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Privacy Policy

Privacy: We’re not evil

We will not give your e-mail address to anybody, ever, unless they carry guns and produce a valid court order. Some of our e-mail is sent by third-party providers (who have the servers and systems to do so quickly and efficiently); these providers are highly professional companies that comply with stringent requirements for privacy and security on the lists that we give to them. Also, we know where they live.

We require you to provide your real name in order to leave comments on the site and interact with other readers. We also track reader habits; how long an individual spends on the site in a session, whether readers like both politics and entertainment articles, for example. We do not, however, put the two together.

For statistics and analysis we use the standard Google Analytics services, like just about any other respectable website in the world. This general data we analyse ourselves (to see what works, where people go, what they read, that kind of thing) and we share some data with our advertisers, so they know how many readers we have in Iceland, for example. But the data that we share is anonymised, generic, overall, and in no way allows for the identification of any reader. You can find the privacy policy for Effective Measure here, and Google Analytics falls under the general Google privacy policy.

When you sign up to receive e-mail from us, or to comment on the site, we ask you for certain personal details: a telephone number, the city in which you live, and so on. This information is optional. If you do provide it, it may make it easier for us to reach you (to tell you how awesome you are, perhaps) or to provide you with new and exciting services (like weather information for your home town). Again, this information is not shared with anyone outside The Daily Maverick.

Likewise, we use technology such as cookies, image tracking in e-mail and other forms of monitoring to help us understand reader needs and optimise the website. All of these techniques are stock standard and all data gathered is only shared with outsiders once we are satisfied that it can not be abused.

Look, unless you wear a tinfoil hat to bed every single night, chances are that we are more paranoid about your privacy than you are, okay?

Data Deletion

If you’d like us to permanently delete any personal data we have collected on you, please email us at [email protected] .