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Neocolonial media has robbed Dlamini Zuma of her own historic-political agency

Andile Lungisa is former deputy president of the ANC, Eastern Cape.

Sound bites from the media and the gang of sophists have paralysed the ANC government from aggressively confronting white monopoly capital and getting a better deal for black people in this country. The forthcoming conference must address that.

The nauseating feigned moralistic preening by racists and their black mascots, occasioned by Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma’s interview on the much-maligned ANN7, has been a sight to behold.

The supposedly ‘enlightened’ commentariat enjoin us to disregard the programme of Radical Economic Transformation on which NDZ has predicated her presidential campaign, and instead fix our energies on what they deem an illegitimate media platform, ANN7. Our moral betters tell us that the untransformed white media – which trades in contemptuous innuendo – has created a climate of siege around the ANC. It has sought to delegitimise the liberation movement, gives a megaphone to any attention-seeking charlatan seeking to undermine the unity and coherence of the ANC, and is touted as a legitimate arbiter of society’s narrative.

The neo-colonial media that some comrades treat with reverence have been the chief purveyors of the fantasy of the ANC losing political power in 2019. This fantasy has, of course, become ‘wisdom’ among the politically demoralised. We are told by the same media that if the ANC structures relinquish their constitutional authority of independently electing its leadership and instead elect the Deputy President of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, as its next president, then we will be delivered to paradise on earth. The white mainstream media have smeared Dlamini Zuma and have unforgivably robbed her of her own historic-political agency. They have erased her history of an independent revolutionary that heroically confronted the genocidal white supremacist apartheid regime. We do not blame them, for to acknowledge her glorious past would be to shine a light on the murderous deeds of their forebears.

They wish to lull us into forgetting the over 20 years of scandal-free public service from the stewardship of President Mandela onwards. Instead they want us to think of her as an unthinking proxy to Jacob Zuma, to whom she was once married. We hold no brief for the Guptas, or any cabal that seeks to circumvent our National Democratic Revolution, but the Guptas are miniature in comparison to our age-old enemy that is White Monopoly Capital.

A new creed of colourless cadre that views politics as nothing more than a parlour game is dominant. To this new cadre, the impugning percussion of policy decisions on ordinary people does not invoke objection because their conception of politics does not extend beyond pomp, ‘power’ and gain. The colourless cadre is fluctuant and is not burdened by any convictions other than self-preservation. To the new cadre, the popular people are beneficiaries rather than protagonists of history. This new cadre has no appetite for serious ideas. Their raison d’être is the occupation of stultifying corridors of power and self-service. The poet T.S Eliot might have had our condition in mind when he wrote of “… Stuffed men. Shape without form, shade without colour. Paralysed force, gesture without motion”.

Today we have the marvel of government ministers who fight against deployment and mobilise society against our movement. They are not different from semi-criminal hustlers and the same extractive white monopoly capital (finance-resource industrial matrix) that the NDR has identified as the inveterate enemies of our people.

The new creed of a colourless cadre does not know the Pact. The Colonial/Native Bourgeoisie Pact is quite simple. The primary contours of the colonial economic, social and cultural structure remain intact and dominated by the colonial bourgeoisie, the junior native bourgeoisie owing to its historical participation in the struggle against colonial domination and proximity to comrades that control the state apparatus, receive whatever crumbs are thrown by the colonial overlords.

In this Pact, the junior native bourgeoisie is entrusted with policing and arresting the legitimate expectations of the down-trodden and toiling masses, a task that inexorably rises from its glorious past struggle against colonialism, whilst bringing them to unavoidable deadly conflict with the very same masses they purport to represent.

In moments of acute economic crisis, such as the current one, when the masses have no option but to struggle against neo-colonial capital exploitation, the hallow iconography and symbolism routinely employed by the junior native bourgeoisie to arrest resistance of the masses, ceases to be effective. This moment exposes the junior native bourgeoisie as they really are: callous-contemptuous and self-righteous coteries that have assimilated the ethos of the colonial bourgeoisie ghosts of our past. We are in a mortal struggle for the soul of our young republic. We are in the proverbial wolf and dog moment, as it were, led by the fourth estate, neo-colonial media.

Soundbites from the media and the gang of sophists are exactly what have paralysed the ANC government from aggressively confronting white monopoly capital and getting a better deal for black people in this country.  The forthcoming conference must address that.

We must stand ready to support and accept leadership of society by strong, intelligent and capable women. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma demonstrated all necessary leadership qualities on the ANN7 interview. DM


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