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Keep crying the beloved country


Bishop Geoff Davies, 'The Green Bishop', is the founder and honorary patron of the Southern African Faith Communities Environmental Institute, and retired Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Umzumvubu.

Jacob Zuma, if you had any concern for the wellbeing of our beloved country, you could have got the word out, through your family and followers, that this looting should be halted now, and in fact should never have started.

Former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, I believe you worked and fought for the liberation of our beloved country from the horrendous shackles of apartheid. I therefore cannot begin to comprehend why you have so successfully brought our beloved country almost to its knees. 

The best present you can give to atone for this and to honour Nelson Mandela is to get the word out to your family and supporters to end immediately this looting and lawlessness.

Given your struggles for justice and freedom, I find you a total enigma. Even if you claim that you have not been found guilty in a court of law, it was under your watch as President that inequality increased dramatically, while billions of rands were lost through corruption and syphoned off to your friends and out of the country to places like Dubai.

At the same time our structures of society and state-owned enterprises were emasculated to the extent of becoming unprofitable and incapable of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. These are essential instruments of a well-functioning society, such as SARS, SAPS, NPA, SAA, Prasa, harbours. 

But not only were you satisfied with bringing about the collapse of state structures, you now promote the disintegration of society, so that looting, lawlessness, conflict and instability rock the foundations of the dream of Mandela.

You could have gone to court to prove that none of this is true, but now, because you did not want to testify at the Zondo Commission or go to jail, you bring horrendous lawlessness about. Again, with your usual deviousness you might claim that you had nothing to do with this, but it has certainly emanated from your followers.

If you had any concern for the wellbeing of our beloved country, you could have got the word out, through your family and followers, that this looting should be halted now, and in fact should never have started. Have you seen the parlous state of people with no shops and food? Have you seen the number of people who have died?

You might claim that people rose up because of the alarming level of poverty, inequality and unemployment. It is unacceptable. But what did you do about it in your nine years as president? We heard many promises from you, while billions of rands were being looted and some were becoming very rich financially.

So I cannot understand why anyone would want to support you. The only answer I can find is that it is those who benefited, and will further benefit, from your corruption tactics. 

If this is an unfair accusation, then testify before the Zondo Commission. Have your day in court so that we can hear the truth. Be a man, not a wimp. If you don’t testify, I can only conclude you are guilty of all the corruption that took place under your watch. When I look at the damage you have inflicted upon our institutions and social wellbeing, and the suffering of our people, I can only describe your behaviour as wicked. Can you turn from this and repent? Our beloved country is crying. DM


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  • Rod Gurzynski says:

    A man would have said not in my name.

  • Alan Dodson says:

    So well said, Geoff! There are striking similarities with Donald Trump’s anarchic, ego-driven exit.

  • Kanu Sukha says:

    Dear Bishop, Please realise that you are speaking to a psychopath and his equally psychotic adherents/followers. Nothing rational ‘reaches’ such people ! There are several individuals with similar dispositions that beset organisations big and small. More than 25 years ago I helped to found a small community club which was ‘captured’ by such a person and his followers, about 3 years ago. With the advice of a professor friend I was able to terminate my membership of that organisation and walk away ! There is no cure for psychopathy … it even infects most religious organisations ! Modesty is anathema to them. BUT … thanks for trying at least !

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