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There’s nothing new about the ANC led by Ramaphosa

Refiloe Ntsekhe is the DA National Spokesperson and Deputy Federal Chairperson. She also serves as Gauteng Social Development Shadow MEC. and is the constituency head for Kempton Park and Tembisa. @refiloentsekhe

Cyril Ramaphosa is surrounded by crooks – and no matter how much he preaches about open and transparent government, the corrupt elements around him will never be rehabilitated. The ANC Top Six is comprised of Gupta stooges and Zuma loyalists who are devoted to looting our state coffers for their own personal gain and protecting the man who, with the backing of the ANC, has done his best to destroy our country.

One does not have to look further than the ANC Deputy President, David Mabuza, and Secretary-General Ace Magashule. These two men in their capacities as premiers of Mpumalanga and the Free State, respectively, have reigned with absolute terror. They have created their own fiefdoms for their own gain, abandoning the poor and vulnerable that they are mandated to serve.

To say that the current Deputy President of the ANC, David Mabuza, has a chequered past would be an understatement. Allegations of corruption and misconduct have followed Mabuza since he become premier in Mpumalanga, when R14-million was allegedly stolen from his home. He has also been implicated in a host of other allegations ranging from tender corruption to having his own private army to his alleged hand in numerous political assassinations in Mpumalanga over the past 10 years.

Then there is the Free State Premier. Where do we begin? Ace Magashule has been one of the key figures at the centre of the Vrede Dairy Farm scandal in which R200-million of the people’s money, meant for the upliftment of poor black farmers, was allegedly siphoned to the Guptas. He has also been implicated in allegedly using R8-million of public funds for upgrades to his official residence in 2015 as well as reportedly pulling the strings in a R9.5-million deal to provide football regalia during the 2010 FIFA World cup.

These men are clearly compromised and do not have the best interests of our people at heart. Corruption is deeply entrenched within the ANC leadership and they cannot and will not change. The governments they lead were not there to provide opportunities to the people, but rather governments for their friends and families.

These are the men Ramaphosa is surrounded by. And this is not a surprise. For years Ramaphosa stood idly by as Jacob Zuma and his henchmen brought our country to its knees. He kept quiet when Zuma and the Guptas conducted their dodgy business deals which siphoned billions of rand from our government and economy. Ramaphosa reinforced Zuma’s power despite the countless times Zuma abused and undermined the Constitution.

Sadly, anyone who thought the ANC would be renewed and revitalised under the leadership of Ramaphosa is sorely mistaken. Irrespective of whether Zuma is there or not, the crooks he empowered are still in charge.

The truth is that Ramaphosa is not serious about rooting out corruption, he is merely playing to the gallery. If he was truly committed to fighting corruption, the corrupt elements in his party would be long gone. Ramaphosa has chosen to surround himself with the same compromised and corrupt individuals who served under Zuma, and the looting will just continue.

The ANC is dead and whether it is led by Zuma or Ramaphosa, the party cannot be salvaged. As long as the ANC is at the helm of our government our country will never prosper.

South Africans yearn for a new beginning and Cyril Ramaphosa and his ANC are incapable of doing this. DM


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