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Unicaf is an innovative organisation dedicated to making tertiary education more accessible to young people through strategic partnerships with prestigious higher education institutions.

Headquartered in Europe, Unicaf has made remarkable strides in Africa, working closely with thousands of prospective students on the continent to turn their dreams of obtaining Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees into a reality.

The organisation’s impressive network of partner universities includes renowned British institutions such as the University of East LondonLiverpool John Moores University, and the University of Suffolk.

Unicaf collaborates with these esteemed universities to provide high-quality tertiary education at a fraction of the cost, facilitated by a robust cloud-based platform that streamlines recruitment, enrollment, teaching, and student support on a large scale.

But Unicaf’s impact doesn’t stop there. Recognising the importance of local education, especially in Africa, the organisation has taken a bold step by partnering with the pan-African Unicaf University. Unicaf University provides online study, offering a wide range of academic programmes and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

At the heart of Unicaf’s mission is the Unicaf Scholarship Programme, a life-changing initiative that has awarded over $100 million (R1.8 billion) worth of scholarships to over 60,000 students in need from 190 countries worldwide. And the organisation is determined to increase this number in the coming years, reaffirming its commitment to empowering students across Africa and beyond.

Unicaf’s dedication to improving the lives of students around the world stems from a deep-rooted belief that educated young individuals are the true leaders of tomorrow. By providing scholarships and making education more attainable, Unicaf seeks to play a pivotal role in building a better future for all.

The Unicaf Scholarship Programme was born out of the organisation’s vision to break barriers and level the playing field in education. In a world where financial constraints often limit educational opportunities, Unicaf saw the pressing need to make a difference and ensure that deserving students are kept safe from financial burdens.

Through the Scholarship Programme, Unicaf aims to support talented individuals who may have yet to have the opportunity to pursue higher education due to economic circumstances. By doing so, Unicaf empowers these students to unlock their potential, enrich their lives, and contribute positively to their communities.

In the words of Sandra K. Baloyi, an MPA student, “My father, who graduated from Unicaf University with an MBA degree, told me to join Unicaf because I was having difficulties with my previous university, and that’s when I decided that Unicaf is the place to be. My overall experience with Unicaf is amazing. Support is always only a touch away.”

Sandra’s experience is just one of many success stories that showcase the transformative impact of Unicaf’s commitment to accessible education. By creating a conducive learning environment and offering scholarships, Unicaf ensures that more and more students can embark on their academic journey with confidence, knowing that financial hurdles will not impede their progress.

As the demand for higher education continues to grow globally, Unicaf stands at the forefront, leading the charge to make education more inclusive. Through its partnerships with prestigious universities and the establishment of Unicaf University, the organisation is setting a powerful example of how innovative approaches can create lasting change in the education landscape.

In conclusion, Unicaf’s dedication to making tertiary education accessible to young people is a beacon of hope for countless students who aspire to pursue their academic dreams. With its Scholarship Programme, robust Virtual Learning Environment, and commitment to empowering students, Unicaf is building a brighter future by equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills they need to make a positive impact on the world. DM


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