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With time, money and especially electricity all at a premium in South Africa, Xiaomi Robot Vacuums seem even more at home.

When it comes to electronics titan, Xiaomi, the company creates products that the whole world can enjoy – but some countries can enjoy their offerings more than others. Xiaomi’s third generation of Robot Vacuums are now available in South Africa where they’ll find themselves potentially working even better than many other countries starting with the constant plague of loadshedding.

We have all been in the position of wanting to get some cleaning done but finding the power not agreeing with us. When you find yourself without lights and sometimes even without hot water, cleaning can be even more of a chore than it already is. All of Xiaomi’s Robot Vacuums run on powerful rechargeable batteries so they can happily clean up when the regular vacuum is left powerless by loadshedding.

When there’s no lights and no power your Xiaomi Robot Vacuums can still use their charge to complete its cleaning schedule which you can set in advance. Clean while you’re at work, at school, at the gym, when you sleep or for what best suits your loadshedding schedule. With intelligent path planning, app control right from your phone, vast arrays of sensors and more, you can comfortably trust your new robot assistant to get things clean while you’re busy with something else.

That busy lifestyle is another hallmark of South African life, which makes the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum fleet even more appealing. It’s no secret that South Africans love to hustle and when every second – and Cent – counts, it’s good to know that cleaning is handled for you.

Even some other smaller elements of local life, like the love of tiles for floors, makes Robot Vacuums all the better. While you will find Xiaomi’s Robot Vacuums able to tackle just about any kind of flat flooring, tiles are especially great for these robots to not only clean, but also expertly navigate. For those with other types of floors have no stress as features like measured water discharge for wet vacuuming will carefully adjust water levels to prevent oversoaking, depending on floor type.

We really do think that South Africans will love a Xiaomi Robot Vacuum in their homes and at work, but it leads to the question…

So which one do I buy?

Xiaomi has spoiled South Africa with several great options for choosing their Robot Vacuum with models available to fit all feature requests, house sizes, and budgets. 

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 is the perfect all-rounder, “do everything” Robot Vacuum. Packed into its sleek body – only eight centimetres tall! – is a powerful 4 000 Pascal (Pa) suction fan blower that has four adjustable suction levels as well as a removable dust box and water tank, with the latter being used for mopping. While this is a Robot Vacuum, it also mops, and it does it well. You can not only switch between mopping and vacuuming, but also combine the two in the same room for the ultimate clean.  

After the E10 has expertly navigated around your house with its smart movement that uses sensors to navigate complex environments, it can then shut down for the next scheduled clean. With a 2 600 mAh battery that means up to 110 minutes of battery under standard mode. This is enough to clean even larger houses or smaller apartments multiple times. 

Your new E10 comes with a local RRP of just R4 499. This kind or price of an advanced Robot Vacuum was unheard of a few years ago but not only has the tech been perfected for better pricing, but Xiaomi has also put it up for sale at these lower prices to better stretch your budget. 

Those who need more should consider the S10 (RRP of R5 999) or the S10+ (RRP of R9 999). Each offers their own unique extra benefits such as laser guidance systems inside of a dedicated, raised LDS sensor that allows for 360-degree detection. 

The S10 ups the battery to a 3 200 mAh unit that allows for up to 130 minutes of cleaning in standard mode, while the S10+ increases yet again to 5 200 mAh which allows it to cross the two-hour mark. Pick the one that best fits your home and, for the Robot Vacuums with larger batteries that can go for so long, also consider how they may be used in business environments which require more room that needs to be cleaned. 

Finally, there’s the X10+ with a RRP of R19 999. What makes this one special is that you’re not just buying a Xiaomi Robot Vacuum, but an all-in-one, automated cleaning solution. Here the Robot Vacuum unit is paired with a Smart Cleaning Station where the Robot Vacuum docks. 

This Smart Cleaning Station not only charges the Robot Vacuum, but also prepares it to continue working. The Smart Cleaning Station cleans the Robot Vacuum and automatically collects dust, completely washes and dries the cleaning pads, refills the vacuum’s water tank and sends it back on its way. 

It’s an automated pitstop for your Robot Vacuum that makes the entire process hands-free on your part. While your Robot Vacuum cleans your house, the Smart Cleaning Station cleans your Robot Vacuum, creating a loop for constant cleanliness. 

Even at R19 999 this is a bargain as some other companies will charge this just for a standalone automated vacuum cleaner. Some companies even charge this much for the old standard vacuums which still require you to clean by hand. 

While you may know which Xiaomi Robot Vacuum will work for you, you may not know that they are available to buy at all your favourite stores. Takealot, Yuppiechef and Tafelberg (E10, S10, S10+ and X10+) all have your new best tool in home maintenance available right now. DM


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