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23 March 2018 13:12 (South Africa)

Here's the only thing you actually need to know about advertising with Daily Maverick: around here you'll never have to compete with anybody else to reach our awesome audience. Where's the catch? We're glad you asked. But let's talk about value before we start scaring you away.

Daily Maverick is ideal for you because we have the highest class of reader you can imagine. Not all of them are filthy rich and not all of them are decision-makers who shift huge budgets (although many, many of them are these things), but all of them are smart and all of them are influential in some sphere. If they're not directly crucial to your business, then they have a great indirect influence through the people who trust them.

Why us

Two reasons:

1) Reach decision-makers in every sphere of South African society. Our readers are the people that shape and move South Africa. Ask us for insights into our readers.

2) Highly viewable and effective online advertising space. Unlike other sites, we offer a no-clutter, single advertiser opportunity. 

Contact details

If you're convinced now, we'd be glad to hear from you. Drop a line to advertise@thedailymaverick.co.za and somebody will get right back to you, or contact our Minister of Marketing, Susie White on +27 828829391.

If we haven't quite convinced you and you'd like to talk about it, then we'll appreciate your call all the more.