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Eskom contradicts Ramokgopa – forecasts more crippling blackouts over the coming months

Eskom contradicts Ramokgopa – forecasts more crippling blackouts over the coming months
Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa. (Photo: Gallo Images / Darren Stewart)

Eskom officials have forecast that there will be rolling blackouts (between stages 1 and 3) every day during December and January — except for six days. And that is the best-case scenario. The electricity situation looks dire for most of 2024 and early 2025, with demand on the rise and uncomfortable levels of unplanned blackouts.

A forecast by Eskom officials on the state of SA’s electricity system has shown that there will be consistent blackouts in December and January — contradicting the recent claims made by Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa.

Eskom officials recently delivered a presentation detailing that the country will still be subject to deep power cuts in December and January.

Daily Maverick has seen the 30-page presentation dated 22 November.

The officials forecast that there will be blackouts (between stages 1 and 3) every day during December — except for three days. This is the best-case scenario, which relies on fewer unplanned breakdowns at Eskom power stations. The worst-case scenario involves load shedding of between stages 4 and 6 every day during December, with no respite. A similar best and worst-case scenario is forecast for January.  

Eskom has forecast that the peak residual use over December and January will be between 23,000MW and 27,000MW, while planned outages (usually a result of generating units at power stations being taken offline for maintenance) are expected to be between 6,800MW and 10,100MW.

Exacerbating this situation is that unplanned outages (usually as a result of a breakdown in electricity generating units) are forecast to be above 16,000MW. In most scenarios during December and January, electricity shortfalls of more than 4,000MW are forecast by Eskom officials, necessitating the implementation of rolling blackouts.

Even for most of 2024 and early 2025, the electricity situation looks dire, with demand being on the rise and uncomfortable levels of unplanned blackouts being recorded, which puts the entire system in jeopardy (see below).

eskom blackouts

(Source: Eskom presentation)

Arguably, the table above paints a picture of Eskom and the government being unable to fix the power crisis that undermines the economy and investments in the country and harms the quality of life.

The forecast by Eskom officials is in stark contrast to the promise made by Ramokgopa during his briefing on 26 November, when he assured the media there would be fewer blackouts over December and that some days would be free of blackouts.

Ramokgopa said electricity demand during December was expected to be lower against a backdrop of lower industrial demand, adding that this would make it possible to suspend blackouts on some days.

Read more in Daily Maverick: ‘We were never at Stage 8’ — Ramokgopa dismisses speculation Joburg hit a load shedding record

However, December is usually dicey for the electricity situation as hotter conditions during the month make power stations and their parts more susceptible to overheating and breakdowns. This has been the case going back seven years.

Read more on Daily Maverick: Renewables help generate rare good news on Eskom’s winter blackouts

Ramokgopa has also pinned his hopes for an improved electricity situation in December on the return online of units 2 and 5 at the Kusile Power Station, which would provide Eskom with “sufficient capacity” to stave off high levels of blackouts.

In a response to questions by Daily Maverick, Eskom said the forecast is based on assumptions of unplanned losses (that are not predicted and seen in failures and breakdowns in generating units) and the demand for electricity.  “The expected load shedding based on these assumptions is a combination of the higher than aspiration unplanned losses and higher than expected demand,” said Eskom.


  • Article updated to include Eskom’s comments. 



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  • Mark Hammick says:

    Let us not forget that the ANC, i.e., one Gwede Mantashe advised the South African public that load shedding would be over by the end of 2023.

  • Recently went to see Cardiff Blues vs the stormers in Cardiff. I meet a random Welsh guy in the queue. With my RSA beanie on (it’s 5 degrees) we get talking. He says “my wife would love to visit Cape Town but she’s worried about being on holiday and having no electricity part of the time”. . .
    When Random people know little about RSA except we don’t don’t have elec part of the time it’s really not great for tourism!!

    • Vic Mash says:

      Every continent has its own problems which are not great for tourism as well. Britain is not excluded

      • Betsy Kuhn says:


        • Graeme J says:


          Not all that, full caps is very difficult to read.

  • William Kelly says:

    This so-called minister is a cheer leader muppet.

  • Cornay Bester says:

    Yesterday a picture of the ANC flag was upside-down & today’s it’s Ramokgopa picture which is upside-down. Love it !

    • Francois Smith says:

      May we please have Ramaphosa’s backside upside down with his spine falling off? Oops sorry, he doesn’t have a spine. They transplanted one for him and the spine rejected him.

  • Henri Christie says:

    When Andre DeRuyter made comments about sabotage, damaged beyond repair systems and such, he was accused of not doing his job and wunderkind Ramokgopa was brought in to do the quick fix he claimed to be capable of. Now what?? Will he also be booted out (except with a huge financial reward) and the next anc croney brought in for his turn at the trough???

    • Brian Cotter says:

      Don’t forget Pravin says AdR was more interested in writing his book. Well if he hadn’t written the book most of the shenanigans at Eskom wouldn’t have been exposed and we would be at stage 9 now.

      • Betsy Kuhn says:


    • ROB Bernard says:

      I have been awaiting the appointment of a POT-HOLE minister… readers please stop laughing?!?! Think about it, an electricity minister was appointed when the reasons for eskoms pitiful decline are as clear as a dogs bollocks, so why not a pot-hole minister? Everyone knows it was all Jan Van Riebeck’s fault.

      • Janet Sully says:

        You speak the truth! The only thing is, I think the dogs bollocks are more honest & true than any of our politicians and ministers of any state owned enterprise.

    • dylan smith says:

      Ramakopa was brought in to sheild the anc from the media so it could pillage, its not rocket science. Our area is have more and more frequent blackouts.

  • Peter Doble says:

    Why the surprise? It’s hardly newsworthy! The whole incompetently run, corrupt monopoly has been in terminal decline for 25 years. Apart from a handful of solar users, absolutely nothing has changed.

  • Debbie Annas says:

    What is surprising here? It was clear from day one that he is nothing more than a spin doctor. The reasons provided for failures are really becoming more and more irrelevant too. Shame.

  • Coen Gous says:

    Well, can one belief anything anybody at the ANC or Eskom for that matter says? They haven’t had a permanent CEO for almost a year now, and also don’t have a Board Chairman. But oh, forgot, they have a lying Ramaphosa, and Ramakgoba, and also Mr. join the dots, Gordhan. The one is more incompetent than the other. But is of course a pre-requisite at the ANC.

  • Hermann Funk says:

    He has been useless in every job he was placed in. Just imagine the good that could be done with the expenses wasted on him.

  • tom cobley says:

    Our electorate will vote these criminals back into power and then suffer with us all.

    • Jo Redeker says:

      That is the sad part. We should adopt something like “Each one, teach one” system and educate those who work for us and who we deal with in our daily lives. Shout it from the roof tops: Apartheid will never come back, but we’ll have water, electricity and food on the table etc. if you vote out the ANC.

  • Chris Orr says:

    Another useless ANC government minister. Absolutely pathetic performance and a liar to boot.

  • Chris Orr says:

    Can’t this ANC government get anything right? An absolute disgrace to the country. No more overseas investors I am afraid. I am so angry and disappointed – unbelievable!

  • Mario de Abreu says:

    Only a fool would not realise what is going on here. They are intentionally making us suffer to the point where we say, “”ok, enough, bring on the power ships and make all these ANC crooks billionaires overnight”” Mark my words, once these parasite ships are entrenched in our electrical grid no further work will be done on future generation. These ships will stay with us until the end of time or the regime is toppled by force.

    • Ashley Stone says:

      They are already billionaires

    • P B M .. says:

      Mario, they will stay with us only until the money runs out to pay them. Which won’t be too long considering what the Karpowerships are going to cost the taxpayers….

    • Janet Sully says:

      Mario, you have made me think again. You are quite right – there is some kickback involved with the Turkish power ships. That is why the ANC is so desperate to give them the rights to dock their ships in 3 of our busiest ports. There is absolutely no truth involved here at all. Shenanigans all round.

      And, as you say, make us suffer with all the ever-increasing power cuts until we can barely function as households, never mind businesses struggling to make ends meet.

    • Janet Sully says:

      Mario, you have made me think again. You are quite right – there is some kickback involved with the Turkish power ships. That is why the ANC is so desperate to give them the rights to dock their ships in 3 of our busiest ports. There is absolutely no truth involved here at all. Shenanigans all round.

      And, as you say, make us suffer with all the ever-increasing power cuts until we can barely function as households, never mind businesses struggling to make ends meet.

  • Alan Watkins says:

    “The worst-case scenario involves load shedding of between stages 4 and 6 every day during December, with no respite. A similar best and worst-case scenario is forecast for January. ”

    Okay, now consider that industry will be shut down for 3 to 4 weeks during December January. Whats that equivalent to? 1, maybe 2, stages of loadshedding? And that solar installations are equivalent to 4 stages of loadshedding. And that the vast amounts of diesel are being used to power diesel turbines. Its clear that Eskom is shrinking and shrinking, producing less and less, and is becoming less viable and more irrelevant by the day.

  • Danial Ronald Meyer says:

    THE ANC has convincingly proven by now that it is incapable of governing South Africa. The leadership keep making blunder.

    As an example, what is the motivation for appointing an incompetent who ran the country’s capital city into the ground as a ‘minister of electricity’. Surely his track record speaks against such an appointment.

    What then is the alternative, in terms of governing the beloved land.

    Taking a look at the opposition, even the so-called grand coalition, one cannot help but weep.

  • George 007 says:

    I’m from the US and if load shedding were a thing there, people would have been literally rioting in the streets years ago — not posting comments here. Rise up!

    • Middle aged Mike says:

      We have an electorate with an average IQ of 71 or lower. We have kept the ANC in power for 30 years and show no signs of realizing how criminally stupid we are. If we can’t raise the gumption to vote the kleptocommies out I see little prospect of us getting up off our asses to throw them out. We truly are a lost cause.

      • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

        Its a simple political strategy starve people long enough they will appreciate everything you promise, the grants will forever stand in the way of logical votes and only numbers count on democratic elections, the coalition of parties stand a chance and it can be true state of fair representation i am holding my breath

    • Greeff Kotzé says:

      The problem with that is the looting and the burning that almost-inevitably accompanies “rising up” in our country. It’s not like we can count on that infrastructure to be repaired/replaced after that has happened.

    • Dou Pienaar says:

      Only sensible comment I have read here! Right behind you George!

  • steveisjoseph says:

    What a load on nonsense, I worked for Eskom, in the 80’s and overheating is just plain nonsense, there is nothing but heat in a power station!

  • Iam Fedup says:

    RamoLiar and the rest of the RamaMorons are completely clueless about how to fix it all, and until the gullible and naive voters in the townships and beyond stop believing the cow crap being fed to them nothing will change. Of course, the bleating DA are not doing us any favours by highlighting the utter mess we are in to “these people.” (Yes, I said it.) Instead, they play it safe and talk only to people who would only have voted for them in the first place. To my great shame, I will be voting for the Freedom Front for the first time ever in my life. Afriforum and OUTA have achieved more than they have with small donations from citizens rather than large corporate gifts for private planes.

    • John Smythe says:

      FF+ will be a wasted vote. Just because you don’t like the DA’s response to some issues, you intend wasting your vote. I hope you’re not from the Western Cape.

  • Ian L says:

    So De Ruiter was right all along, and we have been fooled again by our government possibly burning billions in diesel during the WC so they looked good, I am sure with the upcoming elections another billion or so will be leveraged (stolen) somewhere so Ramokgopa can look the part again.

  • Gary Palmer says:

    I have long turned into a serial sceptic when reading anything the feeble and transparent ANC government has to say. Contradictions and opposing stories, one hand not knowing the other’s devious activities.

    My first guess is that (ANC) cog Cyril is suggesting that they disperse the pain now to save up for a power-filled pre-election month in 2024, and hopefully the ‘ignorant population’ will have forgotten this dark Christmas by then.

    My second guess is that Eskom’s sh1t is really just falling apart (using the metaphor of a ‘fan’ is mute, without power). Trying to stop this locomotive with failed (looted) brakes is useless. One may as well scatter the tracks with daisies and enjoy the sun, on its death run.
    There is an end to the ANC, it is so overdue.

  • Jennifer D says:

    What is interesting is that we have allowed the ANC to rob us blind, destroy our country, take over well run companies and run them into the ground and we have our hands tied behind our backs for fear of retribution. At which point do we stop this absolute nonsense and start trying to gain some sense of normalcy? How is this allowed to carry on for so long – what are we all so scared of?

    • Marko V says:

      The majority keeps voting them in and the legal system is toothless. How do you suggest we stop them?

    • chris smit says:

      I call on all entities with a workforce to hold regular meatings with your staff and to explain to them whenever necessary what is realy hapening My personel knew that roads must remain open for service delivery to happen They knew that a transformer is necessary for power to be available They also knew that electricity moves along cables that have not been stolen yet. Explain this to your personel as often ss you can and MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  • Jennifer D says:

    What angers me the most is that we are paying more for infrequent electricity supply than we paid for reliable supply. How dare they!!!we need to stop being victims!

  • Fuad XXX says:

    Suffering catfish, the same R37million electricity minister who also declared originally NO CORRUPTION AT ESKOM. When will we show these incompetents the door?

  • Louise Louise says:

    “A kakistocracy is a government run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. ”

    The deliberate avoidance of maintenance and planning should be considered as high treason. All of the members of the kakistocracy should be thrown out of parliament and suitable punishment meted out.

    This situation was forecast around 20 years ago if I’m not mistaken? Maybe even earlier than that.

    • D'Esprit Dan says:

      Absolutely – it’s well beyond time that grand theft at state institutions was treated as treason. Add in some hard labour, as opposed to Shabby private hospital treatment and I’ll start hoping once again.

      • Louise Louise says:

        Agreed! The main problem here is that there are no consequences for NOT doing their jobs. No-one is held accountable. No-one goes to jail. The ANC will never serve the people of South Africa because their zyonyst [deliberate misspelling….] masters are pulling the strings to destroy us.

        • James Harrison says:

          Come on Daily Maverick!! Don’t allow antisemitic rubbish like this to be published!

          • Mark K says:

            I’m with you on that, James.

            Besides being antisemitic, it’s also silly. Even if we assume there is some sort of cabal of conspirators, there’s no logical motivation for their wanting to destroy us. To paraphrase a wise man, never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity (and greed).

        • Marko V says:

          What are you talking about? There are no consequences because people like JZ hollowed out any of the organisations that could do anything. The public protector is toothless. And guess who was right there the entire time, deputy Cyril. The ANC has always said party first, I don’t know how anybody could be of the delusion that they care about the people at all. They are nothing but a Mafia organisation at this point.

  • John Weaver Weaver says:

    I have just finished de Ruyters book. A riveting read, I finished it in one day. Take-away n0 1: When a politician talks about electricity he has a timeline of at most a few months, so they are ALWAYS lying. Take-away no 2: Gwede Mantashe is a major culprit for destroying Eskom, and thus destroying 100 000 jobs.

  • Middle aged Mike says:

    “contradicting the recent LIES TOLD by Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa.”

    Fixed it for you.

  • D'Esprit Dan says:

    Ramaphosa has lied about the end to blackouts throughout his time in the Presidency (probably as Deputy as well)
    Mantashe has promised that blackouts will be over by the end of this year, or maybe the elections, as long as we allow his corrupt Karpowerships in
    Mbalula has bragged (if he’s capable of anything else, lost in the fact that it was his corrupt party that caused rolling blackouts in the first place) that rolling blackouts will be over this year (and subsequently backtracked, as is his routine)
    Ramokgopa has promised to end rolling blackouts this year (or thereabouts, with fingers tightly crossed behind his back)
    Ntshavheni, when not tilting at the windmills of bank collusion, has been Ramokgopa’s great praise singer and assured us that rolling blackouts will be done this year, or maybe – smallanyana wiggle room – shortly thereafter.
    Gordhan, when not trying to force the courts to impose blackouts on hospitals, has told us to live with it until the end of the year.

    The common thread in all of this is that every ANC minister within the energy cluster has lied through their teeth to us about this as they desperately try to avoid hemorrhaging even more support before the elections next year. Cyril, this isn’t a damned pothole you can stare at in wonder because someone has poured a bit of tar into it: it’s a crisis. Stop lying to South Africa, just once. That would a Christmas gift we could all use.

  • Andre Reinecke says:

    May 18, 2023 was the day the Mbalula said load shedding will end 2023, he said that his party has does a lot of work to ensure that by the end of 2023, no more load shedding.

  • Sean Venske says:

    Every time the Minister of Eskom claims “We winning” the sh*t hits the fan. Except the fan is turning because there’s no electricity.
    Keep it up Eskom, you doing a fine job making sure Elections 2024 going to see changes.

    • Iam Fedup says:

      Sadly Sean, I don’t share your optimism. The fools are kept in power by the fools that elect them. Only dramatic action like a refusal to pay tax, or a coup d’ etat, will lead to improvement. Of course, it doesn’t help that big corporations, especially the banks, collaborate with the dreadful ANC, just as did many German companies in Hitler’s time.

  • Shaun Slayer says:

    “However, December is usually dicey for the electricity situation as hotter conditions during the month make power stations and their parts more susceptible to overheating and breakdowns. This has been the case going back seven years.”
    Seriously guys, that is such a lame excuse as I am a Maintenance Fitter and the most common excuse used by people that DO NOT do routine maintenance to ensure that all parts are in a good working condition. Look, if you put the wrong grease into a bearing and run the machine at the wrong speed, trust me it is going to overheat and some of these small bearings costing around R500k are normally self lubricated, as they are sealed bearings and run at a certain speed but if you do not control the speed and lubrication of these bearings you are going to sit with permanent breakdowns, so my question is why are these bearings not being replaced so that Eskom can do away with these regular breakdowns? 7 years is a long time to replace probably all of these damaged bearings. Not sure what bearings they use but graphite based lubricants, deep groove ball bearings will counter the heat as they run at around 350DegC. You guys seriously need to get hold of a bearing supplier and ask them to come do an assessment on site.

  • Ernest Esterhuizen says:

    Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.
    Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there. Satan’s moral fibre is to rob, steal and destroy. Our country is run by criminals with that same moral fibre, who constantly lie unashamedly to the NATION – as if they OWN the nation. The number 1 that they have until this day been afraid to kit out in orange overalls, said boldly and publicly: “there will never be loadshedding again.” Who do they think we are? The knowledge, expertise and ability to fix the electricity problem is available in the country, but it is clear that “THEY” do not want to be helped or told. God cannot be mocked, that whatsoever you sow, you shall reap! “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

  • Simon Winde says:

    Anyone an idea what the situation is re Western Cape? DA promised lots of investment in additional power. Any updates?

  • casper van zyl says:

    Viva ANC — Viva !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Harrison says:

    Let’s call him what he is: the Minister of Window Dressing. (Actually, we have several of those, all working under a President of Window Dressing.)

  • Dhasagan Pillay says:

    Our government at every level needs a new engagement program with the electorate. One that involves facepalming – where a random members of the electorate provides the palm and our elected officials (remember the l is silent) provides the red face in each instance.

  • John Smythe says:

    If that photo is deliberately upside-down, it’s in very poor taste. I hope it’s an error that’s corrected soon.

  • Tony B says:

    The old [now cliché] question: “How do you know a politician is lying?”, started as a joke.
    However, the answer: “because their mouth is moving”, has sadly been proven accurate time and time again.
    Another question is: “do voters care?”

  • Michael Thomlinson says:

    The conspiracy: The ANC comrades don’t want to fix the coal powered power stations and end load shedding as they are making a fortune out diesel sales to Eskom. A recent investigation revealed that Eskom was paying more for diesel than Joe Soap pays at the pumps. Billions and billions of Rands per month must equal hundreds of millions a month in profits going to the ANC party and comrades. Same reason for not integrating wind power and solar. The Eastern Cape has dozens of wind generators simply idling away – none are connected to the grid due to red tape wrangling but they have to keep them running to avoid damage to the turbine bearings. Apparently the power that can be generated by these turbines would be enough to power Jeffreys Bay and surrounding areas. Investors were promised the earth but the ANC have renaged on all of the deals so far and we are the ones suffering the consequences

  • Glyn M says:

    Why does Ramokgopa make these unlikely comments, when he must realise that come the day, he is going to be proven wrong, yet again! Each time a Minister or our pathetic president utters some supposedly comforting news, they damage their credibility even further. Rather just shut up, both Rams and all the sheep that follow them (in the unlikely event that there a few gormless trusting souls out there who actually believe their hollow promises).

  • Val Ruscheniko says:

    There can be no doubt that Eskom was the “poisoned chalice” that the Nationalist Government back in 1992 gifted to the incoming ANC. in fact Nationalist Govt. annual expenditure on major utilities was already in a steep decline as far back as 1986 due to the ever increasing financial burden of sustaining the SADF and its incursions into territories across from the northern borders of SA. The ANC, however, has failed over the past three decades to remodel Eskom to suit the requirements of an economy which has morphed from an isolated pariah state to a full blown export driven entity, further complicated by the electrification of black townships and the impecunious status of the indigents who inhabit them who refuse to pay for their electricity supply and prefer rather to steal it. The excesses and corruption amongst the ANC cadrés have further aggrieved an already hostile but nevertheless loyal cohort
    wanting their slice of the post 1992 spoils from “The Struggle”. And so the demon of “non-payment” was gestated and the ANC has failed to chart a new course. This will ultimately lead to the self-implosion of all economic growth.
    A terrible report card for the ANC, but the enfranchised masses have to cope nonetheless with their immediate “here and now” demands on their daily lives. Of necessity their vision of the future is only a two dimensional one, unable to mentally grasp the nettle of the looming economic disaster under the the current ANC dispensation, but for them to change allegiance is total anathema.
    The professional classes will continue to exit for pastures greener, completing SA’s teeth gritting inescapable and inevitable death loop.

  • Another fairytale by the ruling regime.

  • Betsy Kuhn says:


  • Rae Earl says:

    And the voting public could well vote the ANC back into parliament next year. It’s almost beyond belief that in South Africa it’s possible to fool some of the people some of the time and most of the people all of the time, something the ANC is very good at. Listening to the Minister of Transport on Clement Manhathela’s show this morning spelled it out. She talked absolute nonsense most of the time regarding plans to rectify the ANC’s destruction of Transnet and our sea ports via a “Road map” whatever that means. She should go the same route as the Transnet heads Portia Derby and Nonkululeko Dlamini after their able assistance in furthering the destruction of the SOE, namely into the void of the many ANC under achievers who have wrecked our economy and infrastructure.

  • Jan Van Zyl says:

    Love it when Maverick post ANC-minster’s photos upside-down.

  • Stephen Browne says:

    So we find ourselves where most level heads were predicting – a slow, more-or-less uncontrolled change from public to private power. Major industries being forced to forgo non-existent grid capacity and/or generation, instead making their own power. Those private individuals/smaller businesses who can afford it doing some version of off-grid. A little wiggle-room as people leave Eskom. Ultimately a death-spiral as Eskom implodes from abysmal management and lack of revenue. If the essential grid capacity was being improved in any way we would be hearing about it from the usual crew. Our leaders have basically given us the policy version of *shrug*.

  • Albert.questiaux says:

    Unfortunately many stupid people in the ANC government don’t know they are stupid, so not much will change until they are removed. And the few smart ones amongst them that may suggest logical solutions are outvoted by the majority idiots.

  • Another fairytale from the ruling regime.

  • Donal Slemon says:

    Squirrel: Guys, we’ve an election coming – we need to do something to make voters think we’re doing something.
    Pravin: Quick – print more t-shirts. And how about a new minister of Power..?
    Gwede: You mean electricity Prav. We already have the power ha ha!
    Fikile: Lol! Get with the programme Pravin – or do you want me to fix?? I’m really good at fix! I fear fo…
    Squirrel: enough! What is wrong with you all? Just thinking about this makes my head hurt.
    Pravin: We don’t need to think boss – and we definitely don’t need the voters to think. We’re finished if they do. What about we ask China?
    Squirrel: No – we can’t pander to other countries Prav.
    Fikile: But we can ‘Pandor’ to russia – lolz..!
    Gwede: Shut up Fiks. Is it lunch yet?
    Squirrel: You guys… eish please: a solution dammit..!
    Pravin: What about someone of impeccable acumen, widely liked and respected, with only smallanyana scandals attached, who’s also an engineer.
    Squirrel: pecca-what?
    Gwede: I think you mean megawatt, boss.
    Fikile: I know just the guy…
    Squirrel: Can he hide the truth like the rest of us? If so, he’s hired.
    Gwede: Luuuuunch!

  • Tony Fisher says:

    It is essential to realise that any announcements by either Ramokgopa or Eskom are spur-of-the moment utterances, and are likely to be revised at any time, without any further notice.

  • Johan Buys says:

    Loadshedding is just one manifestation of the raging ANC faction fight.

  • The Proven says:

    As sad as it may seem, there is an upside. I read somewhere that the ANC expect to lose the election should the electricity crisis not be solved by election time. Inhope they are right – drastic intervention required.

  • Joseph Mathye says:

    Since the ANC took over most services to the people have been compromised. Imagine it’s hot, no water no electricity no basic services!

    Let’s us vote this failing government (ANC) out. These guys do not care about us, they are already filthy rich.
    Come 2024, the ANC must be voted out. The angel you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

    For 30 years! Even to this day is promises promises. I mean they failed for 30 years what change can they bring now. If we give them yet another chance, they will finish us.

    ‘This country is finished’

  • I’m a tourist from the UK, I’ve been in SA for since the beginning of November & the load shedding has got noticeably worse. I won’t be coming back again until it’s been resolved, I can’t imagine how much money this is costing the economy, it’s shameful it’s been going on for so long.

  • Peter Merrington says:

    Ye gods. It never ends. Doesn’t the work of the national statisticians mean anything to the folk who run the country? Surely basic intelligence drawing off statistics can show what’s to be expected, and therefore what is required of the state and its parastatals including Eskom? Ah, I forgot. Duh. Providential foresight, ability to interpret statistics, grasp of the need for sensible, affordable, sustainable forward planning. Technical competence. We must be modest in our expectations. Kind and modest and not ask over-much of our elected leaders and their comrades or cadres or whatever.

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