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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where timely deliveries and exceptional customer service are paramount, MyRunway has thrived, celebrating its 12th year in operation last month. Central to this success has been their partnership with DPD, a collaboration that has spanned eleven of the twelve years.

Jessica Styles, the Head of Operations and Logistics at MyRunway, reflects on this enduring relationship. “Our customers, as you know, want their orders as soon as they place them. For us, it’s about having a service provider that ensures quick, on-time deliveries, reliability, and the level of customer service that meets our customers’ needs,” she explains.

This relationship has been multifaceted, encompassing more than just efficient deliveries. “We have a really great partnership with both their customer service team and our team of account managers,” Jessica continues. “Whenever something goes wrong, which inevitably happens in logistics, having people we can rely on for support and service is crucial.”

The bond between the two companies extends beyond professional interactions. “There have been times where I’ve called our account manager at 10:00 at night on a Saturday, and they’ve been able to jump in and assist us. Our team knows them by name; they really are an extension of our company.”

One of the standout features of this partnership has been DPD‘s reliable and up-to-date tracking system. Jessica elaborates, “We can always see exactly where the order is at any point, whether it’s enroute to the customer or already delivered. The API integration allows us to have real-time tracking, making it easy for our tech team to quickly implement.”

This seamless integration is a testament to the mutual loyalty and growth both companies have experienced together.

“When MyRunway was in its startup phase, we had a very small team of twelve people. As we’ve grown, DPD has grown with us. There were times in our early days when their team was here helping us pack orders because we were overwhelmed with demand. That kind of loyalty has been reciprocal,” Jessica recalls.

The partnership’s success can be attributed to clear communication and understanding from the outset. “Make sure you’re partnered with an account manager who understands your needs. Communicating those needs upfront, your expected volumes, and your expectations is crucial. Checking out the customer service quality is essential,” Jessica advises. “That’s one thing that sets your brand apart – being able to provide a reliable and exceptional customer experience. Choosing a partner that can deliver that is most beneficial.”

Looking ahead, Jessica is optimistic about the future of e-commerce in South Africa. Despite the current e-commerce penetration being at 6%, she sees significant potential for growth. “With some big international companies entering the market and our local partners doing a great job in pushing e-commerce, there’s still a vast audience to capture. The pandemic was a boost for online shopping, but now there’s an opportunity for everyone to up their standards. When international companies invest in e-commerce in South Africa, it’s a chance for local companies to enhance delivery standards and improve the customer experience.”

In this competitive landscape, the partnership serves as a benchmark for what a successful collaboration can achieve. It’s a relationship built on trust, mutual growth, and a shared commitment to
excellence in customer service. As MyRunway continues to evolve, the last mile delivery specialist remains a cornerstone of its operational success, ensuring that the brand’s promise of timely and reliable delivery is consistently met.

Jessica concludes, “The e-commerce landscape is ever-changing, we are well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our customers expect nothing less than the best, and, with more than a decade behind us, we will continue to deliver just that.” DM

Jessica Styles, the Head of Operations and Logistics at MyRunway


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