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19 February 2018 21:33 (South Africa)

Africa's misplaced loyalty in Brother Leader's largesse

  • Simon Allison
    Simon Allison

    Simon Allison covers Africa for the Daily Maverick, having cut his teeth reporting from Palestine, Somalia and revolutionary Egypt. He loves news and politics, the more convoluted the better. Despite his natural cynicism and occasionally despairing tone, he is an Afro-optimist, and can’t wait to witness and chronicle the continent’s swift development over the next few decades.

gadaffi and AU

iMaverick: Africa, Friday 26 August

By iMaverick Team

Trials and tribulations of the International Criminal Court

By Simon Allison
sa out of sync

Once again SA isolated from the global community on Libya

By Khadija Patel
gaddafi compound

Rebels storm the heart of Gaddafi's power, but no sign of Brother Leader

By Simon Allison
saif surprise

The magical appearing act of Saif, Gaddafi's son and heir

By Simon Allison
Stephen Chan_credit Noel Shelly

A conversation about southern Africa with Stephen Chan

By Theresa Mallinson
where to colonel

Where to now, Colonel?

By Sipho Hlongwane
libya 2

Libya Ver 2.0 starts... right now

By J Brooks Spector
zuma gaddafi

Denial is SA's game on Libya

By Sipho Hlongwane
tripoli falls

Tripoli falls

By Simon Allison

Malawi: Mutharika dissolves entire cabinet

By Simon Allison
boko haram 02

War on Terror: The African Front

By Simon Allison
un gen sec

Did the UK kill Dag Hammarskjöld?

By Rebecca Davis
kenya uganda

Uganda and Kenya primed to draw arms over tiny Lake Victoria island

By Khadija Patel
malaria net

New research tears hole in mozzie net malaria solution

By Simon Allison
erdogan somalia

Turkey launches African charm offensive in Mogadishu

By Simon Allison
mtn results

MTN hits trouble in the Middle East, just not where expected

By Phillip de Wet
Alpha Conde

Assassination attempt scares Guinean president into reconciliation

By Simon Allison
food report

News reports of Somali markets packed with food aid for sale

By Khadija Patel
malawi demos

Malawi protests paused, but who will compromise?

By Simon Allison

Zanu-PF succession battle heats up as Zimbabwe's top general dies in blaze

By Simon Allison
south sudan flag

A brief look: AU breaks own rules as it raises South Sudan's flag

By Simon Allison
tripoli siege coming

Coming soon to TV screens near you: The siege of Tripoli

By Simon Allison
gaddafi to SA

Is Gaddafi headed for SA's free skies?

By Khadija Patel
Asmaa Mahfouz

A brief look: Egyptian blogger detained for Facebook update

By Khadija Patel
200 rands crossed

Cashless payments, taxing tips hit 'waitrons'

By Phillip de Wet
kenya parliament

A brief look: Kenya's MPs hold country to ransom and get away with it

By Simon Allison
africa pirates

Somalia's pirates inspire West African copycats

By Simon Allison

A brief look: SA diplomats kept busy in Africa

By Simon Allison