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Nicole Williamson answers 20 Questions

Maverick Life Journalist and Event Production Manager,  Nicole Williamson, answers our questions.

Nicole Williamson

Maverick Life Journalist and Event Production Manager

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – it’s totally enchanting and pure magic.

Snow? My biggest wish is a white Christmas!

Sadly, a life without smartphones and tablets.

100% joining Daily Maverick and the Maverick Life team. A close second would be interviewing Cate Blanchett – definitely a pinch me moment.

Rent, hands down. After watching the movie, my sister and I bought the soundtrack and learnt the album off my heart…I can still recite all the songs.

Warren Buffett – I would then pass his pearls of wisdom onto my husband.

An unmade bed.

Despite being small, I can carry incredibly heavy objects (backdrop stands, suitcases, media walls). A useful secret talent when working in events…or maybe one that I developed because of it?

I think it’s going to work.

Emilie Gambade for being my mentor, big sister and role model for the past five years. For always believing in me and making me strive for more! Her covetable wardrobe and impeccable taste doesn’t hurt either 😉

Entitlement…I think this is the worst trait.

Nachos and guacamole (chunky, of course).

Cleaning hotel bathrooms in Manchester at 3am…there are some things that just can’t be unseen.

The end of Instagram (fingers crossed!).

In the end it will all be okay…if it’s not okay…then it’s not the end!

All my close friends and family who live overseas so that they could be with me…the world is just too big.

Unfortunately, not enough…