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When people venture into real estate, their primary concerns are comfort and security, and establishing a lifestyle. And although real estate and lifestyle have always been interlinked, today the influence of technology on enhancing lifestyles has never been greater.

As technology continues to shape our daily lives, smart homes have emerged as a transformative concept, offering a wide range of benefits and convenience. With the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and intelligent automation systems, smart homes are revolutionising the way we live, making our lives safer, more efficient, and comfortable. 

Saving energy and money

Smart homes also enable a greener and more sustainable future by significantly reducing energy consumption. Smart thermostats can regulate temperatures based on occupancy, weather conditions, and user preferences, optimising energy usage. 

In addition, smart lighting systems automatically adjust brightness levels and turn off lights when not in use, saving power. These energy-efficient practices not only lower carbon footprints but also help users save on utility bills. 

Automation and convenience

Smart homes excel when it comes to automating routine tasks, providing unrivalled convenience to homeowners. With voice-controlled assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, residents can effortlessly control various aspects of their homes. 

From adjusting room temperatures, playing music, and managing appliances to ordering groceries and controlling home security, automation simplifies daily life. Smart home systems can also be programmed to create personalised settings, such as waking up to a gently lit bedroom or having coffee ready in the morning. 

This seamless integration of technology saves time, increases productivity, and enhances overall comfort.

Where to begin?

While having a smart home sounds like a highly compelling proposition, many users simply do not know where to begin. 

This is where having a trusted partner on board can make a difference, as they can help navigate this complex space, and advise on the best solutions to meet a customer’s unique needs.

Xiaomi has a range of excellent smart home electronics to help every user kick off their smart home journey.

Smart speakers

Firstly, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker – QBH4190GL enables users to control their smart homes using voice commands, making it simpler and more convenient to operate from anywhere in the room, with no physical interaction needed at all. The device integrates with other Xiaomi products, including the Mi Home App, allowing users to control multiple devices within a single app. 

In addition, built-in OK Google smart assistant enables the user to ask questions, set reminders, and create custom routines that automatically control their smart home devices at certain times or in response to specific events. It also features Chromecast built-in, so streams can be voice controlled on Google Chromecast devices.

Finally, it comes with voice recognition that ensures only authorised users can control the smart home devices, and high-quality sound, for listening to music, podcasts, and other audio content in high fidelity, thanks to its 12W speaker.

In addition, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control) – QBH4218GL, offers similar benefits to the model above, but also features an LED clock display, a built-in IR transmitter module that allows users to infuse new life into conventional non-smart devices and control them as part of their smart home – such as remote-controlled aircon, lighting, non-smart TV, and many others. 

This device also boasts excellent sound quality with a 5W speaker, so that smart homeowners can enjoy music, podcasts, and other audio content.

There is also the Xiaomi Smart Clock – QBH4191GL, which has similar features to the smart speakers, but comes with a little extra. It has a four-inch display, and users can choose from ten clock face designs and can customise the colour to suit their particular tastes.  

The device can be connected to the Xiaomi smart camera to see what the camera is recording directly on the clock screen, which is an excellent feature for parents and animal lovers, who can keep an eye on seeing children, what their pets are up to, or who is ringing the doorbell.

Smart lamps

Also on the list, the Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 – MUE4093GL is a smart device that boasts RGB lighting with a captivating 16 million colours. It has a dimmable setting, enabling users to set the exact mood that suits them best, with brightness levels of up to 400 lumens. 

Similarly, the Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S – MUE4105GL was designed with home or office desk setups in mind, and features durable all-metal construction with a hinge to fold away when not needed. 

It features a range of lighting modes that automatically adjust colour temperature and brightness for different scenarios, such as Focus mode, Read mode, Computer mode, or Child mode. These can also be adjusted manually with a knob.

Next, the Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro – BHR4119GL is also ideal for home or office desk setups with the same construction as above. Users are able to customise periods to focus or rest by switching to different light modes – such as the Focus mode which adopts the Pomodoro technique to improve productivity and protect the users’ eyes.

In addition, it intelligently adjusts the colour temperature and brightness to reduce eye strain with long working hours, and supports brightness levels up to 700 lumens. It also supports 90RA Colour Rendering Index, which allows colour temperature to be adjusted to any level with no limitations.

All three of these lamps feature controls that are simple and intuitive, support voice control, integrate with other Xiaomi products, and can be controlled via the Mi Home App.

All devices are available from Takealot, Yuppie Chef, and Incredible Connection. DM


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