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Cartoon Thursday with Rico

Cartoon Thursday with Rico

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  • Ed Rybicki says:

    Absolutely! Just like Zuma’s “Free University education for all!” Promise, it’s a cynical vote/popularity-catching exercise that does nothing except raise hope – and then dash it as it is not implemented. Consider: the country already has the best public hospitals in Africa, paid for by taxpayers. We ALSO have by far and away the best private healthcare in Africa, again paid for by people who pay tax and medical aid/scheme fees. Now we will will have a significant increase in tax – both VAT and personal/business – which MAY fund a better healthcare system for the non-taxpayers and low-income families, but will also almost certainly lower the standard for the people who are already paying twice, in tax and personal med scheme payments, while INCREASING their payments.

    Watch for a huge exodus of medically-trained people if it ever comes to pass 😢

  • Neels Pienaar says:

    I would like to say leave them to bump their heads. But right now only 7% of all south Afrikaans are paying all the taxes in the country. If :when: this new medical starts only 7 % of all south Africans will pay this medicinal bill. And 50% of all that money will get lost somehow.

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