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A number of Xiaomi’s best smart products are now on sale from Yuppiechef .

Few places are as adept at transforming your home or office as Yuppiechef. The retailer, which works through both its great online store and its number of physical stores, has even more reason for you to visit with a huge sale on Xiaomi. 

The pair are offering great deals on the range of Xiaomi smart home products that can reinvent how you cook, how you clean and even how you look after your pets. 

Between now and 27th November check out these great disconts:

  • Xiaomi Smart Pet Water Fountain | Was R1 399 | Now R1 099 | You save R300

  • Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder | Was R2 399 | Now R1 799 | You save R600
  • Xiaomi Smart Blender | Was R2 499 | Now R1 899 | You save R600

  • Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum S10 | Was R5 999 | Now R4 499 | You save R1 500
  • Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum S10+ | Was R9 999 | Now R7 999 | You Save R2 000
  • Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum X10+ | Was R19 999 | Now R 16 999 | You save R3 000

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday diluted somewhat in South Africa with smaller sales that last longer, this stands out as some serious savings across the board. 

A real standout to us is the range of robot vacuums which Xiaomi has created to suit the floorspace that you need cleaned and the budget on hand. With thousands of Rands of savings here, your budget goes even further. 

Xiaomi Robot Vacuums sell themselves short with that name because they aren’t just vacuums. These devices all come with mopping functionality thanks to smart water pads and an internal reservoir to provide the perfect amount of water. This combination of intricate water provisions and the high-quality double-layer composite mop pads result in a cleaning that never saturates the floor with water but still cleans it as thoroughly as possible. 

Keeping the floors clean is a constant struggle and, let’s be honest, we’re all not mopping as often as we should be. Xiaomi offers a way to do it more often, with no work on your side, and now through Yuppiechef you don’t even need to pay full price for an almost completely automated vacuum and mop system. 

Those with pets will know that more floor cleaning is always appreciated, and they will also appreciate the automated pet care products which are included in this sale too. The Xiaomi Smart Pet Water Fountain and Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder make the perfect combination to automate all the dietary needs of your furry friends. All of Xiaomi’s smart home appliances can be controlled remotely through the Mi Home app so you can even take care of your pets when at work or even on holiday as the end of the year comes around. 

We are fans of the Xiaomi Smart Pet Water Fountain especially. With the water quality in South Africa not what it used to be it can be easy to forget that your pets can get their water cleaned too with a product like this. The Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain has a four-stage deep filtering process for the water that runs through it so your cats, dogs and other small pets are receiving the highest possible water quality. A massive additional benefit can also be seen in the simple fact that this is a moving water supply. Many animals will instinctively avoid still water sources and by simply providing a circulated water offering, you may see your pets drinking more. 

We mentioned right at the top that now is the perfect time to check out Yuppiechef. While you can enjoy free delivery for all orders over R500, collection from stores or select PostNet stores is also free. Pick up your new Xiaomi smart home appliance on sale and pop in to see what new options exist to further upgrade your smart home. DM/ML


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