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With the current instability of electricity supply in our country many of us are seriously exploring a solar solution for our homes and businesses, but this can be an intimidating and costly process that evokes more questions than answers.

Enter Hohm Energy, South Africa’s first solar marketplace platform. With Hohm Energy, everything is online, convenient and fast: the process for receiving a bespoke solar proposal for your property takes just 3 minutes online, and with this, there are a range of financing options available. Hohm offers a “best quality at best price guarantee”, so you can be assured that you will be receiving the best quality hassle-free solar installation, at the best price available. In essence, Hohm manages and streamlines their customer’s entire solar journey from scoping for your solar solution, installation and finance, to ongoing operations and maintenance. Hohm is up to 70% faster than traditional solar options, saving you hassle, time and money.

Click here to generate your custom solar proposal in 3 mins with easy access to finance.

The energy supply problem

South Africans have experienced the worst year of load shedding yet. The total number of Gigawatt-hours shed so far this year is already more than double what we experienced in 2021. As per the latest numbers shared in the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR’s) annual statistics, the trend of load shedding can be seen steadily increasing year on year since 2018:

This increasing load-shedding trend is, according to Eskom, primarily due to the ageing coal power fleet lacking maintenance, but what has not been mentioned is that this trend is likely to further increase as the old power stations reach their end of life and are decommissioned. We recently gained some insight into the plans for decommissioning of the coal power fleet when the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism publicised the schedule for each power station coming offline. Below is the informational timeline they published:

What is significant about the shutting down of the next four power stations, is that the “dispatchable” coal power capacity coming offline will be met by minimal dispatchable power coming online during that same period. Instead, the dispatchable coal power capacity will be replaced with renewable “intermittent” solar and wind power capacity, but to a lesser extent.

“Dispatchable” power means that the power is available as and when you need it. With coal power, you can dispatch it during the peak power demands which occur in the evenings and mornings. Solar power is termed “intermittent” power as it produces maximum power in the middle of the day and not much power in the early morning or late evening. Solar farm power is not available on the grid during the time of peak demand, unless it is stored in expensive batteries. Similarly, wind power is intermittent in that it generates power only when the wind blows and typically produces an average of 20% (or 1/5th) of the nameplate “installed capacity” of the wind farm. As such, solar and wind power do not contribute much towards meeting the peak demand of South Africa. Not meeting peak demand with equal power generation results in load shedding.

With the recent announcement of Komati Power station closing down in October, the total coal power capacity coming offline over the next 6 years is 6900MW, or 6.9GW. This amount of coal capacity represents 7 stages of load shedding, as each stage equates to 1000 MW of power which is unavailable to meet the grid peak power demand. South Africa has a peak power demand that cycles between 28GW – 32GW, depending on the season, with winter seasons typically seeing peak demand between 30 – 32GW daily, and summer between 28 – 30 GW. In order for there to be no load shedding, the peak power demand has to be met by power supplied during that time, through either coal power, nuclear power, power generated by firing diesel in Open Cycle Gas Turbines, hydroelectric power, battery power or wind power.

Less than one-fifth of the dispatchable power leaving the grid will be replaced by new power coming onto the grid during the same time. This is because the major projects planned by the government have maximal focus on renewable generation and minimal focus on power being available during peak demand. This leads to a projection of load shedding doubling over the next 5 years, and along with that, the price of electricity also doubling, says Matthew Cruise, lead Campaign Manager at Hohm Energy.

On November 15th, Eskom released their System Status and Outlook Briefing. In it they outlined the likely 12-month load shedding projection. What is concerning to note is that at the current capacity losses that are being experienced, load shedding is projected to occur for 319 days over the next 12 months. This equates to load shedding occuring 87% of the time over the next 365 days. “So not only are the long term projections for load shedding indicating that it will double over the next 5 years. The confirmed 1 year projections are already indicating a worse year of load shedding going forward, than what was experienced in 2022” says Cruise.

In conclusion, Eskom can no longer be relied upon to provide stable, affordable electricity. 

The solution for home and business owners is to take care of their own power needs with a solar and battery installation. As a country with plenty of sunlight, localised solar and battery pairings are the cheapest private energy generation option. The cost of the equipment needed to generate household electricity has dropped significantly over the last 15 years by at least 90%, making now the most affordable time to reduce your reliance on Eskom by getting a solar and battery system.

Click here to generate your custom solar proposal in 3 mins with easy access to finance.

The solution and how do you get it?

Enter Hohm Energy, South Africa’s first solar marketplace and the only solar solution provider that is trusted by multiple leading bank-assurance brands to provide a full range of services to their clients. Hohm Energy is currently partnered with Nedbank MFC and homeloans, ooba and Hippo to service their clients. Hohm is an all-in-one solar solution that uses a network of vetted solar installers across SA with embedded finance for homeowners in an online experience that goes from sign-up to online finance approval within 30 minutes

To meet stringent installation quality and compliance requirements, Hohm vets solar installers prior to onboarding them into its marketplace. Hohm has developed a 3rd party quality control service model via a network of certified Solar Quality Advisors that are allocated to every installation to snag all technical and aesthetic issues, all of which are required to be resolved prior to system commissioning and handover. This enables Hohm to guarantee that your installation is fully compliant and leaves your home in the same state prior to installation. Hohm looks after every homeowner to ensure the best client experience – gone are the days where contractors abandon site, leave installations incomplete or non-compliant, and are not contactable when something has gone wrong following a faulty installation.

This is where Hohm Energy makes customers’ lives much easier: after generating an indicative customised solar proposal in a few clicks, they match you with an accredited solar installer in your area. Then, under the guidance of an expert Energy Advisor, they curate a product selection to meet your specific energy needs, such as monthly energy consumption, roof direction and budget.

Being a marketplace, Hohm also works with leading Tier 1 solar product components that it aggregates from local product suppliers. A Tier 1 product is defined as one that has the best quality guarantees in the industry. Only Lithium Ion batteries that have 10 year warranties are rated Tier 1, examples of the battery brands used by Hohm in this category are: Sunsynk, Hubble, FreedomWon, Dyness, Weco, Sungrow and SolarMD. Similarly for inverters, which act as the brain of a solar installation system, the highest quality Tier 1 guarantees ensure performance for 5 years+. Examples of inverter brands that are within this category that Hohm uses are: Sunsynk, Deye, Sungrow and Goodwe. Tier 1 solar panels have a guarantee period of 20 years+, and these brands include: Canadian Solar, Longi and Jinko. Hohm has a “quality at best price guarantee”, where any solar quote that has cheaper like-for-like components will be matched by Hohm.

Submit your solar quotation here to access Hohm’s quality at best price guarantee

With the Hohm Energy platform, everything is digital, online, convenient and fast. The process for arriving at a bespoke solar proposal for your property takes just 3 minutes online at 90% accuracy, and there is a range of financing options available. For instance, through Hohm’s partnership with Nedbank MFC, they offer the most affordable solar finance purchase option in SA. This is an asset-backed finance option that can be submitted and approved online within 30 minutes of your application, and is as easy as car finance. The best part is that it requires 0% deposit, and doesn’t require you to bank with Nedbank – anyone can now apply. After the initial loan term of 6 years, you own your solar system and can benefit from the full financial savings for the remaining useful life of the system.

Click here to generate your custom solar proposal in 3 mins with easy access to finance.

 Additionally, Hohm also offers Hohm Service Plans (insurance and maintenance) for homeowners, for which Hohm will find the best option for you via their marketplace of vetted providers. This ensures the optimal functioning of the solar system over the duration of the life of the equipment. Services that are included in the Hohm Service Plans are:

  • Continual optimisation of your system for peak efficiency
  • Quarterly reports of your systems performance
  • Automatic fault finding and repair in the event of any issues being experienced
  • Bi-annual panel cleans to ensure continuous optimal production
  • Annual inspections of system installations
  • Warranty management
  • Customer support
  • Electricity billing queries

Going solar can be daunting. One needs to gather reliable information about your energy consumption, products, installers, and finance options, but in the end, you may still remain unsure what to do or whom to trust.

Hohm Energy is all about making solar simple and achievable, from start to finish. As an online marketplace, they connect customers with accredited solar providers, product suppliers and financiers. By coordinating and vetting all the stakeholders, you don’t need to worry about which solar installer to trust, which product combination is the best fit for your needs, and how to structure the most suitable finance option to meet your budget. Simply put, they streamline a customer’s entire solar journey from scoping for the solution, installation and finance to ongoing operations and maintenance, and Hohm is up to 70% faster than traditional solar options, saving you both time and money

If you are considering a solar solution for your home, sign up to Hohm Energy and generate your online solar proposal within 3 minutes. With Hohm Energy’s best quality price guarantee, you can be assured that you will also be receiving the best quality hassle-free solar installation, at the best price. DM



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