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25 June 2017 15:57 (South Africa)

11 March: Thousands of Nigerians call for president to go

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    Branko Brkic

    Brkic is the founder and editor of The Daily Maverick.

    He has edited magazines on business and politics, technology, and wildlife. He has also published fiction and non-fiction books, most of them in Serbian. Though he has never pretended to be a reporter, his wide knowledge of politics (especially in America), combined with his experiences in a disintegrating Yugoslavia, gives him an unusual outlook on events in South Africa.

    Despite the vowel-poor surname, he tells anyone who asks that he hails from Hyde Park, Johannesburg, having spent most of his adult life in South Africa.

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22 February: Dear Bob Mugabe, Happy Birthday! Now, would you please leave?

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11 February: Niger Delta militants say Nigeria’s acting president is illegal

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10 February: Nigerian parliament approves acting president

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Zimbabwe’s MDC waits on SADC Santa to make it all better

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09 February: ICC drops war crimes trial of Darfur rebel leader

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