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20 March 2018 00:29 (South Africa)
Reader support page

News media outlets around the world are going through a tumultuous transformation. In plain speak, this means pretty tough times. 

Being an independent political shop in a country where the government controls much of the economy and indeed the ad spend, has added an extra Kilimanjaro to the already steep hill all news publishers have to climb. 

Despite these challenges, we've survived through a combination of private shareholder funding, grants, events and generally being a frugal bunch (we'd consider a pin-up calendar of the editorial team but we've pre-empted government censorship on that one).

But that doesn't mean we don't need help. Or that we're afraid to ask for some.

So we're just a small publisher, standing in front of a reader, asking them to buy us a coffee (or several) to keep us going. The country needs our efforts now, more than ever. Please assist if you can. 

Our bank account details if you'd like to make an EFT or set up a recurring payment:

Bank: FNB
Acc: 62306355050
Branch: 250655

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Or you can email us here if you'd like to set up a regular contribution via a credit/debit card authorisation.

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