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A letter to international Putin-loving ‘journalists’


Liubov Abravitova is the Ambassador of Ukraine to South Africa.

I’m sick and tired of the Russian terrorists and their minions that are everywhere — in politics, culture and sport — and I’m appalled by so-called journalists who sold their souls and are now dedicated to peddling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda.

Though we live in a world dominated by powerful nations and influential economies, there exists a unique category of countries that, despite their lack of global influence and ability to even sustain themselves, have mastered the ability to bribe, disrupt and project an aura of menace and intimidation.

These nations, often driven by a mix of historical grievances and geopolitical ambitions, strive to assert their presence on the international stage through bluster and bravado, intimidation, disinformation and, often, war crimes.

Yet, behind the veil of their threats lies a stark reality: limited ability to back up their formidable propaganda rhetoric and useful idiots in journalism around the world to spread their propaganda and lies.

Though I’m aware this is highly undiplomatic of me and very unbecoming of an ambassador, I just have to say: I’m sick and tired of the Russian terrorists and their minions that are everywhere — in politics, culture and sport — and I’m appalled by so-called journalists who sold their souls and are now dedicated to peddling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda.

It seems that the Russian government has been made sick by Ukraine’s peace summit, planned to be held in Bürgenstock Resort in Switzerland on 15-16 June — and that sickness is spreading like an airborne virus throughout their propaganda outlets around the world. As much as this matter is serious, their meltdown is hilarious to watch.

I’ve seen every possible blog and article there could be from Putin’s international propaganda brigade, from “Ukraine peace summit is going nowhere without Russian participation!” and “Russia isn’t invited because Ukraine doesn’t want peace!” to “Without Russia, Ukraine peace summit is a waste of time!” It is? Really?

Then why are you all so agitated?

To everyone reading these “journalist” pieces, articles, blogs and opinions, please bear in mind: if the writer goes on about how everything Ukraine does is a waste of time and omits to mention that there’s an arrest warrant out for Putin for war crimes committed in Ukraine, they are not a journalist.

If you read an “analysis” about how Ukraine is struggling and the so-called editor or journalist fails to mention that Russia was, and is, much more heavily armed than Ukraine and has a population of 140 million population against 40 million Ukrainians, you’re not reading a story from a true member of the free press.

It has now been more than 2½ years since Russia started raining tens of thousands of bombs and missiles on us, killing us and levelling our cities.

Who are you standing with when you write about Putin wanting peace?


Russia has been terrorising Ukraine every single night and day with missiles and drone attacks on civilians.

Last week, an apartment building in Kharkiv was hit by a ballistic missile, which destroyed it, killing and injuring dozens.

The Russians fired an Iskander missile at Kyiv at five in the morning on Friday. We’ve just held a funeral for a four-year-old girl who died after months of fighting for her life after a cluster bomb was dropped on a park in Odesa in the middle of the day, killing and injuring many people.

Russia kills people every single day in Ukraine. Every single day.

How does that equate to wanting peace? What kind of backwards peace would that be? Just a few days ago, Russia fired multiple missiles in the middle of the day at a printing house, killing many women working there. One of the largest printing houses in Europe was obliterated and many people were murdered, yet not a peep from Putin’s international “journalist” brigade.

Have they missed that the Russian economy is working flat-out to feed their war machine? Have they missed the new legislation on raising taxes to keep paying for the war? Have they missed Russia threatening the world with a nuclear attack every time someone lends Ukraine a helping hand?

The peace summit

Having said that, I would love to address those on the right side of history: to the international anti-fascist club, please allow me to grab your attention for a few moments to remind you why Ukraine is so passionate about its peace summit.

The summit is a diplomatic mission, whose aim is that heads of state and government meet to develop a common understanding of a path towards a just and lasting peace in Ukraine.

That is it: a diplomatic mission with the aim of finding a way towards a just and lasting peace in Ukraine. And though I do understand why the terrorists are allergic to anything with the word “peace” in it, we can’t keep paying attention to Putin’s every hissy fit. It isn’t our fault he has a warrant out for his arrest by the ICC.

The Ukraine peace summit is set to address several critical issues and set concrete goals for achieving peace. The talks would include, but won’t be limited to:

  1. The restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and ensuring the complete sovereignty of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.
  2. The withdrawal of Russian troops and securing the removal of all Russian military forces from Ukrainian territory.
  3. Addressing the safety and security concerns related to energy infrastructure and nuclear facilities in Ukraine.
  4. Ensuring the free passage of ships in the Black and Azov seas to maintain global food supplies and prevent hunger crises
  5. Facilitating an “all for all” prisoner swap and the return of Ukrainian children forcibly deported to Russia.
  6. Addressing the broader humanitarian impacts of the war, including the treatment and release of prisoners of war.
  7. Rallying international support for Ukraine’s peace formula and ensuring the participation of key global players, including nations from the Global South.
  8. Developing a collective stance among participating countries to be presented to Russia as a step toward a negotiated peace.
  9. Discussing plans for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and securing commitments for international aid and support.
  10. Actively seeking the involvement of influential countries like China to facilitate broader international mediation efforts.

These goals reflect a comprehensive approach to not only end the conflict but also to address its aftermath and ensure long-term stability and security in the region.

As you can see, none of the goals of the summit include the full occupation of Ukraine’s territory and the murder of its people, so it’s understandable Russia doesn’t like it and is doing all it can to disrupt it.

I’m writing this text at night. There are two notifications on my phone:

Attention! There is information about the departure of a group of Tu-95ms strategic bombers from the “Olenya” airfield.

If the departure is COMBAT, expect missile launches around 2:00 – 3:00.

And missiles in Ukrainian airspace around 03:00 – 04:00.

Do not ignore alarms at night/morning

Stay safe and alert.

And a second one:

Situation as of 00:00 06/01/24 —

Fleet: 2 submarine missile carriers were deployed in the Black Sea. The total ammunition is 8 KRMB “Kalibr” missiles.

This doesn’t include aviation with aerial bombs and ballistic missiles as those are detected a few minutes before they are launched.


So, dear international “journalists”, does Russia look like a country that’s seeking peace? DM


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  • Beyond Fedup says:

    I am with you and the people of Ukraine 100%!!! I jut wish I had the power to obliterate Putin from this earth and send him to hell where he belongs. He is the modern day Stalin/Hitler – evil, bestial, mass-murderous, delusional and psychopathic. I also have complete and utter contempt and disgust for the very same hypocrites who select what they want to see and condemn. Keep up the good work, Mrs Ambassador, the truth and freedom will triumph/ there are many in this world who stand by you and your brave country. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Max Ozinsky says:

    When an ambassador looses her cool it shows she has no arguments. Ukraine walked out of negotiations with Russia at the start of the war. Now when you are loosing and your Nato allies can’t continue the war you have become the victims and Ukraine will soon collapse. You need to negotiate with your enemies, not with your friends.

    • John P says:

      All negotiations from the Russian side revolve around Ukraine accepting the current loss of territory which has now been illegally absorbed into Russia. They are not looking for a solution but rather for capitulation. Once they have that they will take a while to regroup and then go after the balance of Ukraine.
      If Ukraine loses this war Moldova is sure to be in Putin’s sights and quite possibly the Baltic states as well.

    • Angela Naumann says:

      Who is losing his cool now? I suppose the first few paragraphs didn’t fall on deaf ears? If the shot fits, you must wear it…

    • Rob Currie says:

      Mr Ozinsky, this letter was obviously directed to you!

    • Geoff Coles says:

      Max is, I believe, an old school Communist committed to supporting the Soviet Empire.

    • Mike SA says:

      Russia economy is the size of Spain so lets see if it can last another year. Putin’s behavior is inexcusable and so is the rape of Ukraine citizens which is very much part and parcel of Russian military tactics just like the rape of 350,00 Berlin women and the execution of 80,000 Polish officers with German weapons.
      Nice people the Russians, a nation that does not trust each other, so Mr Ozinsky keep the flag flying for Russia because karma is a bitch just as the ANC has experienced.

    • Anne van Vliet says:

      If this Ozinsky character is not a Russian bot then he’s definitely one of Putin’s useful idiots. What a contemptible creature!

    • Rodney Weidemann says:

      Generally, when one’s nation is invaded by a much larger adversary that completely ignores international law, that nation IS considered to be the ‘victim’, just like Poland were the ‘victims’ of German aggression in September 1939…

    • World Weary says:

      Max, let me make it easy for you; imagine you are sitting at home when you see a bunch of tanks and soldiers come down the street. They are shelling houses, you are next. In the distance you hear they have invaded other big cities too – missiles are raining down on people in flats, shops, everywhere, blowing citizens up. These are the Russians, invading and shooting up your country.
      Now someone like you, pops up online, and says “you must negotiate peace”, or “something something NATO”. Oh look, the soldiers have got to your house, and are carrying off your daughter. But why don’t you start negotiating for peace?…

      Do you get it now? Russia invaded Ukraine. They could stop the invasion today, at any time, all they have to do, is to go back to Russia.
      At the same time, they are embarking on a massive PR program (pretending that Ukraine was always part of Russia, saying they need to negotiate for peace, etc). And here you are, pushing Putin’s agenda.

  • Sydney Kaye says:

    It isn’t actually a peace summit which implies a negotiation. Obviously Russia won’t be there because the demands are that it withdraws and gives up its gains and objectives. I hope Ukraine comes out of this well, but it should accept that western allies have been reluctant to fully invest in a 100 year war, because they see kicking Russia out of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea as a highly unlikely outcome. Things can only get worse for Ukraine so the time for a negotiation is overdue.

    • Hidden Name says:

      Thats a pretty naive view point. If Putin gains anything from this, he WILL try again. He isnt going to stop until he is STOPPED. So the “Western” powers have 2 choices: accept a new Russian empire with a militant, expansionist policy, or stop him in his tracks. History has shown what happens when you dont adequately contain and end this expansionism. Hell, we had 2 world wars to learn from. I can pretty much guarantee they are not going to make the same mistakes.

    • LOUISE NIEHAUS says:

      Sydney, fact: The muscovites have been stealing land from Ukrainian territories and murdering Ukrainians for HUNDREDS of years. Thank goodness THEY ARE NOW FIGHTING back to correct the wrongs from the past. Lastly, negotiations will start ONLY under the terms set by Ukraini AND NOT under the terms set by the muscovites. SLAVA UKRAINI.

  • Yvonne Riester says:

    Putin is the biggest danger to world peace and urgently needs to be eliminated. All God believing people should pray for a heart attack or lightning strike to get rid of this evil mass murderer. Such a pity nobody appears to be able to give him some of the poison he loves using to eliminate those that oppose him.

  • Guy Wuytack says:

    The Ukraine struggle for existence gets in SA overshadowed by the GAZA conflict and the SA government is very vocal about GAZA but fails to speak and act out for Ukraine. Why is SA not stepping up the pressure on Russia like it does to Israel? Being a BRICS partner puts SA in a unique place to initiate this and balance the international politics.

  • Deon de Wet-Roos says:

    There is no middle ground with regards to the Ukraine. You are either for Ukraine or not as one can see from the comments. I salute the Ukrainians for their fighting spirit. Correlating Putin with Hitler touches many similarities. One thing I’d like to understand more thoroughly is the responsibility of the people in Russia who have chosen Putin as leader. I think, this time around weak arguments such as those used after WWII for the German people of not being fully informed of the consequences of their choices will not suffice. Everyone in Russia knows what is happening due to their choice of a leader in Putin. The same applies to everyone in Palestine due to their choice for Hamas as their Government. The same in South Africa when it comes to the monstrosity called the ANC. I think Russia, Iran, China and South Africa are the members of a new Axis as in WWII. An axis of evil.

  • Robert de Vos says:

    As in South Africa and many other countries, there is often a chasm between the average citizen and the ruling political clique. I’m sure that in these countries, there is a high percentage of decent human beings who just want a quiet, pleasant productive life with family and friends … which gets hijacked by a sociopathic/psychopathic politician with delusions of grandeur. Refer Putin, Trump, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Zuma, Mugabe etc, etc …

    The problem is the sheep who are either too cowed, too lazy or too stupid to prevent their ascendency. It’s only when they begin causing havoc that anyone takes notice.

    And then through some bizarre convention, the elimination of presidents/prime ministers by other more principled nations is frowned upon. And so we all suffer.

    What a strange society we live in.

    • Kanu Sukha says:

      I love your use of the expression “principled nations” (whatever that means) … and the inclusion of Trump in the list of names … but not Netanyahu ! A 87 year old holocaust survivor, who initially rejected the notion of a current ‘genocide’ in Palestine, after a few months, changed his mind on the basis of ‘evidence’ (explained to none other than Zacharia on CNN !), rather than the seven decades hasbara of ‘victim’, the Israeli regime has subjected the world to. ” a strange society” indeed ! The daily slaughter of 30/50+ people even today, seems not to even ‘concern’ (not outrage!) the US .. the primary sponsor of the slaughter … broadcast ‘live’ on TV !

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