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19 March 2018 09:23 (South Africa)
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It's a reality of digital publishing that the current business isn't quite where it needs to be and most publishers, in desperate bid to survive, are looking to charge their readers for access. Publishers around the world all seem to be moving their online content behind some kind of paywall. Read a few articles free and then you'll need to pay up for full access to the site.

At Daily Maverick (as usual), we have a slightly different view.

We want our carefully crafted content to be read by as many people as possible. We also believe that the size of your bank account should not be the only qualification to read what we work so hard to create, every day.

To put it simply, we are committed to providing SA's best read to everyone.

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How do we fix things?

What really needs to change is the way digital advertising is perceived by advertisers. We need to make digital advertising more valuable to brands and more effective. Which is what we've done with our unique approach to advertising that has made the Daily Maverick the most effective display advertising platform in the world. Our advertising model really works: it provides a unique display space without irritating.

Still, we have to wait for the market to catch-up with our way of thinking. And until then, we need a bit of help, from people who love our work, to keep Daily Maverick an independent read of highest quality, and free to our readers.

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Our commitment to independant, quality editorial

The majority of our work comes from one of the most dedicated and talented editorial teams in the country. No fancy corner offices, no slush funds, no entertainment allowances and unnecessary overheads for us. Almost 70% of our budget goes into producing Daily Maverick  articles, something very few publishers can achieve or choose to pursue.

You may have also noticed we ruffle a few feathers with our coverage. Pointing out where government and corporates have wronged you, the public of South Africa, comes at a cost. When government alone controls 40% of the economy, we're not exactly first in line when they're looking to sponsor business breakfast or place ads in newspapers that no-one reads.

Being an independent, and critical, voice will cost us business in the short-term but it's the only sustainable option for us. We wouldn't be who are if we let business or politicians dictate our editorial philosophy. Yep, it sucks being us sometimes, and for over three years we've dedicated our lives to bringing news, analysis and opinions of Daily Maverick quality.

How can you help?

The easiest way you can help is to keep spreading the word.

Since we started publishing on 1 November 2009, we grown to over 300,000 readers per month. That would be without any paid-for marketing, just with your help. Mostly because we think happy readership is the best endorsement and … we don't really have any marketing budget. We spend as much as we can on our editorial team to bring you the best quality read, day in, day out. So please, keep spreading the word, retweeting our pieces, liking our articles and emailing links to your friends.

Another way you can help is with your hard-earned moola. We hate asking for help, but if the alternative is to erect a paywall, we'd prefer to ask you to contribute out of the goodness of your caring and well-read heart. By now you've seen the big "Donate" button below and heard our plea for assistance. Help if you can, we love what we do and we want to continue doing it until we ride off into the sunset with a pretty cowgirl on our arm. Click the big shiny button to donate, or you can make an EFT into our bank account, details listed below.

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