Second coming of Donald Trump — dangerous beast slouches towards Washington to be reborn

Second coming of Donald Trump — dangerous beast slouches towards Washington to be reborn
Republican presidential candidate former president Donald Trump at the Dayton International Airport on March 16, 2024 in Vandalia, Ohio. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Trump is not the only one on the line in the US November election: White evangelical Christian nationalists risk going down with him.

During his first run for president in 2016, the morally depraved grifter Donald Trump was forced to pick as vice-president the Indiana governor Mike Pence – who does not socialise with women or attend events where alcohol is served unless his wife is present – to win over Christian evangelicals.

By 6 January 2021, when Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington to prevent the peaceful handover of power to Joe Biden, some of them held up crosses and waved signs saying, “Jesus saves” while chanting “Hang Mike Pence” as the vice-president ran for his life.

The November election in the US is a high-stakes gambit for Trump, who will either end up as America’s Führer or in jail, but it is also an existential challenge for the white evangelical Christian nationalist movement that has thrown in its lot with him.

This year, evangelicals delivered the Republican nomination to Trump by voting for him in overwhelming numbers in the primaries.

Millions of evangelicals see Trump’s four pending criminal prosecutions, 88 indictments and multiple civil charges not as the mark of a sociopathic criminal who believes he is above the law, but of a martyr crucified by a corrupt state.

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene has compared him to Jesus Christ (and Nelson Mandela).


Since he came down the Trump Tower escalator in 2015, Trump has given whiter, older and more rural America the hope of “taking back” a country they felt was slipping away. 

Spooked by a black president, resentful of globalist elites and fearful of America’s transformation into a truly multiracial and multicultural society, they became easy fodder for extremist charismatic pastors, Fox News, social media conspiracy theories and Trump, the biggest BS artist of them all.

The disputed origins of the Covid pandemic, the lockdowns that shuttered churches and businesses, the vaccine mandates and Trump’s “defeat” in November 2020, drove an already conspiracy-minded crowd with a persecution complex even deeper into an alternate reality.

It also triggered an epidemic of mental illness. People draped in the American flag now stumble around the fringes of Trump rallies claiming to know things, like those who took the Covid vaccine have metamorphosed into a non-human species called Borg Genesis and are enslaved by Big Pharma.

Two-thirds of the Republican Party have succumbed to the mass delusion that Trump won the 2020 election.

Political crosses to bear

The political radicalisation of the pulpit, decades in the making but reaching a crescendo of partisanship in the era of Trump, is recounted in a piece of compelling reportage by Tim Alberta in The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism.

Alberta’s father was the long-time pastor of an evangelical Presbyterian congregation, Cornerstone church, in a suburb of Detroit, where Alberta observed how the growth of extremism undermined his father’s life work.

“To some evangelicals,” he writes, the purpose of the Church is to “own the libs” with “an aggressive, identitarian conservatism.”

One small example: at an evangelical event, Charlie Kirk, the Trumpist leader of Turning Point USA, proposed the death penalty for Joe Biden and called for “an amazing patriot” to bail out the deranged man who brutally attacked and nearly killed the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a hammer.

Kirk is a mainstream figure, a frequent speaker at gatherings of the Southern Baptist Convention.  This week he said on TV that if you vote for the Democratic Party, you can no longer call yourself Christian.

This was clearly insulting to the overwhelmingly Christian black community. Civil rights lawyer Sherilyn Ifill pointed out that 87 % of black voters voted Democratic in 2020.

To see how far the sickness extends, witness Michele Morrow, the 2024 Republican nominee for superintendent of North Carolina’s public schools. She is a former nurse who has home-schooled her five children and worked as a missionary in Mexico – you couldn’t find a better example of a wholesome, all-American wife, mother and super-achiever. 

On her website, she promotes herself as a “lifelong Christian conservative”.

Then CNN’s Jake Tapper revealed that Morrow’s social media activity included posts calling for the televised execution of former president Barack Obama by firing squad, dreams of killing Joe Biden and the use of the hashtag #DeathToTraitors for a dozen political enemies including Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

From whence comes this blood lust, especially the popular fantasy of executing leaders of the Democratic Party?

Peter Wehner, a speechwriter for three Republican presidents, described in Atlantic magazine how the church has “exacerbated divisions, fuelled hatred and grievances, and turned fellow citizens into enemies rather than friends.”

Trump, with his vengeful and mocking attacks on those he regards as his enemies, is a fitting messenger for such a movement.

It is a brand of Christianity that most South African Christians would not recognise – that is, those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, of embracing love for one’s neighbour, social justice, tolerance, and concern for the poor and the marginalised – not to mention basic decency.

The cult of Christian nationalism

Many American Christians object to the term Christian nationalism being used to describe churches that cross over to partisan political activism as an attempt by liberals to tarnish them all as fanatics.

But Mathew Taylor, a scholar at the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies, has a message for his fellow Christians:

“Okay, maybe it stings a little when someone – perhaps unfairly – labels you a Christian nationalist. I get that Christian power in America is on the decline, and that hurts your sense of what America should feel like, but there is a very dangerous radicalisation of Christians going on in the United States today.”

The conservative New York Times columnist David French’s thoughtful commentary drew a distinction between those who legitimately base their political activism on their Christian faith and the “illiberal authoritarians who want to remake America in their own fundamentalist image” – the Christian supremacists.

These are the people that Trump is in league with – the most extreme strand of Christian supremacists, such as Lance Wallnau, the founder of the “Seven Mountain Mandate” which instructs Christians to “conquer all aspects of government and culture for God”.

Going by a remark he made last week, Wallnau does not believe “the left” are even people at all: “I think you’re dealing with demons talking through people.”

Wallnau was one of the first Christian leaders to endorse Trump in 2015.

His associate Jim Garlow, the leader of the New Apostolic Reformation Church, advised Trump in the lead-up to the 6 January insurrection and is close to several Republican lawmakers.

Weeks before becoming the Speaker of the House of Representatives last October, Mike Johnson was on a prayer broadcast with Garlow speculating that God might punish America for collective sins such as the rise of LGBTQ youth (and lamenting the fact that one in four high school students identified as “something other than straight”).

In his book, The Case for Christian Nationalism, Stephen Wolfe, a former Trump administration official, argues that Christians should be able to rule the whole of society without majority consent, because “the earth belongs to Christians.” 

Non-Christians, he says, may be entitled to justice, peace and safety but “are not entitled to political equality.”

These are not the mutterings of a crazy lunatic wandering in the wilderness.

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Since Trump’s 2016 election victory, Republican legislatures, courts and even school boards have been radicalised in a campaign to implement extremism at a local level.

Thousands of book titles have been banned and removed from libraries and school history syllabuses modified to whitewash slavery, reinvent the slave-holding founders as abolitionists and fit the narrative that the US was founded explicitly as a Christian nation.

Trans kids have been barred from sports and subjected to inspections in locker rooms.

Laws have been passed to promote the teachings of the Bible in public schools.

The most damaging stain on public policy is the rollback of women’s rights.

In 2022, the most radical Supreme Court in a century – thanks to Trump’s appointment of three hard-right justices – consigned to the dustbin the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade judgment that affirmed a woman’s constitutional right to a say over her own body.

Read more in Daily Maverick: Roe v Wade: Anniversary of overturning highlights access to abortion problems in SA

Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organisation was the court’s most consequential judgment. By allowing conservative states to apply a religious standard to when life begins, they knowingly denied millions of women the right to an abortion, even (sometimes) if they become pregnant through rape or incest.

Dobbs opened the door to an ever-greater onslaught on women’s choices, including an aggressive push to withdraw approval for the so-called abortion drug, mifepristone, moves towards a national ban on abortion and even attempts to curtail birth control. 

A male Republican lawmaker in Arizona argued last week that women wouldn’t need contraceptives if they weren’t so promiscuous.

Last month Judge Tom Parker, the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court – an adherent of the Seven Mountain Mandate – ruled that frozen embryos should be considered children, leading to the suspension of IVF fertility treatments in the state.

There are even moves to outlaw pornography and State Senator Dusty Deevers of Oklahoma, an avowed Supremacist, wants to make it illegal for single consenting adults to sext each other.

A Heritage Foundation speaker recently floated the idea of banning “nonconsequential” casual sex, to much mirth on social media. Not a great vote-getter in an election year.

James Talarico, a former middle school teacher and a Democratic State Representative in Texas, spoke out after the Texas Senate passed a bill that would require the posting of the Ten Commandments on the wall of every classroom in the state: 

“Let me be very clear, there is nothing Christian about Christian nationalism; it is the worship of power – political power, social power, economic power, in the name of Christ, and it is a betrayal of Jesus of Nazareth.”

While the right might feel they are triumphant in the culture wars that were ignited by the Roe judgment 51 years ago, they are, to mangle the words of Bob Dylan, losing the war while winning every battle.

The extremism is a massive turn-off for younger Americans, especially women, even in red states, where they are deserting the church as their elders die off. 

A Pew survey found that the number of Americans who identify as Christian has dropped from 90% to 63% in the past three decades, most precipitously among white evangelicals.

If you can’t beat him, join him

Trump, who says he wants to be a dictator on day one, and Christian nationalists who want to shackle the whole of society to their interpretation of the Bible as the word of God, are now joined together with the same goal: an authoritarian or quasi-fascist state.

Trump says he wants to round up 18 million undocumented immigrants and to invoke the Insurrection Act so that he can deploy the military to crush street protests if he wins.

Backing him up is Kevin Roberts, the president of the right-wing think tank, the Heritage Foundation, who is known as the “cowboy Catholic” because, when he was head of Wyoming Catholic College, he handed all graduating students black cowboy hats like the one he wears.

Roberts, who thinks he is doing the Lord’s work by smashing “woke” left-wing elites, wants to “institutionalise” Trumpism by turning the rally raves into coherent policy.

Roberts has harnessed about 100 of America’s sprawling billionaire-funded right-wing organisations to produce a blueprint for a second Trump administration under the title “Project 2025.”

Its earliest and most telling intervention will be the destruction of the so-called “deep state”, for which they have assembled a LinkedIn network of up to 20,000 pre-vetted individuals ready to take the reins of government by displacing the career civil servants who will be purged.

The New York Times’ Carlos Lozado, who ploughed through Project 2025’s 887-page Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise”, concluded that the authors are less intent on dismantling the deep state than capturing it and wielding it as a tool for “concentrating power and entrenching ideology”.

The author Andra Watkins, who grew up in a Christian nationalist church, warned on Salon that Project 2025 is more than just a blueprint for conservative government: it is a manifesto for Christo-Fascism.

And that’s just the parts we know about. 

Roberts admitted to the podcast host and former Trump advisor Seb Gorka that some sections of Project 2025 have to remain secret: “There are parts of the plan we will not share with the Left,” he said.

Defending white civilisation

Those who believe that Democrats are alarmist for warning that Trump wants to do away with 237 years of American constitutional democracy need only take note of the authoritarian big men he celebrates and seeks to emulate.

Trump’s soft spot for Adolf Hitler – according to his ex-wife Ivana, he kept a copy of the Führer’s collected speeches, My New Order, next to his bed (and was the only book he ever read!) –was recently confirmed by his former Chief of Staff, John Kelly. 

He said Trump told him that Hitler had “done some good things.”

Trump’s use of Hitler’s phrases, like accusing Latino immigrants of “poisoning the blood of America” or of not being people (Untermensch) are directly cribbed from Hitler’s speeches that he used to watch on VHS.

His bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin has more to it than just fawning hero worship. Putin has already tried to help Trump win the presidency twice – and this time he is not even trying that hard to hide it.

Trump’s pro-Putinism has exposed a deeper visceral connection between the Russian leader and the faithful. 

Many identify with Putin not just as a strongman but as a gay-hating white Christian who wrestles tigers and rides horses bare-chested like John Wayne across the Steppe.

They view his values as closer to theirs than the effete cultural liberals of woke, urban America.

Hungary’s authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who was palling around with Trump at Mar-a-Lago two weeks ago, is the dictator of the month. 

When Trump toasted Orbán, he explained why he likes him: “There’s nobody that’s better, smarter or a better leader than Viktor. He says, ‘This is the way it’s gonna be,’ and that’s the end of it. He’s the boss.”

Kevin Roberts has praised Orbán as a crusading defender of Christian values against liberalism and globalism and protecting European civilisation from being overrun and replaced by immigrants from the Global South.

The historian Anne Applebaum has a closer reading of what Trump and Roberts see in Orbán. 

After being democratically elected, she says, he “changed his country’s political system so that he could never lose. He altered the media, courts, voting, threatened business, captured the state, did corrupt deals with Russia and China.”

This is the country that Roberts says is “not just a model for conservative statecraft, but the model.”

Sometimes they say the quiet part out loud. 

Speaking at the annual gathering of the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, the right-wing activist Jack Posobiec received a standing ovation when he declared: “Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely.”

The final countdown

Trump will once again do everything in his power to cheat, lie and suppress the vote. He will send his supporters to harass and bully election workers and his acolytes will devise myriad tricky schemes to circumvent the constitution. We have seen the movie before.

When he loses, he will be constitutionally incapable of conceding defeat.

Democratic lawyer Marc Elias, who is fighting more than 50 Republican voter suppression initiatives in court, believes that Trump’s desperation shows that he knows he can never win a majority of Americans: 

“January 6 showed us that when Donald Trump wants an insurrection, he will summon an insurrection.”

Trump’s remarks on 16 March that there would be “a bloodbath” if he loses – which he later claimed referred to job losses in the auto industry – were out of an old playbook.

There is always an ambiguity, a plausible deniability, when he traffics in violence. But the faithful hear and get the message.

Trump chose to hold his first campaign rally in March 2023 in Waco, Texas, on the 30th anniversary of the violent showdown between federal agents and the religious cult, the Branch Davidians.

He denied the obvious symbolism, but it was a nudge, nudge, wink, wink to Christian militia and paramilitary movements who see the cult members who died as martyrs.

Trump’s rallies open with him saluting a choir of inmates imprisoned for the violent attack on the Capitol on 6 January singing the national anthem. He calls them “hostages” though they are deemed by the FBI to be domestic terrorists.

He consciously deploys biblical imagery in his speeches, painting an apocalyptic vision of an America that has collapsed under Joe Biden into a hell of economic ruin overrun by murderous migrants. Doomsday will be at hand if Biden is re-elected.

Trump suggests that his second coming will lead to a New Jerusalem in America; a flowering in the desert and peace on earth, as well as bringing retribution down on all those who opposed, defeated or slighted him.

He concludes his rallies by promising a country “that’s greater than it has ever been before. God bless you all!”

David French warned in The New York Times that this has artificially raised the stakes in the election “to the point where a loss becomes an unthinkable catastrophe, with the fates of both church and state hanging in the balance. As we saw on 6 January 2021, this belief invites violent action.”

The polls suggest a very close race and an anxious seven months, with the outcome hinging on a few battleground states and whether floating voters understand the danger Trump represents and shake themselves out of apathy.

Many people with short memories of the damage he has already inflicted rationalise that the world didn’t come to an end the last time Trump was president.

But although he is a master of bravado, he can’t fool all of the people all of the time. 

He is so broke that the New York attorney general is poised to seize his properties, genuine conservative Republicans are deserting him, he has succeeded in delaying his criminal trials but they not going away, Democrats are surprisingly united and building up an impregnable ground game, and his performances are becoming more incoherent as the brain farts become more common.

Like the Wizard of Oz, he is being exposed as a fraud – a gigantic gaseous windbag in a girdle who is not even rich.

Rick Wilson, a former Republican operative, and author of Everything Trump Touches Dies, says Trump has already snuffed out the Republican Party. Now let’s see if he can achieve his greatest feat of all – driving the church over a cliff.

Those Christian nationalists and deluded foot soldiers who go down with him will have to answer for why they were conned by this man of all men, and why they chose power, division and hatred instead of working for a better humanity and building bridges – and how they ended up losing it all. DM


Comments - Please in order to comment.

  • Malcolm McManus says:

    Whats worse. Having a leader like Trump or not having a leader at all whilst your country visibly goes down the toilet, as is the case now with the US. With Biden at the helm, you may as well be on a rudderless ship in treacherous seas, navigating shallow coral reefs.

    • John P says:

      Can you give examples to illustrate your point or is it just innuendo?

    • Karen G says:

      having a leader like Trump is worse.

    • Impie Mann says:

      Go back to “Truth” Social, RT and Fox

    • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

      Trump tried to use support for Ukraine as a leverage for Ukraine to support his corruption allegations against the Bidens, he declared Jerusalem a capital city of Israel and gifted the Syria’s Golan heights against UN resolutions, according to him Africa makes shithole sense to him, if the Americans are happy with him it’s their baby as long as the keep him there.

    • Jan Swart says:

      By all objective standards Joe Biden is the most successful and consequential president in 40 years. History will be kind to him.

    • Glyn Morgan says:

      Biden is not the best leader that I can think of, he is not the worst either, by a long shot. Trump on the other hand is dangerous to humanity, he is an out and out Zumerite!

      • theresa burdett says:

        Nonsense. Biden has been the worst for the US is its entire history. People streaming into the country unchecked. How many are criminals or terrorists. It’s a good thing Americans are mostly armed. They are going to need their protection. They buy oil when America has its own oil which companies are not licensed to drill. How does that make sense?? I believe presidents who have been TRUE business people should run a country. Not the ones whose wealth has cone by corruption or hand outs. Where does Bidens wealth come from?? And Pelosi?? Use your head. Feelings don’t count. Facts do.

        • Claire Whitburn says:

          Joe Biden’s achievements have already been listed and recognized by independent scholars and the rest of the world. The problems you list were well present in Trump’s “reign”. Stop watching the sick Fox News, who recently paid $787 million fine, acknowledging knowingly publishing false news to benefit Donald Trump. Do some googling about where Trump got his wealth. The Guardian published an independent survey of worldwide historians who placed Donald Trump rock bottom (45th) in ranking past American Presidents by greatness . Abraham Lincoln 1st, George Washington 2nd, Barack Obama 7th, Joe Biden 14th , Donald Trump 45. Don’t believe the conspiracy theories, do some reading yourself.

  • Tim Bester says:

    If this ad-hominem was intended as a satire, it failed on all counts.

  • Bianca Albesco says:

    This brand of spittle-flying delusion and misrepresentation strongly characterises the loony left. It’s little wonder that it’s even driving Democrats to the Trump camp, especially with his excellent track record in his first term.

    American voters long for economic growth, jobs, strong international diplomacy, no wars and an end to the millions invading their southern border.

    • John P says:

      Try watching something other than Fox news to get some balance on the world.

    • Johan Buys says:

      Bianca: facts matter

      When Trump left office unemployment was around 7% and it is now under 4%

      Trump added 33% to the national debt while in office (despite claiming he would eliminate national debt). Biden has added just under 9%

      In regard diplomacy, Trump reckons Putin is a clever guy and that he (Trump) would halt all aid to Ukraine and pull US out of Nato. An insular US is the last thing the world needs with so many nutcase autocratic governments around! Under Biden meanwhile, Nato has enlarged and the Nato border with Russia is now more than double its length.

      The US is beyond gatvol for illegal immigration, but it is a common disaster for the free world. Given the partisan games going on, I am unsure what Biden can do about immigration when the Senate and House cannot agree on anything.

      Where Trump might come unstuck (I do think he might win) is that in their bones Americans are generally values-driven and believe in The Law. Trump’s tapdance with civil and criminal court cases including found guilty of sexual assault can’t go down well. Restricting women’s right to choose is also a deep-seated divider.

      In the last week or so Trump pulled a feather from former prisoner zuma’s cap and threatened that if he does not win, the 24 election might be America’s last election. That is a dangerous game to play and will get thousands killed.

      • Terrence B says:

        Johan, facts do matter. You should acknowledge your own ideological possession and bias.

        I would avoid Fox, RT, Truth as well as CNN, MSNBC

        Not sure where you got that stat from – US Bureau of Statistics demonstrates that civilian unemployment rate (seasonally adjusted) as of Feb 2024, is 3.9%. Jan 2021 (when Trump left office) was 6.4%. However, its disingenuous not to point out that this period is at the tail-end of the pandemic where the UE rate hit a record high of 14.8% (April 2020). Under Trump’s presidency the UE rate reached a low of 3.5% (Jan 2020). But again, the UE has been steadily decreasing since 2008 (height of 10%) to reach pre-GFC levels. To give credit to either presidents would be fallacious.

        Again, disingenuous if you don’t even bother accounting for the pandemic public spending. If Trump blocked public spending during that period you would be calling him something else. Whilst I doubt either president, and even the presidents before them, had any real motivation to cut public spending, during the Trump presidency (before 2020), Fed spending had come down on average compared to every subsequent year.

        Subjective claim. However, I would point out that it’s very strange that you would celebrate an expansion of NATO that would evidently lead to heightened geopolitical tensions. You sound like a 60s/70s Republican Hawk or a Kissenger apologist.

        The rest is just partisan drivel.

        Republicans and Democrats are on the same side of the same coin.

  • Confucious Says says:

    The biggest reason Trump will get in, is because he is not Biden. Voters are pushing back against woke nonsense!!

    • Malcolm McManus says:

      True, and not many viable democratic candidates waiting in the queue if Biden was to have a sudden and fatal heart attack. Worse than leaderless would be the case if the giggling pot smoker would step up for the position. What a mess. She even thinks that North Korea is an ally of the USA.

    • John P says:

      What amazing distorted reasoning

    • theresa burdett says:

      True. The children whose lives are being ruined by this transgender idiocy will come back to haunt America. It’s criminal. Abortion up to full term is abhorrent. It is also not a form of birth control. If you don’t want a baby use birth control not abortion. A baby has a soul when it is conceived not when it is born.

  • Middle aged Mike says:

    Ja, that was a waste of time I could have used more meaningfully picking my nose. Hysterical and hatey stuff like this isn’t up to the standard I expect of the Maverick.

  • Impie Mann says:

    Excellent writing and true in every sense. The lunatic religious nationalists have embraced the greatest conman/fraudster/snake oil salesman ever to sully US politics.

    He has divided his country and the world by embracing far right fascists and dictators, while slandering and reviling anyone “left” of him. His potty mouth knows no barriers.

    I’m dismayed at the number of right wing comments posted here by readers, I didn’t know the Maverick attracted this breed of hateful, lunatic thinkers.

    • Ed Rybicki says:

      You know then, boet…🙄😩 Nothing like a little Trump to bring out our own loonies! Though why anyone here would support that mendacious opportunistic bullshit artist Trump is beyond me.

    • Paul T says:

      Yes, all of a sudden the right-wing crazies end up on DM, like they were on News24 and then made a wrong turn.

    • Amadeus Figaro says:

      I have often lamented the emotional contagion and political kinship of the post 2019 election DA with the American white right, which have been adopted by no less a person than Helen Zille.

  • ST ST says:

    If President Franklin, Dr King, hell… even Pharaohs awoke from the dead today, they’ll be shocked at how little the human race mental models have shifted. It’s like being ‘stuck in second gear’ to quote the Friends anthem

  • Wolfgang Gruner says:

    The absurd phenomenon of white, middle and upper class South Africans loudly singing the praises of Trump is a true tragicomedy. Jacob Trump and Donald Zuma are the same wannabe authoritarian person in almost every single way. Preaching morality while obviously leading completely contrary lives, flaunting faux success from gilded palaces while obviously failing to manage their money or businesses, fighting any attempt to hold them accountable with countless Stalingrad tactics, promising to save their countries while hollowing out the very institutions they use to get to power in order to hold onto that power, and so much more.
    These South Africans moan about Zuma but glorify his orange complexioned twin?

  • theresa burdett says:

    The above is almost from the democrats playbook in the USA. A president that is not compus mentes and an adversary that puts America first. This attack on believers is foretold in the bible. Donald Trump is not the personification of evil. He loves his country and his people. The opposite is true of Biden. Open borders, unknown people flooding America, citizens in danger, drugs pouring in and thousands dying can all be laid at Bidens door. To me this is the devil in disguise. No matter how you dress it up it is just wrong. The courts have been weaponised to attack President Trump. The valuation of his home was way understated to start with. The banks have evaluators as well who check these things. Every country should have a president who understands business and how the economy works. So this article is just a copy of the democrat playbook. Why are they so afraid of President Trump? Because all their skeletons will come out. Biden has been a disaster for the USA. Can you even stomach not using us oil and buying it instead? Why???? He has been bought by various entities. Iran is being supplied with uranium and to allow this to a Islamic state is quite unacceptable. Biden undid all the good work president Trump did. All the agreements, sanctions and border controls. Israel will be left to deal with Iran under Biden. I also say Israel must develop their own weapons industry because the USA is an unreliable ally. I pray Trump wins the election.

    • Alan Watkins says:

      I cant show the link here because DM does not allow it but search “15 Bible Verses That Identify Donald J. Trump as the Antichrist” And this is from a committed Christian.

  • theresa burdett says:

    The above is almost from the democrats playbook in the USA. A president that is not compus mentes and an adversary that puts America first. This attack on believers is foretold in the bible. Donald Trump is not the personification of evil. He loves his country and his people. The opposite is true of Biden. Open borders, unknown people flooding America, citizens in danger, drugs pouring in and thousands dying can all be laid at Bidens door. To me this is the devil in disguise. No matter how you dress it up it is just wrong. The courts have been weaponised to attack President Trump. The valuation of his home was way understated to start with. The banks have evaluators as well who check these things. Every country should have a president who understands business and how the economy works. So this article is just a copy of the democrat playbook. Why are they so afraid of President Trump? Because all their skeletons will come out. Biden has been a disaster for the USA. Can you even stomach not using us oil and buying it instead? Why???? He has been bought by various entities. Iran is being supplied with uranium and to allow this to a Islamic state is quite unacceptable. Biden undid all the good work president Trump did. All the agreements, sanctions and border controls. Israel will be left to deal with Iran under Biden. I also say Israel must develop their own weapons industry because the USA is an unreliable ally. I pray Trump wins the election.

  • Benjamin B says:

    Daily Maverick, was this journalism? So many sweeping statements, so many generalisations, so much stereotyping. Almost like some Americans calling every country in Africa ‘Africa’. It is clear that the author has an anti-Christian bias to start with and uses the American situation (subjectively) as a platform to promote and proclaim this bias. Please do better.

  • Jeff Pillay says:

    Ah, Phillip van Niekerk, you should have done some real journalism instead of coping & pasting American leftist talking points. In cases where people like you push or propogate extrene right or left views. Readers should follow the money. WHO FUNDS YOUR PROPAGANDA.

  • Dietmar Horn says:

    “Christian nationalism”, something rings a bell for me – what was it like
    again in South Africa with the architecture of apartheid?
    Of course, a report that critically examines the Trump phenomenon cannot sing his praises, that is in the nature of things. The way Trump’s uncritical fan base reacts to this is again in their nature. The verbal reaction reminds me strongly of how hooligans beat up the opposing team’s supporters after a lost game.

  • Michael Reynolds says:

    Biden has been a very good letter and has revitalised America’s industry and reduced unemployment even further than Trump ever did. Just because you do not shout. mock and threaten others does not mean you are a good leader. Trump is not a leader – he is a fascist with the ability to take America down the path Hitler took Germany, Mussolini took Italy, the Khemer Rouge took Cambodia and Stalin took Russia.

  • Skinyela Skinyela says:

    Fear mongering and boogeyman alert only frightens children, not sensible adults.

    What is happening in USA is vibrant democracy in action.

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