Ceasefire talks in limbo after Rafah offensive, says Qatar; Malaysia’s PM meets Hamas delegation

Ceasefire talks in limbo after Rafah offensive, says Qatar; Malaysia’s PM meets Hamas delegation
Displaced people after the Israeli military began evacuating Palestinian civilians ahead of its assault on Rafah. About 450,000 people have left Rafah in recent days. (Photo: Hatem Khaled / Reuters)

Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas had reached an impasse following the Jewish state’s ground offensive on the outskirts of the Gazan city of Rafah, according to Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim met with a Hamas delegation during his visit to Qatar, in a fresh show of support for the group designated a terrorist organisation by the US.

Pro-Palestinian protesters at Harvard University were clearing out their weekslong encampment without achieving their primary demand: forcing the school to cut its financial ties to Israel. 

Israel, Hamas talks in limbo after Rafah move — Qatar PM

Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas had reached an impasse following the Jewish state’s ground offensive on the outskirts of the Gazan city of Rafah, according to Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

Over the past few weeks, “we have seen some momentum building but unfortunately things didn’t move in the right direction”, Sheikh Mohammed said at the Qatar Economic Forum on Tuesday. “Right now, we are in a status of almost a stalemate.”

Negotiations to secure at least a pause in hostilities in the seven-month war have been deadlocked for months, with the two sides far apart on elements such as the status of Israeli troops in Gaza and the terms of a release of hostages held by Hamas and the freeing of Palestinian prisoners. International mediators include Qatar, Egypt and the US.

Israel has at the same time begun what it calls a limited expansion of the military campaign into Rafah, where more than 1.4 million Palestinians had sought refuge from the conflict and some are now fleeing. Troops have begun to enter parts of the city, while fighting has resumed in northern areas of the enclave as Hamas starts to regroup.

The prime minister defended Qatar’s decision to host Hamas’ political bureau in the country, saying the Iran-backed group’s presence had in the past helped mediate other hostage negotiations and kept lines of communication open for future talks. Qatar has previously said it hosts Hamas in Doha at the request of the US.

Helping to resolve conflict is at the heart of Qatar’s foreign policy, said Sheikh Mohammed, who is also Qatar’s minister of foreign affairs. Still, “our job is limited in mediation role”, he said.

Israel has been critical of what it says is Qatar’s reluctance to pressure Hamas to make concessions in the ceasefire talks, which aim to bring an end to a war that began when Hamas militants went on a deadly rampage in southern Israel on 7 October.

About 450,000 people have left Rafah, located near the Egyptian border, in recent days, according to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, warning those fleeing “face constant exhaustion, hunger and fear”.

Israel has warned civilians to flee before an expected full-scale assault. The military says it needs to attack Rafah to target thousands of remaining Hamas fighters and some leaders it believes are based in the city.

Israel’s invasion of Rafah had “set us back a little bit”, the prime minister said. “There is a fundamental difference between the two parties. There is a party who wants to end the war and then talk about the hostages and then there is a party who wants the hostages and wants to continue the war.”

He appeared to be referring to the Hamas demand for the ceasefire to be permanent, which Israel won’t accept.

Malaysia PM meets Hamas chief in Qatar in show of support

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim met with a Hamas delegation during his visit to Qatar, in a fresh show of support for the group designated a terrorist organisation by the US.

Anwar expressed Malaysia’s gratitude toward Hamas for its willingness to release hostages and accept a peace plan put forward by the Arab world, according to a Facebook post on Tuesday. He also called on Israel to end its attacks on Palestinians, release prisoners and agree to the plan.

“Malaysia will remain committed to play its role on the international level for an end to the attacks on Rafah,” Anwar said in the Facebook post.

Anwar has been the staunchest advocate of the Palestinian cause in Southeast Asia, saying last year Malaysia would not recognise what he said was a unilateral attempt by the US to restrict support of Hamas. Malaysian leaders have a long history of friendly ties with the group and routinely turn up at protests at home against the US and the Western world’s support of Israel.

Read more: Why Malaysia recognises Hamas and what it means for US ties

Hamas’ political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, led the delegation, Anwar said. The prime minister conveyed his condolences to Haniyeh on the death of his family. Anwar was also given an update on the latest situation in Gaza and Rafah.

Anwar has taken on more pro-Islamic views since coming to power in 2022 to appeal to the ethnic Malay majority, who are Muslim by law.

Harvard protests end with whimper as Israel divestment demands fail

Pro-Palestinian protesters at Harvard University were clearing out their weekslong encampment without achieving their primary demand: forcing the university to cut its financial ties to Israel.

It’s become a pattern. Demonstrators at Northwestern and Brown also took down their tents and tables recently, assuaged by the universities’ promises to consider their pleas. The protesters initially viewed this as progress in their Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns to drive the universities’ endowments to divest from the Jewish state and weapons makers.

They are now confronting a tough reality: Their universities aren’t going to do it.

“We are under no illusions: we do not believe these meetings are divestment wins,” the group Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine wrote in an Instagram post. “These side-deals are intended to pacify us away from full disclosure & divestment.”

Harvard has agreed to consider requests to reinstate students who were suspended for taking part in protests. President Alan Garber would also “pursue a meeting” between demonstrators and the chair of the committee that oversees shareholder responsibility as well as other university leaders, a spokesperson for the school said. Harvard would answer questions about its endowment and will not discuss divestment.

While administrators at universities across the US, including the University of Minnesota, Rutgers and Sacramento State, agreed to listen to activists’ pleas, the idea of actually selling holdings in Israeli assets or defence stocks was a non-starter given the opaque nature of many endowments and their investments, the pushback from donors and potential conflict with anti-BDS laws in many states.

The issue is central to protesters who believe severing financial ties to Israel will pressure the country to stop its military operation in Gaza.

Erdoğan says more than 1,000 Hamas members treated in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan underscored his support for Hamas, saying more than 1,000 members of the organisation were being treated in Turkey.

Palestinians were known to have been brought to Turkey for treatment during the war between Israel and Hamas. This marks the first time the Turkish president has publicly announced that Hamas members are also receiving treatment in the country.

Erdoğan hosted Hamas’s political leader in Istanbul on 20 April to discuss the need for a permanent ceasefire and accelerated humanitarian aid in Gaza. DM

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  • Jeff Robinson says:

    If Hamas was purely a resistance army waging a war against injustice, it would get my support 100%. But its conduct on October 7th makes it impossible to grant it such a status, even if much of the world believes otherwise. As along as Hamas remains unequivocally a jihadist force commited to the establishment of another Islamic theocracy, it is understandable that the war carries on. At this stage, if the Hamas leadership really cares about what is happening to the people of Palestine, as any caring person must, they should surrender and let reconstruction begin. There is no way that Netanyahu and his gang are going to survive in charge and given the reaction of the world to their inhumanity and history of oppression, the way now may be open to what is the only sane option for the future, one nation from the river to the sea with a completely secular government and equal rights for all. Apartheid South Africa wanted the world to accept a multi-state solution which was rightly rejected. What is different with Israel-Palestine?

    • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

      Jeff your vision is the only workable solution. I can say, unequivocally, that the vast Israeli majority would love nothing more than to live in peace with the Palestinians. One just cannot see Palestinians living in peace with Israelis, as those that support them simply don’t (and may never) recognise Israel’s right to exist. Millions will lay down their lives to kill Israelis and to try wipe out Israel – its an existential mission for them, and many of their brethren co-religionists globally. This is a fundamental problem. BTW – as a jew / Zionist myself – I have NEVER heard any doctrine that says that Israel is exclusively for Jews, so all this ethnic cleansing and genocide stuff is simply untrue, antisemitic propaganda. Palestinian people been empowered by the support they have now seen worldwide, and a Palestinian state seems inevitable. How anyone can think this will bring them peace, and that the situation in Israel will simply settle into any kind of civilized normality, is beyond me.

      • Luke S says:

        Simply looking at the anger of living in an occupied territory your whole life, as were your parents, when your grandparents were kicked out of what is now Israel, is not the whole picture. Extremists want what was Palestine to be what it was before the 2nd world war, but that doesn’t mean that if an offer is made to all live together, sharing the land, that it won’t be embraced by most. The offer was never made, and let’s face it – probably never will.

      • Luke S says:

        From Wikipedia, the Israel page:
        Israel has no official religion,[336][337][338] but the definition of the state as “Jewish and democratic” creates a strong connection with Judaism. On 19 July 2018, the Knesset passed a Basic Law that characterizes the State of Israel as principally a “Nation State of the Jewish People”, and Hebrew as its official language. The bill ascribes, an undefined, “special status” to the Arabic language.[339] The same bill gives Jews a unique right to national self-determination, and views the developing of Jewish settlement in the country as “a national interest”, empowering the government to “take steps to encourage, advance and implement this interest.”

      • Luke S says:

        You ” just cannot see Palestinians living in peace with Israelis”. You also say “and many of their brethren co-religionists globally. This is a fundamental problem. BTW – as a jew / Zionist myself …”. Why is this about religion on both sides to you?
        In 1948, normal people, like you and I, were picked up and moved off to somewhere quite a bit more k*k, hurt, killed… almost a million people who didn’t deserve it, did nothing wrong. Within living memory.
        Share. It’s not about religion. It never should be when discriminating. It’s about the bit of land that you live on, where you grow your children, for a long time, in a pretty peaceful, free life… just being slid off underneath you, and you’re suddenly in a dump and a lot more rules. Within living memory. Share. It’s not about religion.

        • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

          It either is or is isn’t about religion. Make up your mind Luke. What are you arguing about? As for grandparents being moved off land, tell me – did that only happen in Israel, or did it happen on every country on earth? Did a single on country on earth have ethnic Muslims say 1000 years ago? Were there any white people in SA or Australia or USA 500 years ago? Why is Israel, and more particular Jewish people, such a problem for you?

          • Luke S says:

            Sigh. Jewish people are NOT a problem for me. I’ve said it at multiple different ways many times. Israel’s government’s actions are. This is NOT about religion, but almost every comment of yours includes an accusation of antisemitism – i.e. it’s all about religion TO YOU. It should not ever be.

          • Luke S says:

            if my criticisms of the Israeli government’s actions, policies and decisions are automatically antisemitic, this statement of yours is automatically Islamophobic, correct?
            “Millions will lay down their lives to kill Israelis and to try wipe out Israel – its an existential mission for them, and many of their brethren co-religionists globally”. … “co-religionists” …

      • Luke S says:

        As a self-described Zionist yourself, do you think that religion should be part of any decision or ethos, or canon or law, or war .. that would treat other people worse than you would treat those of your .. brethren I think you said?
        It’s not about religion! It shouldn’t be at least .. right? That’s just wrong then, right?
        Wikipedia: Zionism:
        “Zionism (/ˈzaɪ.ənɪzəm/ ZY-ə-niz-əm; Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת, romanized: Ṣīyyonūt, IPA: [tsijoˈnut]; derived from Zion) is a nationalist[1][fn 1] movement that emerged in Europe in the late 19th century aiming for the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people, particularly in Palestine,[4][5][6] a region roughly corresponding to the Land of Israel in Jewish tradition.[7][8][9][10] Following the establishment of the State of Israel, Zionism became an ideology that supports the development and protection of Israel as a Jewish state.[1][11][12] It has also been described as Israel’s national or state ideology”
        Now I wait for the more intensified accusations of being intolerant of “your religion”, whereas I’m actually intolerant of anyone who kills other people, takes their stuff, and then says “they start it. every time. it’s them. look at them in their cage – their fault. look. they don’t like us.”

        • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

          Good, we agree that people shouldn’t be intolerant or kill indiscriminately. I’m glad you have a problem with acts like Oct 7. I’m also glad you will never have heard any chats from any Zionists to kill anyone, or to wipe out Palestinians from any river to any sea

          • JP K says:

            Sorry. Another quick correction. In this current conflict there are plenty of statements from senior Israeli officials who incite genocide. You can refer to the ICJ case where South Africa has listed several.

          • Luke S says:

            I have read reports of organisations within Israel that are actively planning where to build their next homes in what is now still Gaza. I have read many, many reports of Israelis, supported by the government armed forces, slowly just taking more and more of the West Bank land. Sometimes killing people in the process. I have read many reports of Israelis actively blocking or destroying aid at border crossings. Nothing you say? Nobody in Israel or elsewhere is wanting to get rid of the Palestinian people? Have you seen the maps of where Israel’s borders were, and how they’ve grown, often illegally according to international law (occupied territories). It wasn’t a land without people, and the land that is slowly being taken bit by bit still has people on it.

      • Luke S says:

        This is South Africa bru. We’ve been here, remember?

        • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

          I’m sure you are indigenous, and your grandparents never occupied any indigenous SA land and kicked any indigenous people off their land when they arrived in SA, bru

          • Luke S says:

            I am not indigenous, you are correct, but is anyone? How far back do we go before it’s pointless to say “everyone back to where they ‘came from'”? We’re all African if you go back a few million years. So when it’s in living memory that people are kicked out of their homes, and no compromise or offer of restitution is put on the table, it hurts. SA made a compromise – stopped the segregation, embraced democracy and started putting things right. After a few hundred years of occupation. What has the Israeli government done about 1948? Built higher walls, passed more discriminatory laws, and taken more and more land.

          • JP K says:

            Just a quick clarification please? Are you saying that because other colonialist powers have expelled people from land they were living on it’s it makes it permissible?

      • JP K says:

        Israel not exclusively for Jews? Tell that that to the Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed when Israel was formed. And who, to this day, are prevented from returning. It is not true that ethnic cleansing didn’t occur and easily verifiable. For those interested, check out the so-called new historians who, when they examined declasified Israeli archives discovered that the first part of the Israeli narrative of a land without a people for a people without a land was just bog standard propaganda. Even wikipedia, Britannica etc.

        Loewenstein (p70) in his book on how “Israel trades in death and suffering and sells it to anyone that ones to buy” (Haaretz) notes that: “A rare moment of honesty of political honesty came in October 2021 when far right Israeli parliamentarian Bazelel Bezalel Smotrich, leader of the Religious Zionist Party and ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said in the Knesset to the Arab members, ‘You’re only here by mistake, because [founding prime minister David] Ben-Gurion didn’t fnish the job, didn’t throw you out in ’48.’ …It is not a new point of view; in fact, it’s been state ideology since 1948. Declassied documents from the Israel State Archives in 2021 revealed that attititudes toward the Palestinians have not changed much since the 1940s. It has been official policy, at least among some of the nation’s senior military and political elites, to forcibly expel Arabs to neighboring countries for the entire period of the country’s existence.”

        • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

          Here are some facts about the populations of Israel, which are easily verifiable:

          1947 (the year prior to independence, the notorious year of 1948 that everyone seems to now know and think was such a year of ‘ethnic cleansing’) – Jews 630 000, non-Jews (Christians & Arabs both) 1 324 000
          2024 – Jews 7 400 000, non-Jews 2 600 000

          Enough BS now

          • JP K says:

            I see you choose not to engage with the source I provided which scuppers your ridiculous claim. Instead you provide some cherry picked figures.

            Since seemingly you don’t understand, let’s start with basics. Ethinic cleansing is “rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove persons of given groups from the area” – do you see where this is going Zionist? It is an elementary observation that to have a majority Jewish state where previously Jews were a minority required changing the demographic character of the region. Ergo we can reason that ethinic cleansing must’ve occured. It’s not complicated.

            Now, I do not dispute your figures but by conflating historic Palestine and Israel you’re making a basic error in reasoning since one can have ethinic cleansing within a sub-region without changing the overall region.

            Most Zionists accept the lie that (1) either the land was not populated (cf. Joan Peters’ from Time Immerorial ) or (2) Arab leaders instructed the local population to flee – i.e. it was voluntary. (cf. Alan Dershowitz’s case for Israel)

            Curiously, you seem to believe that there was no demographic change – the land where Israel was to be formed was majority Jewish to begin with.

            Instead of checking the wikipedia page on population figures and applying your Zionist logic, check out any source covering the topic of ethinic cleansing of Palestine and you’ll find that it happened.

            What you’re doing is akin to holocaust denial.

      • Luke S says:

        Mordechai, how do you have both of these thoughts in your head, believing both are true, while they are clearly contradictory?
        “I have NEVER heard any doctrine that says that Israel is exclusively for Jews” while taking every opportunity to say “antisemitic propaganda” when the Israeli government is criticised?

    • Luke S says:

      “Antisemitism” in it’s most recent definition: “Mommy, all the other kids pick on me, and I have to keep fighting to defend myself! Is is because I’m ginger??”
      Mom thinks “No, it’s because you’re a dumbass bully” but says “Yes my love, it’s because you’re ginger”

  • Luke S says:

    I agree with you about Hamas.
    However, not everyone gets to choose who takes charge, so the civilians can’t be punished for what Hamas did or stands for. If this “war” was purely about Hamas, then Israel, with all the latest precision weapons, technology and intelligence would do a much better job at fighting the fighters. Instead the ratio of Israeli/Palestinian dead bodies since Oct 7 stands at about 1 to 17, and two thirds of the dead Palestinians are women and children, while many others are being denied healthcare and nutrition. Most healthcare facilities and homes are rubble now. This is why the world is protesting – it isn’t a war where armies are fighting each other, this is a clear-cut case of a population being eradicated. Based on this, do you really think that if Hamas fighters all give up their arms, waving white flags, the killing, directly or indirectly will just stop? Do you really think that it’s only Hamas that’s preventing a secular, multi-cultural society from being created in what most current residences believe it a Jewish state? If that were true, it would have happened many decades ago. Also, as you say, Netanyahu’s career won’t survive, but he’s doing his damndest to hang on for as long as he can. His colleagues have made it clear that if he stops the war they will leave, dissolving his government and triggering elections.

  • Luke S says:

    There is no way, in 2024, with all the facts, and including the propaganda from both sides, whether there’s been evidence provided for their claims or not…
    … that any one human being would, if willing to calm down, stop blaming every UN agency, country, humanitarian organisation, news outlet, and everyone else who shows any sympathy for this VERY ONE-SIDED “war” as anti-your-religion (somehow!?) to feel good about blaming everyone else for the cause of it, the reaction, and the reaction to that. It isn’t justified on any human standards in 2024.
    Homeless, suffering, death. Within living memory. I don’t think that anything bad, based on religion is justified is it? What happened 120 generations ago … is it worth demolishing what little you’ve left the people growing Olive trees where your back yard is now. Within living memory. Share.

    • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

      You don’t think at 10 replies and more than 1000 words you are ranting on a bit Luke? Now cap it off and let us all know you aren’t an antisemite too, some of your best friends are actually Jewish.

  • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

    For JP (I was unable to reply to your latest post), the thread had become to conflagrated

    This is “ethnic cleansing”:

    Jewish populations 1948 vs today:
    Egypt 63,500 vs 3; Syria 40,000 vs 0; Iran 100,000 vs 8,500; Iraq 150,000 vs 4; Lebanon 20,000 vs 29; Morocco 265,000 vs 2,100; Yemen 55,000 vs 1; Algeria 140,000 vs 200; Libya 38,000 vs 0; Tunisia 105,000 vs 1,000; Gaza 8,000 vs 0

    Arab populations 1948 vs today:
    Israel (excluding Gaza and West Bank) 156,000 vs 2,100,000; Gaza 80,000 vs 2,000,000

    The rest of your post is your (illogical) opinion, to which you are entitled.

    • JP K says:

      I don’t understand your response. You’ve just gone and cherry picked some more figures which says nothing about ethnic cleansing for reasons I’ve already explained. Nor do you actually engage with my points.

      But these are not just my opinions. I provided a UN definition of ethnic cleansing. I provided quotations from a Knesset member quoted by Jewish author Lowenstein which undermines your claim that Israel is for everyone.

      The fact is that the Nakba happened. This involved ethinically cleansing of Palestine. Famous Zionist historian Benny Morris says that expulsion was built into Zionism.

      If you had any interest you could read up on it. Here’s a book: “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by Jewish Historian Illan Pappe. The title may give you clue what it’s about, but let me help you since you seem to have a hard time making sense of things that don’t fit your Zionist narrative: “Between 1947 and 1949, over 400 Palestinian villages were deliberately destroyed, civilians were massacred and around a million men, women, and children were expelled from their homes at gunpoint.”

      So pretend that my statements are illogical. Pretend every source I provide is part of a conspiracy. Pretend every Jew critical of Israel is self-loathing. The easy way out because you can’t engage in a discussion.

      • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

        Pappe, Lowenstein, Kasrils (don’t leave out Finkelstein) all claim to be Jewish historians, which is why people like you can get so excited when you get to quote them, as if their truth is gospel because they claim their Jewishness. It also gets their books on Israel or Zionism sold better than if they were named Piet Pompies (little lesson on Economics 101). Hitler also wrote history books. So did David Irving, who claimed to be an expert on WW2, and many believed him to be, until he denied the holocaust (which you actually accused me of, quite idiotically). Your sources reflect your very biased opinion, and BTW when you keep trying to insult me by calling me a Zionist, please know I couldn’t be prouder of the label.

        • JP K says:

          Are you seriously suggesting Pappe and Finkelstein are not historians? Of course you are. Did I not predict that you would do this? “So pretend that my statements are illogical. Pretend every source I provide is part of a conspiracy. Pretend every Jew critical of Israel is self-loathing. The easy way out because you can’t engage in a discussion.”

          You have to discredit anyone that does not agree with your Zionist worldview because you can’t engagage on the arguments. You’ve said nothing that discounts the particular scholarship of the people I’ve referenced instead you’ve dismissed them based on the fact their books sell? Can you see how ridiculous that is?

          Allan Dirshowtiz’s book the Case for Israel and Joan Peters’ book From Time Immemorial were both best sellers. But these are not discounted because they were best sellers produced by Jews, but because, as you’ll well know, they were embarrasingly wrong (basically fiction).

          Notably, you’ve, ignored Benny Morris who, as I said, has stated that Zionism had expulsion (aka ethnic cleansing) built in to it. But he’s a Zionist. I’m sure you’ll figure some way of disregarding his scholarship.

          So, to bring you back. The historical easily verifiable fact is that there were people living in Palestine were Israel now exists. To have a Jewish state with a Jewish majority required ethnic cleansing of that population and prevention of the exercising of the right of return. It’s not complicated.

          • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

            A very long response to a very simple rebuff. Simply put (as retort to your quasi-academic debate), those who claim to be scholars, academics and historians – are often merely driving a bias-based agenda. Did you know JP, that of the 15 of the conference attendees at the Wannsee Conference (that’s the meeting held on 20 January 1942 in a suburb of Berlin where the Final Solution was promulgated and signed), 8 of them held university doctorates. Using so-called Jewish academics to help drive an antisemitic agenda is old news. It’s not complicated.

          • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

            Such a long response to such a simple rebuff. Methinks I’m dealing with a frustrated (wannabe?) academic. Simply put, those who claim to be scholars / academics / historians – are often simply driving their own deep-seated agendas. Using so-called Jewish academics to help advance an antisemitic agenda is almost as old as antisemitism itself. Now that’s not complicated.

  • JP K says:

    Here’s bit of trivia. Yitzhak Mordechai is a former Israeli general. He was also convicted of 2 counts of sexual assault and later resigned from the Knesset.

    • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

      Ooh, the plot thickens. Keep googling

      • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

        I see also a Principal of Talmud Torahs and Yeshiva Day Schools, former Office management at University Hospital Birmingham NHS, born in Mikhaliskis, Vilna, Lithuania on 10 Oct 1864 and a professional house painter living in Manchester. Well done JP!

        • JP K says:

          Fair enough. I accept that I was speculating based on the assumption that no one would be brave enough to deny the Nakba using their real name. But you could easily correct me by saying you weren’t using Yitzchak as a nom de plum….

        • JP K says:

          I’m a wannabe academic? Because I actually read and provide sources? Lol. Okay.

          But really, don’t worry about me. Just try and address my points. You seem to skirt around them for some reason.

      • JP K says:

        Indeed. But FYI, that was for others who might not the character of the person’s name you choose to borrow. Now we know.

        • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

          While I proudly use my name, and you are 3 random letters …

          • JP K says:

            I got that one wrong.

            I apologise for making the assumption that you somehow admired the general convicted sexual assault with the same name.

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