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Alexforbes has started an exciting journey to build a future for clients that delivers growth, inclusivity and sustainability. The key mechanism available to us to build such a future is the ongoing fulfilment of our core purpose of pioneering insights to deliver advice and solutions that impact people’s lives.

This means breathing life into this purpose every day by orienting our actions, decisions and intent to build a future that we can all connect with. 



Our deep conviction that knowledge is power combined with the opportunity to create and apply such knowledge drives our ambition to pioneer insights. As South Africa’s largest employee benefit consultant, healthcare consultant, retirement fund administrator and investments multi-manager, we have unique access to a wealth of data to explore and make sense of. 

The primary use case for pioneering insights is to empower decision-making both for our clients and ourselves. In a very real manner, we seek to use unique insights to connect the decisions made today to their impact tomorrow. It is through this lens that we seek to educate, inform and enable better choices to be made consistently by a range of stakeholders.


High-quality advice leads to better decisions. In this regard, the insights that Alexforbes generates directly inform and influence the advice frameworks that are implemented across our consulting platforms to provide relevant advice to clients. Given the breadth of our consulting footprint across retirement, healthcare and investments, Alexforbes has the responsibility to ensure that advice provided is of the highest quality and differentiated from our competitors as a result of the rigour of the process to develop and implement our advice frameworks.

The market is characterised by a constant and increasing flow of information, new regulation and often conflicting opinions and beliefs. The ability to look through complexity in providing expert independent advice helps clients to simplify their decision-making and gain confidence in the paths taken.


A key enabler of our capacity to build a future that delivers growth, inclusivity and sustainability is our ability to effectively implement our best-advice frameworks. The Alexforbes platforms enable the delivery of our best advice as we are in full control of how these underlying platforms are calibrated to ensure that our best advice is manifested according to expectations.

Our solutions are then built on these platforms using a best-in-class philosophy whereby Alexforbes obsessively monitors and evaluates third-party service providers to ensure that the solutions delivered to clients match our best-advice mandate. Whether in the context of investments, healthcare, insurance or wealth, Alexforbes is independent and can therefore switch such service providers into and out of our solutions at our discretion based on their ability to best serve our clients’ needs.


The Alexforbes value chain exists to deliver impact to clients’ lives. The effective execution of our purpose results in reduced levels of financial stress among our clients, better retirement outcomes, improved health and an impact on society as well as the environment.

Ultimately, we wish to help all our clients feel in control, confident and secure in their financial journeys by making it easy for them to succeed. This speaks to the need to deliver impact inclusively irrespective of gender, race or economic status. 

As the largest investments multi-manager in South Africa, Alexforbes is also in a powerful position to amplify our impact on people’s lives beyond their financial circumstances. We are therefore able to influence and transform the asset management industry by setting demonstrable and pragmatic ESG requirements for asset managers in our supply chain with a view to enabling greater sustainability. 

As a purpose-driven organisation, Alexforbes will continue to strengthen its determination and fulfil its promise to impact people’s lives and to meet the high expectations that clients place on us to do so. This, we are committed to do and achieve as part of our journey to connect with customers and make a positive impact on their lives through insight, advice, and solutions. DM/BM


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