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Richard Poplak answers 21 Questions

Daily Maverick Editor-at-large,  Richard Poplak, answers 21 questions for Maverick Insider

Richard Poplak

Daily Maverick Editor-at-large. 

In the court of Peter the Great during a road trip to London in the seventeenth century. Apparently they were the first celebrities to toss a television set from a hotel window.

Making money. Swashbuckling. Memes.

I’ve always wanted Helen Zille’s hair.

Live grenade beer pong.

Just find me five responsible people who know how to eat with a face mask.

It’s raining pens

Filed thing
(*Excuse the journo puns)

This is very much the alternative career, dahling.

Cash money is always appreciated.

Feels like I’m living one on an extended time loop.

Depends which planet we’re discussing.

Wireless toilet paper

Biltong and blueberry brownies