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Smart cameras have become increasingly popular in our personal and business lives, due to their ability to provide improved security and peace of mind. They are effective tools for monitoring and securing homes and business premises, enabling users to monitor their surroundings and identify potential security threats, such as unauthorised access or theft. Additionally, smart cameras can easily be integrated with other smart devices and systems, making them scalable, effective, and secure, without incurring massive costs.


Packed with features

Xiaomi offers a range of smart cameras that are packed with features and offer exceptional value for money. They promise excellent image and video quality and employ high-quality sensors and lenses that capture every detail in crystal clarity. 

Moreover, Xiaomi’s range features wide-angle lenses that enable users to capture a larger area without compromising on image quality, which is particularly useful for surveillance purposes, where a larger area needs to be monitored. 

Xiaomi’s smart cameras come with advanced features such as motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio. They are also easy to set up and use in a matter of minutes, and the accompanying app is simple to navigate. 

Through the app, users can control the camera, view live footage, or access recorded footage. The app also enables users to customise the camera’s settings to suit their specifications. Xiaomi’s smart cameras are affordable, despite offering advanced features and high quality, they are priced competitively. 

Furthermore, Xiaomi’s range offers cutting-edge security features. The cameras employ advanced encryption technology to ensure that footage is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorised users. Cloud storage options are available, meaning footage can be backed up and can be accessed from anywhere.

Clear, crisp video

Delving into Xiaomi’s new range, the Xiaomi C200 Smart Camera is a cutting-edge security camera, offering clear and crisp video thanks to its high resolution. It is also able to perform even in light-changing conditions, and features infrared LEDs for improved night vision, giving users peace of mind. 

The smart camera has a dual motor head which allows it to rotate and capture a full 360 degree horizontal view and 106 degree vertical view. It employs AI and deep learning technology to accurately identify human movement, and the recorded video feed is backed up to secure cloud storage where the entire data transmission is encrypted.

The device is pre-installed with a rotation base that can be placed on a range of surfaces such as tables, windows, or ceilings.

High-sensitivity sensor

Next, the Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 offers an enhanced visual experience with fully upgraded 2K ultra-clear HD technology. It boasts a 3-megapixel camera and uses ultra-clear HD technology, and upgraded 6P lens for a higher-quality display while effectively reducing light refraction. Its F1.4 large aperture lens lets a lot more light enter, capturing clear images even in bad lighting conditions. 

The C300 also features a high-sensitivity image sensor and displays colour video even under poor lighting conditions. Its AI human detection enables it to effectively filter out false alarms, by using a combination of deep-learning applications, as well as algorithm and network optimisation for improved accuracy. 

It is fitted with a dual-axis pan-tilt-zoom motor with a 360 degree horizontal viewing angle and 108 degree vertical viewing angle, and supports two-way real-time voice calling that is so clear, it is almost as good as face-to-face communication. In terms of storage, it offers a local Micro SD card, NAS devices as well the cloud.

Finally, the C300 is equipped with a Xiaomi Security Chip, ensuring privacy by enabling the camera to prevent data leakage that can result from video streaming, or forged devices.

Stereo sound quality

Next, the Xiaomi C400 Smart Camera promises ultra-clear video with its 2560 x 1440 high resolution and 4MP camera, bringing incredible 2.5K videos with subtle details that bring images to life.  The dual-motor pan-tilt zoom design enables the lens to rotate up, down, left and right, giving users a panoramic view of their environment. The high-quality, large-diameter design boosts the stereo sound quality of the speakers while amplifying and restoring the integrity and quality of sound.  

As with other models, the built-in AI human detection module is able to identify human-like contours more rapidly and automatically locate and shoot after locking the fact, lowering the chances of false alarms caused by disturbances of other objects, such as small insects and animals.

Outdoors, in all weather

Lastly, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 features a 1920 x 1080p high-resolution for guaranteed picture quality, digital zoom, and the magnification of details. Its F1.6 large aperture helps to increase light intake and improves image transparency, and its ultra-low light full-colour night vision enables users to view daytime colour in extremely low light conditions. 

It features infra-red night vision, and is IP65 dust and water-resistant, designed with a professional waterproofed speaker, microphone, and power socket, so it can be put anywhere with no fear of inclement weather. It is also packed with features, such as two-way comms, AI human detection, personalised sounds, and time-lapse recordings.  

Security-wise, it comes fitted with a Mi Security Chip which has a unique private key and certificate, ensuring secure data transmission and storage. 

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