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“Quality. Independent. Investigative. It is my belief that these are the characteristics of the journalism offered by Daily Maverick and to sustain this, it is definitely worth making a financial contribution… Plus of course there is the possibility of meeting face to face with some of the team — an opportunity I look forward to.” — Michael Hennessy

“I was one of the first subscribers to Daily Maverick when it was still the print edition. The publication without a doubt kick-started my interest in the local political scene and it almost broke my heart when they decided to close. I was the happiest guy in the world when Daily Maverick came back into my life and I visit the site first thing every morning to see what is transpiring in this crazy, interesting place we call home. Like a lot of people who live here we have no “plan B” and so this country has to work for us. The incredible work DM has done over the years in uncovering the mess the ruling party has made of running SA has given us renewed hope that after many false starts, this will truly turn out to be the Rainbow Nation.” — Craig Banks

“You’ve been brave and I believe we’d have been in even deeper trouble without a fearless media, and you were it. You brighten my day each morning and settle me at night. And I miss you in the holidays.” — Glenda Caine

“In this day and age where Truth is becoming a precious commodity, Daily Maverick is a bastion of hope in protecting our right to the truth and speaking it in all its forms to the powers that be, and for this reason I am proud to be an Insider at Daily Maverick.” — Russell Page

“I joined Insider due to the dearth of good journalism in our country. Your news is relevant, objective and most importantly, well written. I want to support that and make sure it stays.” — Anria Horn

“I love your intelligent, gritty, edgy reporting. You guys tell it like it fucking is (with a nod to Richard Poplak). I feel challenged reading your opinion pieces and rewarded with the results of your investigations. I think you scare the bad guys, which gives me hope and makes me sleep better at night. Keep it up DM!” — Andy Raath

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“I believe that the media should not only be free but should be using that freedom to report truthfully and competently on public affairs. This is clearly what Daily Maverick strives to do. Effective reporting and analysis of news costs money and the media should be supported by those who benefit from its efforts (that is, all citizens) and who can afford to do so.” — Ria de Kock

“You’re a riot of comedians that shoot for the truth, and only rarely miss. Ndiyabulela.” — Shauneen Procter

“In a world of fake news and the challenges facing journalists with integrity Daily Maverick has been providing news that is well researched and can be relied on to be accurate — and one of the sources to be used as a reference in the determination of fake news. The power of the journalists working for the DM to pursue the stories on corruption by the political elite in SA is to be admired for its bravery and the ideals of ethical journalism. Keep up the good work.” — Raju Kala

“There’s the usual stuff about the importance of the fourth estate and its precarious position as media business models crumble. Then there’s the clear fact that DM has picked up the investigative journalism baton, never mind the crippling blow to the Zupta cabal. You are the new shining light the industry ought to follow and imitate. I might not always agree with what DM publishes, but I’ll pay for your ability to keep publishing.” — James Francis

“I have loved reading Daily Maverick articles since the website was launched. They provide insightful and interesting commentary on current affairs and it would be a tragedy if it did not survive.” — Natalie Simon

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