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21 March 2018 20:39 (South Africa)
Friends don't let friends miss out on First Thing

Give us the e-mail addresses of some people you think are smart enough and good-looking enough to appreciate First Thing, and we'll help you invite them to subscribe.

They'll like you for introducing them to something this cool, we'll like you for spreading the word, and you'll like yourself for doing such a good deed. It's win-win-win!

This is the email we'll send:

Subject: I think you should check out First Thing


As you know, I'm pretty froody. I also subscribe to First Thing, the morning e-mail from The Daily Maverick. Coincidence? I think not.

Of course I could keep secret the reason why I am so well-informed at such a ridiculously early hour every weekday morning. I simply prefer to have you forever in my debt for sharing this vital intelligence.

To check out what I'm talking about, and subscribe for yourself, go to http://www.thedailymaverick.co.za/page/the-daily-mavericks-first-thing-the-latest-edition

It'll be worth your time, trust me.

(The small print: in short, we're good people. Your friends or colleagues will receive one e-mail from us – in your name – and that will be an invitation to subscribe to First Thing. If they don't subscribe they'll never hear from us again, and we won't keep any record of their e-mail addresses. Additionally, all their details are always under the fierce protection of our privacy policy, just like yours. We take this stuff very, very seriously.)