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Felix Dlangamandla answers 20 questions

Senior Photographer,  Felix Dlangamandla, answers our questions.

Felix Dlangamandla

Senior Photographer

I’m currently reading The Whistleblowers by Mandy Wiener. I did the pictures for it so I’m biased.

Beach, playing with sand.

How oppression really was and the inferior education we were given as black people. They’ve got the best education now.

In 2013 there were only 3 photographers taking pictures at Tata Madiba’s funeral in Qunu in the Eastern Cape. Being nominated by Sanef to be one of the 3 photographers was incredible. I had to take photographs in a suit!
Just to be there amongst those dignitaries taking photos was amazing. You got given this opportunity – everyone, everyone wanted those pictures. You can’t mess up that job. You can’t walk in and say my battery is flat or my card is full.

The Bone Collector – Denzil Washington and Angelina Jolie

Trump. I don’t understand that man’s mind.

Spiders. Scared of spiders.

Woodwork, a little bit of carpentry.

”You still here? Just get up and walk around”

My granny. She raised me. She put me through school and tertiary education. She’s amazing. She did everything for me. She guided me, she nurtured me.


Mince and rice and a lot of peas.

I was selling cool drinks in the stadiums in Bloemfontein during rugby and cricket games. Selling cool drinks at test matches all day. You get different kinds of characters. It was ‘97/‘98 so a lot of people were still stuck up in the past. I needed the cash so I soldiered on.

National Disasters?

To the living we owe respect but to the dead we owe only the truth. – Voltaire

Mars. I’d be interested in knowing what’s happening in Mars.

A friend of mine suffered badly from stage 3 cancer so some friends and I contributed to send him on a beach holiday. To this day, he doesn’t know it was us.