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To address the continent's spiralling unemployment rates, some businesses are working to provide solutions. Enter the Trace Academia app, a free online learning platform that promises to empower young people in South Africa and the wider African diaspora by providing them with useful skills and connecting them to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities right from the palm of their hands.

African youth risk being left behind when it comes to finding jobs since the development of digital skills has advanced enormously in South Africa and the larger African diaspora. Over 230 million jobs in sub-Saharan Africa will require digital skills by 2030, according to the IFC Digital Skills in sub-Saharan Africa research, creating approximately 650 million training possibilities.

Digital skills are a critical enabler for inclusion and the effective use, adoption, and invention of digital technologies in Africa’s expanding digital economy. They have the power to revolutionise the nature of both formal and informal labour across a variety of industries.

Mobile-friendly digital platforms present a particularly alluring option for educating a large number of youngsters in digital skills, especially given the skyrocketing rate of mobile phone ownership across Sub-Saharan Africa. 

By 2025, 50% of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is predicted to have a mobile service subscription, or 615 million individuals.

Many young people in Africa will need to consider innovative options. One such innovation is the free online e-learning platform Trace Academia!

The well-known Afro-Urban music platform Trace has partnered with top companies to form a coalition and launched the Trace Academia mobile app in April 2022, giving many African youth the chance to succeed in an increasingly digital world. This will help address the issue of youth unemployment on a global scale. With its selection of digital certifications, innovations like the Trace Academia App can reach individuals wherever they are.

Anyone with a smartphone may use the app to sign up for free courses likeGrow With Google’s sponsored Digital Marketing, which teaches African youngsters how to utilise the internet to the fullest for their enterprises, professions, or personal life. Users have the opportunity to learn how to master Google Ads and Analytics as part of the digital marketing course.

The integrated ecosystem that Trace Academia and its partners have created will support its registered users by upskilling them and tackling the bold but courageous challenge of eliminating youth unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bringing practical skills development to young Africans at no cost to them. 

The powers of artificial intelligence and e-learning platforms, which are mutually reliant, are propelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4RI), which is bringing about enormous change. Trace Academia wants to make sure that young people are not left behind and are given the chance to learn on their smartphones at their own pace, wherever they are.

Download the Trace Academia App today. DM


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