A website with no National Office Bearers
22 March 2018 18:05 (South Africa)
Letter from the editor

Hello there,

First, thanks for spending time with The Daily Maverick. We enjoy your company, as we hope you've come to enjoy us as part of your day. Even if we are more intellectually demanding than you may have come to expect in the online world.

Now to the business at hand. As you've probably noticed, The Daily Maverick is looking a little different from what you'll have seen since we went live on 30 October. We're publishing fewer pieces every day, and sections like the Snapshots are gone altogether. That will be the case until early January, when we (along with much of the rest of the world) will get back to normality. Until then we'll be here for you, with something interesting to read every day, but the pace will remain slow until 5 January. After that it'll be daily news, comment and opinion in real time again.

The Daily Maverick is the ultimate expression of our team's publishing philosophy: it is okay to enjoy your read, be it daily or monthly, printed or electronic. We built this site on the principles of offering the highest quality and the best looks, all while having a good time. And our team takes no prisoners in this quest – but I'm sure you know that by now.

2010 is going to mark the coming of age of The Daily Maverick, the year we will move from being a nice-to-read to becoming a have-to-read, the website of choice for South Africans with brains. In the first three months of the new year we'll be introducing Weekend Maverick, our Planet Finance section and widening our coverage of business, sport, entertainment and motoring. If you like what you've seen in the last couple of months, then you're going to love what we've got planned for you.

So, will you join us in 2010? We hope so. We also hope you'll tell everyone you know about us, because friends don't let friends miss out on The Daily Maverick.

I'm off to Karoo, now. Hope you have the best of times.