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22 Questions with Ethan Van Diemen

I talk about myself a lot and overestimate how interesting the things I have to say are for the average person who doesn’t read as much news.

With a big glass of water, a full body stretch in the sun and then some light doomscrolling on Reddit and Twitter.

Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina. South America in general.

I’ve struggled to read anything other than Russia/Ukraine related content quite frankly. So to answer the question, probably an interview with Fiona Hill in Politico about Putin’s mindset.

Olives. I really don’t like olives but they always share space on pizzas with other great ingredients.

“I have no idea what I’m doing but I’ll figure it out”

Average restaurant food and most things on UberEats. I’ve got fresh ingredients at home and Youtube for recipes.

Either Daniel Plainview or Paul Newman’s portrayal of Butch Cassidy.

I can’t point to any single purchase but I never regret buying books.

Klaus Schwab. I can’t think of any one human who could more believably switch to being a real-life Bond villain (accent, shaven head and everything). I like to think I’m a good person so if I had the chance, I’d enjoy a day off to be villainous.

Creative. Optimistic. Playful.

Late 90’s, early 2000’s Angelina Jolie.

The World Next Week (podcast) for the tour of the horizon. Musically I’m all over the place. I could be listening Sinead Harnett, Future, Herbie Hancock, Tame Impala, The Simps, Trompies, Khruangbin or Jay Z at any given moment.

I’ve always wanted a career that allowed me to learn something new every day, kept me moving and felt fresh every day. I lucked out big time.

Threeway tie between Tim Dillon, Dave Chappelle and my brother.

Sever my connection to the internet. Sail around the world.

What question would include in 23 questions?


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