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Wounds of the father: the Stellenbosch legacy of trauma


Marianne Thamm has toiled as a journalist / writer / satirist / editor / columnist / author for over 30 years. She has published widely both locally and internationally. It was journalism that chose her and not the other way around. Marianne would have preferred plumbing or upholstering.

Sadistic rituals uncovered at university shed light on the dark wellspring of Afrikaner nationalism

The discovery of a locked room in the Wilgenhof residence at the prestigious Stellenbosch University, where boys have been humiliated and assaulted in the name of tradition, has torn a veil off age-old rituals of manhood and identity.

The building is more than 60 years old and on land previously used as slave quarters, a distillery and ­stables on the farm Wilgenhof, the namesake of the infamous single-sex male hostel, finished in 1964. The previous lodgings were established in 1903.

Stellenbosch University stands as a beacon in the minds of many young men who submitted themselves through the years to the discipline and codes of first budding, then muscular, Afrikaner nationalism, which thrived at the institution.

It is the tap root of the Boere or Stellenbosch Mafia, the birthplace of many intellectuals, religious leaders, politicians and men (for they were all men) who built media empires and became tycoons in service to the apartheid regime and its economy.

‘Torture room’

The exposure, then, by News24 this month of a gloomy and filthy “torture chamber” with Ku Klux Klan paraphernalia, veiled references to Adolf Hitler, used condoms and photographic and written evidence of years of torture and humiliation is a huge deal.

Letting in the light resulted in the crude graffiti and names of those who swore what went down in Wilgenhof, stayed in Wilgenhof, being swiftly whitewashed, or rather obliterated with paint.

The loss of political power in 1994 led to Stellenbosch University committing itself to stormy spasms of transformation.

Established initiation rites that may have seemed “harmless” at the height of power appear to have since morphed into a sadistic enactment of violence, coercion and shame in the name of belonging.

With the introduction of English as a dual learning and teaching language at Stellenbosch, the need for belonging and identity appears to have been pushed to the extreme, seemingly “in the dark”. However, this is not the first time in its long history that the initiation rites of Wilgenhof have made headlines.

Pieter du Toit, assistant editor of News24, in his 2019 exposé The Stellenbosch Mafia: Inside the Billionaires’ Club, dissected codes and customs that enabled graduates to gain control “over cultural life, including pulling the strings in South African rugby”.

The university shaped the minds and hearts of men such as Jan Smuts, DF Malan, Hendrik Verwoerd, BJ Vorster, Andries Treurnicht, Johann Rupert, Christo Wiese, Whitey Basson, GT Ferreira, Koos Bekker, Danie Craven and Markus Jooste. To be a Wilgen­hoffer, however, was a special badge of honour.

But it is from the same fountainhead that men (and some women) such as Beyers Naudé, Van Zyl Slabbert, Edwin Cameron, Billy Downer, Pierre de Vos, Max du Preez, Koos Kombuis, Johannes Kerkorrel, Hennie Aucamp and many others vehemently pushed back against this establishment.

Trauma bonding

Although Wiese, the Shoprite founder, like many others who found a home at Wilgenhof and encountered the disciplinary Nagligte (the Night Lights or Torches), has played down its initiation practices as “horseplay” and essentially team-building exercises – nothing peculiar – it cannot be minimised.

Wiese, in response to the News24 investigation, said that during his time in the mid-1960s boys were indeed stripped naked and forced to do “silly things”.

“Things we used to view as sports and silliness today are deadly sins,” he opined.

He did, however, admit to Netwerk24 that sometimes “things got out of hand”.

The only explanation for what has been reenacted in Wilgenhof is that it is a form of trauma bonding, defined as a deep emotional attachment an individual can form with a person who causes them harm.

This bonding develops from a repeated cycle of abuse followed by positive reinforcement. It is a method expertly used by many cults across the world.

The women, the mothers, the sisters, the wives, the daughters and the partners of young men who have passed naked through the fiery portals of Wilgenhof speak often of the omertà, the vow of silence taken. Even Wiese maintains it to this day.

A better way

As the late, great Johnny Clegg observed in his autobiography, Scatterling of Africa, men have a deep yearning to belong – whether it is as a football or rugby supporter, one of the “squad” or as part of an ibutho regiment.

Clegg wrote that his engagement with Zulu male culture from a young age provided him with a warrior code that offered “a reservoir of wisdom and strength, of how to flow with the water, but also stand your ground when you must”.

Boys were taught by men how to live with themselves within a hostile system that viewed them as cheap labour and backward or tribal.

The culture, language, music and dance that Clegg encountered on the rooftops of the Joburg flatlands and bleak hostels gave birth to him as a man.

“In many ways, the dance and its brotherhood was a male parent to me,” he recalled.

Canadian author Michael Ignatieff noted in 1999 that codes of male belonging “seemed to exist in all cultures and their common features are among the oldest artefacts of human morality; from the Christian code of chivalry to Japanese Bushido, or ‘way of the warrior’, the strict code of the samurai, developed in feudal Japan and codified in the sixteenth century”.

These codes are concerned with setting the rules of combat between men and defining the system of “moral etiquette by which warriors judged themselves to be worthy of mutual respect”.

At best, within rigid boundaries of hierarchy, ritual and respect, boys and men could safely explore and learn to deal with the shadows within. The shadow without is patriarchy, good and solid.

The damage control currently being exercised at Stellenbosch University has to be more than cosmetic. What was done to young men, then and now, has deeply affected the country’s politics, culture, psyche, social and private lives for so long, it was in danger of emotionally calcifying generations to come.

RIP Wilgenhof 1964–2024. DM

This story first appeared in our weekly Daily Maverick 168 newspaper, which is available countrywide for R29.

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  • Thug Nificent says:

    Change the name of the hostel and ban those barbaric practices!

  • Gill Green says:

    Better still, close the place down altogether!

  • Andrew C says:

    The first week or two of university life should be about introducing you to the university, selecting your courses, allowing you to meet your fellow students and informing you about what lies ahead. Orientation. At US it is called Orientation Week. I have two sons currently in the middle of it. They are in a private residence and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. It is positive, fun and they have already formed friendships with other first years as well as their mentors. They comment that their friends in university res’s are in “prison”. Only allowed out for short periods, woken up at 6am for exercise sessions etc. It’s like being back at a school boarding house. But these students are now adults. The boys comment how many of the students swear their res is the best (leading you to believe they enjoy the initiation), but my sons reckon they are almost brainwashed into this thinking. Ironically the Wilgenhof 1st years are having the easiest time as they are not undergoing any initiation and are out and about on campus. On the surface and for the sake of the parents the university sings a good song about inclusion and transformation, but the reality is somewhat different with initiation practices which have not kept up with the times.

  • Andrew C says:

    The first week or two of university life should be about introducing you to the university, selecting your courses, allowing you to meet your fellow students and informing you about what lies ahead. Orientation. At US it is called Orientation Week. I have two sons currently in the middle of it. They are in a private residence and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. It is positive, fun and they have already formed friendships with other first years as well as their mentors. They comment that their friends in university res’s are in “prison”. Only allowed out for short periods, woken up at 6am for exercise sessions etc. It’s like being back at a school boarding house. But these students are now adults. The boys comment how many of the students swear their res is the best (leading you to believe they enjoy the initiation), but my sons reckon they are almost brainwashed into this thinking. Ironically the Wilgenhof 1st years are having the easiest time as they are not undergoing any initiation and are out and about on campus. On the surface and for the sake of the parents the university sings a good song about inclusion and transformation, but the reality is somewhat different with initiation practices which have not kept up with the times.

  • Dennis Bailey says:

    Perhaps some of the same obsession with ANC, which is masculine formed and dominated by men who are loyal despite its overt corrupt nature.

  • Beezy Bailey says:

    An important distinction should be made between the traditional initiation practices of black African culture [ enjoyed by Jonnie Clegg ] and the one meted out at Stellenbosch that the article mentions. Both have in common the burning desire of young men to “ belong “ and be included in a group that involves physical and mental challenges. Yet the former is rooted in wise and ancient customs and the latter is a perversion of that . A kind of satanic ritual [ I believe similar to the famous Skull and Bones order at American Ivy League universities] and just look what came out of both .
    Apartheid in SA and America that has appointed itself the Policeman of the world.. invading countries that it chooses to in the name of freedom and democracy.

    • Francoise Phillips says:

      Exactly. Broederbond ‘traditions’ embracing the Ku Klux Khan – exclusion, racism, criminal abuse and depravity hiding under the cloak of ‘proud tradition’.

  • Andrew Blaine says:

    As long as humans have been of importance on Earth, both genders have been required to earn their right of passage at various stages in life. Life can be likened to a fish and a series of growing pools! Provided the danger involved avoids serious bodily harm, the reward from achieving each right normally outweighs the unpleasantness. Those who fail either settle in their limited place, or keep trying until they succeed

  • Niek Joubert says:

    Thamm seems just too enthusiastic in condemning the Afrikaner culture, to give credibility to this article. How can a few weeks of initiation shape the political thinking of Afrikaners? Has she ever attacked the traditional initiation practices of young black men, where some initiates die from time to time? Too politically sensitive? I do not subscribed to the practices of Wilgenhof, but Thamm took the connection between the likes of the “Stellenbosch mafia” and the Wilgenhof initiation practices too far. A pity, because I always considered her news articles fairly objective.

    • Pieter van de Venter says:

      I think the key is in the bio that says “Toiled …….. for 30 years…” In other words, her whole “toil” was under the ANC.

      Things like Ragweek, that was aimed at collecting donations for charities was scrapped. The only a acceptable practices on university campuses are protests, burning down of university property, rape and CRT driven racism.

    • Steve Davidson says:

      You really need to read up a bit about the tribal initiation practices before starting your whataboutism. It is designed to introduce the young men to the way the tribe works and so on, as they journey to adulthood, and is quit a good idea. The stupidity of circumcision is practised by way too many ‘tribes’ in other parts of the world, too, First World included, so you can’t blame them for that, just the crooks who run these initiation schools and make a botch up of it. There is absolutely NO comparison with the ridiculous initiations at Stellenbosch, as much as you might deny it. Frankly, it appears to be a rich boy bullying habit that is seen in many cultures too many times – look at the Bullingdon Boys like the idiot Boris Johnson for an example – and needs flushing out .

      • Kanu Sukha says:

        There is no accounting for how apartheid ‘education’ can stunt the rational and intellectual capacity of so many individuals like Pieter .

  • Denise Smit says:

    Most of you commenters including Thamm do not have AFrikaans surnames. Thus I presume they are non-Afrikaners with such a wealth of knowledge about Afrikanerdom and are able and knowledgable to throw the stones. The tradition of Stellencbosch initiation at “Victoria college” still English then, comes from the British schools and armies and is not unique to Afrikaners. It you read English literature you will find lots of “wounded” men out there because of initiation practices. One of the commenters talk of the superiority of the African initiation practices. I have personally seen men permanently scathed and we know of all of the deaths this cause annually but you defend it and not call it out for what it is. From the upper English schools you will find the English business mafia with their connections and unity. No word about that. Marianne you are not an Afrikaner expert and have no license to go at the Afrikaner culture. Jan Smuts was only Afrikaner in name, most of what he did was for the British and the good of the world. For that I am glad he has an Afrikaans surname. You English committed Genocide on 30 000 Afrikaner woman and children in the Anglo Boer War without ever taking responsibility for it . (Terloops, I have a Scottish mother)

    • Niek Joubert says:


    • Steve Davidson says:

      OK then, Denise, let me give you my bit about it, being an Englishman who arrived in the Free State and saw one of our foremen in tears because his DAUGHTER had to have psychiatric counselling thanks to the initiation disgraces she suffered as a Kovsie in Bloem. Oh, and I take full responsibility for the disgraces of the British troops – well OK their leaders – in the vryheidsoorloe. Having lived for two years down the road from Hobhouse AND been moered a couple of times in rugby matches in the Eastern Free State due to my then rooinek accent, I fully understand the amount of the pain and suffering. But none of that excuses the rank stupidity of the bullying (and worse) initations in the Afrikaans universities. Nothing.

      • Francoise Phillips says:

        Agreed. These so called ‘pure’ Afrikaaners seem to claim a special right to defend and protect Ku Klux Klan style practises that include rape, physical abuse and secret oaths for life. No place or defence for such ‘cultural tradition’ in our democracy and constitution. Tradition does not allow for others to be dehumanised, raped and abused. Tradition does not place Wilgenhof old boys and their traditions above the law. Tradition does not allow the defence of the indefensible.

  • Taun Bewsher says:

    It’s such a disgustingly low blow, cheap shot by Tham and DM to keep linking this Wilgenhof non-event to Afrikaner Nationalism and Apartheid. Initiation processes similar to this happen all over, in various cultures, who speak various languages, and the overwhelming majority come through it just fine with no long lasting mark on their psyche. It happens at schools, universities, sports teams and more.

    Day what you like about this current scandal, but please stop linking it to Afrikanerdom or Afrikaner Nationalism or politics in general. That’s just lazy.

    • Kanu Sukha says:

      So .. tell us what it should be linked to … and don’t be ‘lazy’ about dazzling us with your superior erudition. It easy to use lables .

  • Wilhelm van Rooyen says:

    So, Marianne, now you too jump on the bandwagon of knocking Stellenbosch and the Afrikaner?? Couldn’t wait, could you? Much of what you (and others) have written about the initiation practices is complete hogwash. I’m Afrikaans, spent 5 years at Stellenbosch in the early 1980s, have chosen to stay in private res after national service, and have gone through initiation. I have NOT “passed through the fiery portals” (wow!!!!, how’s that for dramatic effect!?) have NOT been permanently scarred, and have NOT lost my ability to think for myself. Yes, I’m proudly Afrikaans and of Afrikaans culture and, like everyone else, I have been shaped by my background, education, experiences etc. But nobody has made up my mind for me, and I believe the same is true for by far most students that have gone through the US.

  • Just Me says:

    The practice of initiation as tradition is backwards and has no place is SA. Your child should be guaranteed a hassle free tertiary education experience and any practice of initiation should be outlawed.

    Get them ‘initiated’ long before they get to university AT HOME.

    • Rudolf Coetzee says:

      Stop calling Afrikaners BOERE. A FARMER IS A BOER. This makes my blood boil and I see it as a form of Rasism. Hate speach. And should be prosecuted accordingly. I once, many years ago, stated in a newspaper that this equates to calling Africans the K word. Just STOP it.

  • John P says:

    These initiation practices are indeed barbaric and have been prevalent throughout history and across all nations. It is not an Afrikaaner thing.
    Those in charge of these institutions are guilty of turning a blind eye at best and often actively encouraging cruel, demeaning and bullying behavior meted out by older scholars most of whom suffered through the same nonsense and now see it as normal practice.
    It needs to be actively stamped out at all ages and all institutions.

  • Grant Hobbs says:

    Dear Mrs Thamm. You really upset me. I am one of those apathetics that simply never responds to anything except grossly irresponsible, inaccurate, injust, unfair behavior. Many of the other comments contain sufficient criticism of your inaccuracies and sensationalism – its people like you that unecessarily & inaccurately fan the flames of hatred and racism. Have you nothing better to do?

    After reading your article, I had no choice but to register as a Maverick “person” so that I could express my outrage at your drivel. The irony – as soon as I registered I was hit with the Mantra of the Daily Maverick…… “DEFEND TRUTH”. What an irony!

    The next irony . . .your publication is significantly funded by members of the Mafia you so criticize…..
    yet you fail to list your main funder in all the names you mention.

    You paint people as Mafia, implying a shady connotation when most of your “Mafia” firstly, were not in Wilgenhof and secondly, are absolutely & incredibly great people who have done so much for all of South Africa.

    It is your article that reminds me of the Mafia – devious, dishonest, inaccurate, charlatous, preying on the weak and uninformed – shame on you.

    Your scant reference to the same fountainhead neglects to mention that some of those whom you briefly paint as good – dare i say as iconic . . .. also came through Wilgenhof.

    I’m sick of being diplomatic to the 9th degree. Someone has to stand up against this …. tbc

  • Pieter van de Venter says:

    Much easier – Give the whole campus back to the Dutch Reformed church and get rid of all there far left softies.

  • Grant Hobbs says:

    ….. to continue….Someone has to stand up against this trash journalism.

    Yes – at Wilgenhof – like at many, many other great institutions things did & do go wrong from time to time – but the overwhelming majority ( I estimate 99.99% of all Wilgenhoffers will agree with me) when speaking freely will claim that Wilgenhof and its secretive disciplinary system was a great but imperfect system. I was in Wilgenhof from 1992 – 95. There was no racism – instead there was healthy comaraderie between all races that few will ever understand – not created by shared trauma but by a genuine, authentic desire for critical thought, independent thinking and respect for individuality. Wilgenhof was an extremely open-minded place where all minorities were truly welcome – Gays didn’t have to be rugby jocks, Contrarians could speak their mind.

    I hate the way you call Wilgenhof the taproot of the Boere Mafia……uninformed.

    I hate criticizing you personally – it is such a weak form of conveying a point, but you are indirectly criticizing me untruthfully and inaccurately in front of my daughters – and for that I will not stand.

    How many Wilgenhoffers have you ever met. Do they make you think of the evil, racist, torturing, Nazi insinuations you have made. . . .. Van Zyl Slabbert and Judge Cameron – both great Wilgenhoffers would surely not deserve to be associated with any of the drivel you have written.

    Do your homework, Defend Truth, be responsible.

    Get Outlook for Android

    • Pieter van de Venter says:

      In the same vein as your opinion Me Thamm, I guess every young man that answered the call to do military service at R29, R44 and eventually R 147.00 per month are enemies of democracy or even racists??

      Maybe this is exactly what is wrong with the world. Some have Trump, others have Malema and the rest have Thamm. Plugging “truths” from the air and try to sell their private (uninformed) opinions as truth. Such experiences such as initiation at Wilgenhoff, just about every other male residences in SA and probably the UK and then the Greek fraternities in the US creates a bond between the participants (all races) for decades that no “truth” from even politicians like Malema, Pandor and Putin can penetrate.

      I guess you were not allowed at Stellenbosch and therefore the attack on it.

      • John P says:

        I guess you were a product of the initiation system and that it achieved it’s aim, blind loyalty.

        • Kanu Sukha says:

          Dear Pieter. I could not even attend (get in) at UCT … let alone Stellenbosch, no matter how hard I tried ! All because of ‘policies’ in place then . I was obliged to attend a ‘bush college’ . I assume that had nothing to do with apartheid ?

          • Ben Harper says:

            C’mon, admit it, you didn’t get in because you weren’t good enough. Probably part of the reason for that huge chip

        • Ben Harper says:

          Hmm, explains a lot, another that didn’t make the grade and is bitter about it

      • Paul Van Uytrecht says:

        Elsewhere, I pointed out that to compare a political party with a University, in this context, is a silly thing to do. Any logical link between the subject here and military service under conscription is equally illogical. But as you raise it, and as an aside, my experience of basic training, included some ‘silly punishment’ at the hands of Corporals, but never anything approaching the degree of sadism we hear of Wilgenhoff.

        Your “that no “truth” from even politicians like Malema, Pandor and Putin can penetrate” is interesting. Are you really trotting out the old swart/rooi gevaar line? Perhaps you have inadvertently given us some insight into the reason behind these practices.

    • hilton smith says:

      I doubt many places in SA between 1992 and 1995 (or after, or before) had “no racism” and “a healthy comaraderie between all races that few will ever understand”. I know friends of mine who moved from UKZN that were black ended up in a section of their res with only other black people at the end of the wing (probably through random selection) only a few years ago.

      “Wilgenhof was an extremely open-minded place where all minorities were truly welcome” – I think that this really does sound like a really good example for the rest of south africa. I mean, it really does seem very forward thinking and completely amazing. Did people piss on each others stuff back them too or is that just another recent innovation in this completely libertarian and free space?

      ” its secretive disciplinary system was a great but imperfect system”. Sorry – just to clarify – the system you’re referring to is the one where they have a secret serial killer room on the top floor that looks like it was decorated by the set designer on “se7en” and the members of the system got to dress up in cool black versions of their klu klux klan outfits? Is that the “great” system you’re going on about? Whats great about getting the boys naked in the middle of the night and rubbing them with a brush? I’m obviously missing something here – but in terms of “great” disciplinary systems I must have skipped that chapter…

      • Paul Van Uytrecht says:

        Well said Hilton Smith. Just one more thing; this is school bullying on a grand scale. No-one granted the bullies authority to “impose discipline” and permission to be treated like this would not have been freely granted by the victims.

      • Karessa Gov says:

        Kudos, Hilton. Articulated very well.

      • Steve Louw says:

        A few minor things:
        – The pissing incident took place at another res. Nothing to do with Wilgenhof.
        – There is no racial segregation or different sections for different colours at Wilgenhof. That would be ridiculous. It’s all happily mixed together.
        – The room was not secret, but known to the university, as was every detail of the disciplinary system there for decades. And it was not hidden away or on the top floor. It was actually on the ground floor, and the very first room would pass as you enter the res.
        – Nothing to do with the KKK, nazis, apartheid, UKZN, Se7en. Literally, absolutely nothing.
        – Read last week’s VWB for accurate details on what the Nagligte were and how they functioned, if you’re genuinely interested. The real secret is that they were elected, highly organised, not at all arbitrary and not scary.

    • John P says:

      It seems those that went through these barbaric and juvenile initiation practices and speak passionately about it fall into two groups. Traumatised and brain washed.

  • Beverley Roos-Muller says:

    Almost all the commentary about initiation is about men, and/or boys. Yet I speak as a once-12-year-old girl (the youngest child in high school) who was forced to go through month-long initiation ceremony in a Wellington boarding school in the 1960s; the senior girls were every bit as vicious as their brothers; and what is more, the (very nice) headmaster and his wife, the matron of the hostel, as well as all the teachers, knew itwas happening. Only the junior school boarders, just a handful, were let off lightly. The easy part was being forced onto a stage to be humiliated and scorned. Then came the uglypart – being forced to drink salt water with wads of cotton wool, or dead silkworms, to induce vomiting. Screamed at, and klapped, and kicked, and if you refused to obey the bizarre orders of these girls (some already 18 so technically women) co-opted by a masculinised world, you were cut off from all contact with the other learners; no one allowed to speak to you. These sessions were repeated over generations of social engineering – about who was allowed to give orders and how they had to be obeyed. There was nothing welcoming, or educational, or life-enhancing about them at all.
    Ban all initiation practices. They are a relic of an age of whipping, bullying and brutalism, and serve no purpose other than the exercise of power by those not equipped to deal with it.

  • Michael Hennessy says:

    Sorry, Marianne, but Jan Smuts did not attend Stellenbosch University and his mind was not shaped by any activities there. He attended Victoria College and Cambridge University on a scholarship. He was the greatest by far of all South Africans ever, a polymath, linguist, lawyer, soldier, politician, botanist and philosopher. Trying to taint him is unworthy of you.

  • Steven Burnett says:

    Rudolf, you need to get out a bit more. Ms Thamm did not invent the term Boere mafia, Google it.

  • Rod H MacLeod says:

    Go to a different university – storm in a tiny teacup.

    • John P says:

      For you maybe, for those who were abused and traumatised not so much.

    • hilton smith says:

      Well I guess if people knew that they’re choosing between “the university where people piss on your stuff and have serial killer rooms and klu klax klan people on the top floor” and “other univiersities” then people might do just that. But since its not exactly first and foremost on their advertising brochures (Wilgenhofs website only has stuff like “A modern and inclusive residence founded on the principles of Respect, Individuality, Sense of Community and Critical Thinking, informed by the pursuit of Excellence.”) its a bit hard to know that one should have to go shopping elsewhere.

  • Paul Van Uytrecht says:

    Oh dear, Marianne, you appear to have hit a sensitive spot. Always interesting when that happens. Let’s not pretend that this sort of thing doesn’t go on elsewhere in the world – elite UK universities are renowned for similar things designed to foster allegiance to class, rather than in the case of Stellenbosch, volk.

    The fact that it does happen elsewhere is no excuse for it happening anywhere. Egregious initiation practices are not justifiable, they are disrespectful of the individual and constitute assault. They are not “character building” or at least not building of the sort of character which we, as society, should value.

    That’s it – finish and klaar.

  • Francoise Phillips says:

    Time for police and special investigating unit scrutiny and criminal charges. The university has been part of the cover up since the founding of this res. Close down the hostel. Rename it and open it after a respectful cleansing ceremony as a female hostel for NSFAS students. It is most unethical to have the most luxurious and central residence strictly for male academic or Broederbond connected elite in the first place. End this cycle forever.


    Although the aim is not to condone what happened at this residence, this is nothing compared to what used t happen in the boarding schools in the Eastern Cape. My only defence weapon was my knife “Okapi”.

  • James Webster says:

    Thamm has been, and continues to be, a race baiting journalistic hack who offered up what little journalistic integrity and ability she ever possessed on the altar of her desperate need to be significant in a degenerate post-1994 South Africa . She libates the blood of her journalistic victims on that altar every time she betrays the honest citizens of SA by scratching out more pathetic prose sycophantically adulating the current corrupt culture of the land and excoriating the innocents she labels as demonic. Her twisted poison pen is inked with the juices of her own self loathing, she will say anything, vapid or vile, in her ongoing betrayal of herself, her own and to advance the aberrant ethos of the South African majority.

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