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Sarah Koopman Answers 21 Questions in 2021

Marketing Manager Sarah Koopman answers 21 questions for Maverick Insider

Sarah Koopman

Marketing manager

It’s hard to say – but I quite like my life right here and right now. Otherwise, Kobe (in Japan) or New York City in the last 10 years (pre-pandemic).

I wish I could draw/design – to be able to bring an image to life instead of having it stuck in my imagination looking perfect!

At the moment, I have so much admiration for Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka – for having the courage to put themselves and their mental health first (on a global stage). If someone had reinforced to a younger version of me that you can walk away when something (anything!) no longer serves you, it would have saved me from some pain, heartbreak, stress and burn out in my twenties.

Building Lego sets – it’s less a game and more an activity, but it’s a newly acquired favourite. Otherwise, 30 Seconds.

It’s a three-way tie between: teleportation, mind reading and invisibility

A group of my nearest, dearest and oldest friends who I haven’t seen since the pandemic started – we don’t all live in the same cities or countries, and I miss them terribly.

Ooh, tough one! I have playlists full of favourite songs, but a classic karaoke favourite would be Walking In Memphis by Marc Cohn… or Somebody To Love by Queen.

I’d love to work with animals. Maybe a vet, or a dog walker, or some sort of

A cat – nine lives and infinite naps! Sign me up!

What I’ll appreciate the most about the pandemic is how decisive it made me. With the whole world in turmoil, I became really clear about what I do and don’t want.
What I’ll appreciate the most about the pandemic being over – no longer having to wear masks and giving my cheeks a chance to breathe!

My partner collects currency (coins and notes) from other countries as well as historical coins and notes from South Africa. A few years ago, I gifted him a full set of old South African notes (incl R1, R2, R5) and a big R1 coin that was minted in the year he was born.

Most recently – an InstantPot Multi Cooker! Adulting is getting super excited when you get appliances as gifts!

While there are many, so choosing a “most” is tough – they’re all going to stay under wraps! 

Probably my laptop – the digital versions of all my life admin are on it (and it’s the easiest way to access what’s saved to the cloud)

“There are three types of business in the world: my business, other people’s business, and the business of a Higher Power” – learning how to differentiate these three has brought me so much peace.

My Lego Stratlitzia – it’s beautiful and has no chance of dying (I have notoriously not-green fingers and cannot keep plants alive. So I build them out of Lego!)

SUMMER PLEASE (anyone know when it’s arriving?)

Schalk Bezuidenhout was my lockdown hero with his daily comedy snippets on Instagram – so the title goes to him.

The Instant Pot Multi Cooker

Any app or service that we’ve had to invent to let us know our loadshedding schedules.