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Are you considering moving to America and securing your Green Card and US passport, to set up a secure future for your family?


American Dream, along with Pam Golding International and US immigration attorneys Versfeld and Hugo LLC, will be heading up an exclusive roadshow in Pretoria and Johannesburg from 7th – 11th August. Our team has a wealth of first-hand experience and can guide you on the immigration process, particularly within key Green Card investment regions.  

Whether you are starting a business or looking to secure your children’s future in a top education institution or wanting to create a safe and vibrant lifestyle for your family; American Dream believes that the EB-5 Investor visa is indisputably worth considering. 

Benefits of this Green Card program:

  • Invest $800 000 into a strong economic climate
  • Become a citizen and gain a US passport
  • Travel visa-free to countries worldwide
  • Benefit from a Dollar currency hedge

“We’re seeing other countries downscaling their programs while the US has benefited immensely from international investors and has made it easier for you to invest. There is no age limit, no medical or language requirement and you, your spouse and your children below the age of 21 are given Green Card status. Most importantly, you are not tied down to your investment. You are able to live and work anywhere in the United States,” says Leon Versfeld, Managing Partner Versfeld and Hugo LLC. 

American Dream has actively facilitated over 300 family’s journeys through the EB-5 Investor Program. From the very first consultation, they understand your unique circumstances, aspirations and goals that you want to achieve for you and your family. They leverage comprehensive knowledge of the economic landscape and market trends to identify strategic locations that align with your investment goals.

While American Dream, Pam Golding International and Versfeld and Hugo have identified key performing investment regions, you are not tied to your investment. There are over fifty states that offer countless opportunities for you to relocate to. From fast-paced New York to sunny California, and the vast wealth of states in between you can choose the lifestyle, weather and economic conditions that suit you, your family and your business opportunities. 

Strategic investment into the US

Along with their partners, American Dream has identified high-performing development regions in the US. These regions are marked as high-growth zones where your investment is guaranteed to facilitate job creation. Through this trusted network of strategic partners, American Dream can recommend development projects that have met the necessary criteria to assist you in obtaining your Green Card and US Passport. 

American Dream ensures that EB-5 investors have access to thriving markets, robust job creation, and a solid foundation for your family’s long-term success. 

“The EB-5 investor visa program is far superior to other residency-by-investor options at a global level. There are no requirements, other than your $800,000 investment and you are able to concurrently file for an Adjustment of Status, under certain circumstances which will allow you to have work authorization and begin living and working in the United States,” says Leon Versfeld, Managing Partner Versfeld and Hugo LLC.

Over 110 000 South African families have relocated to the US and there are countless opportunities to create a legacy investment for your family. You can secure a better future for your children without the worry of crime and dwindling job opportunities. In the US, you can enroll your children in top-ranked Ivy League colleges and open up their world with incredible job prospects and visa-free travel to over 160 countries. 

Consult with American Dream, Pam Golding International and their partners during the roadshow in Pretoria and Johannesburg to understand the various investment destinations and get to know the prominent locations where most South Africans are choosing to immigrate to. You will soon see that American Dream’s value added services are hands-on, providing tailor-made EB-5 investor information that will help you create a family legacy in the US. 

An attractive Green Card investment destination

  • South Florida

As one of the locations American Dream focuses on, South Florida has proven to show resilient growth over the last few years with more planned development in the works. This region has plenty to offer in terms of business and lifestyle opportunities. South Africans are amongst the highest investors in developments such as 1818 Park, Circ Residences and Hollywood Circle in Hollywood Florida. While you are in no way tied to the investment destination, South Florida presents ideal living for South Africans. 

Despite Federal Taxes, Florida has introduced favourable tax laws where individuals pay 0% state income tax and 5.50% corporate tax. This has created a wealth of job prospects, particularly within Miami and South Florida. The region is seeing an influx of businesses and families moving from states such as California and New York. For the first time ever, New Yorkers are relocating to Florida in increasing numbers. The region secures a better quality of life for families who can take advantage of world-renowned education, healthcare and business opportunities.

  • Texas

Texas is the second largest US state with opportunities for living within its sprawling metropolis or more inland towards its thriving agriculture industry. The state has attracted a large number of South African farmers with its compelling advantages. The robust economy of Texas offers diverse industries and thriving business environments. Its vibrant agriculture sector, supported by favourable climate and policies, offers an attractive landscape for farmers seeking new prospects.

American Dream has strategically secured high-performing investment opportunities some of which are already built and meet the EB-5 Investor Program requirements. Along with their partners, Pam Golding International and USA immigration attorneys Versfeld and Hugo LLC, they are available in Pretoria and Johannesburg during the roadshow from 7th – 11th August to streamline your Green Card process into the USA. 

Book your one-on-one session with American Dream, Pam Golding International and USA immigration attorneys Versfeld and Hugo LLC to secure your Green Card and US Passport through the EB-5 Investor Program. DM



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