/ADAM WARZAWA

Op-Ed: In an age of Zika and a threat of biochemical terror, health security must be everybody’s concern

By Wilmot James
Photo: Ahmed Kathrada with the author at Robben Island, May 2016 (Jeffrey Abrahams)

Op-Ed: Ahmed Kathrada’s lesson endures

By Kerry Kennedy
Photo: Adventurer Chris Bertish returns to his home city, Cape Town, after setting his transatlantic record. (Mark Sampson)

Interview: Chris Bertish, motivational dynamo and superhuman

By Rebecca Davis
Photo: Lawrence Tomlinson talking to the author in Garforth, Leeds. Photo: Greg Mills

An answer to the fourth industrial revolution

By Greg Mills

amaBookaBooka: From pavement to published author (Podcast)

By Amabookabooka
Photo: Viewers look upon a portrait of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada during the burial procession at West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg, South Africa, 29 March 2017. EPA/KEVIN SUTHERLAND

“Chaps, this is goodbye”

By Ranjeni Munusamy
Theatre Review: 'The Echo of a Noise' is quietly poignant

Theatre Review: ‘The Echo of a Noise’ is quietly poignant

By Lesley Stones

Theatre Review: ‘El Blanco’ is theatre at its simplest

By Lesley Stones
Main photo: Bridget Hilton-Barber

AmaBookaBooka: The activist and the ‘Olive Branch’ (Podcast)

By Amabookabooka

South African ‘Serial’ podcast – we visit the supermarket and stand exactly where the two victims were murdered (Episode 3)

By Paul McNally

Review: The Chocolate Case, the Netherlands’ answer to child slavery

By Marelise van der Merwe
Photo: A handout photo made available by European Southern Observatory, ESO, on 08 March 2017, showing an artist's impression what the very distant young galaxy A2744_YD4 might look like. Observations using ALMA have shown that this galaxy, seen when the Universe was just 4 per cent of its current age, is rich in dust. Such dust was produced by an earlier generation of stars and these observations provide insights into the birth and explosive deaths of the very first stars in the Universe. EPA

Daily Maverick Interview: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxies

By Marelise van der Merwe

Street Talk: Power, strength & dignity, Part 4 (Final Video)

By Street Talk
Photo: Zwelethu Mthethwa at AfricanArt.org.

Portrait of the Artist as a Guilty Man: Zwelethu Mthethwa a murderer, court rules

By Rebecca Davis
Photo: Sam Cowen

AmaBookaBooka: A literary feast available at an ear near you (Podcast)

By Amabookabooka
Photo by Global Panorama via Flickr.

The Human Trafficking Act: Is it doing the job?

By Marelise van der Merwe
Photo by Alpha, via Flickr.

Health-e News: Diabetes moves up the Killer Charts


Street Talk: Power, strength & dignity, Part 2 (Video)

By Street Talk