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Criminal complaint to be laid against Dudu Myeni for Zondo no-show

Former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni. The original photo has been altered. (Photo: Gallo Images / Sowetan / Veli Nhlapo)

Former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni did not appear at the Zondo Commission on Tuesday morning despite a summons. With lawyers for the commission complaining that repeated efforts had been made to reach Myeni, Judge Raymond Zondo ordered a criminal complaint to be laid against the delinquent director.

Dudu Myeni joins her close ally Jacob Zuma in being officially on the run from the Zondo Commission, after the former SAA chairperson failed to make a scheduled appearance on Tuesday morning.

“For the better part of 10 days we have been seeking to engage with Ms Miyeni directly. There are repeated screengrabs of every effort multiple members of this commission have made,” a clearly riled advocate Kate Hofmeyr told Judge Raymond Zondo.

“There has not been a single response.”

Myeni’s lawyer, Nqabayethu Buthelezi, argued that his client’s non-appearance was “not due to reluctance on her part”, but to a “breakdown of communication”.

Buthelezi alleged that a combination of Myeni changing legal teams and not reading the commission’s email in time had contributed to her no-show – a claim pooh-poohed by Hofmeyr, who said a summons had been physically served on Myeni’s residence last week.

Hofmeyr suggested that Myeni’s claim about a communication mix-up “defies, with respect, even logic”.

The commission’s evidence leader pointed out that other witnesses who have sought postponements to their appearances before the State Capture inquiry have done so via affidavits and attached medical documents.

“There is no respect in which the summons issued by this commission has been taken seriously by Ms Myeni,” said Hofmeyr.

“It is time for the law to take its course.”

After Buthelezi phoned Myeni during a short adjournment, he suggested that she might be able to cancel plans to fulfil a family obligation in Richards Bay and instead travel to lawyers in Pietermaritzburg to participate in the commission via Zoom.

Mindful that the best defence is offence, Buthelezi declared himself filled with “dismay and disappointment” at the commission’s “prosecutorial” mindset, and complained: “We have lost two hours!”

“That is because your client is not here,” retorted Zondo, who had heard enough after two hours of back and forth on the matter.

Zondo said it was unacceptable that Myeni had not complied with the commission’s summons.

“From what I have heard, there appears not to have been any valid reason for her not to appear,” the judge said.

“The secretary of the commission must take steps to lay a criminal complaint with the South African Police Service against [Myeni] for acting in breach of summons.”

This is the second time Zondo has threatened criminal action against Myeni. He previously called for a police investigation into Myeni after she revealed the identity of a commission witness granted anonymity for his own safety, during her appearance in November 2020. 

On this occasion, Myeni was due to be questioned by evidence leader Pule Seleka on issues relating to the suspension of Eskom executives. She was also set to be grilled on her previous claims that she could not answer certain questions on the grounds of protection against self-incrimination.

Zondo ordered that all necessary steps be taken to ensure that Myeni availed herself to the commission via Zoom on Tuesday afternoon. In the interim, he indicated his desire to continue with other testimony. DM


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  • The manner in which Myeni treats the legal system is indicative of what kind of person she is. She thinks she is totally and safely above the law.
    For the sake of South Africa, this has to stop and only very firm action can do this….. especially for this to be effective and meaningful.. She is irrelevant low hanging fruit that makes her ability to act like this even more damaging.
    Come on Cyril….. we are getting tired of you missing opportunities like this…… my experience is that even your voters want this to happen.

    • If you are waiting on Cyril to do the right thing you might be in for quite a stretch.
      He made it crystal clear that it is party first, business cadres second and then the squabbles of justice will fall where it may.

  • Surprised?? Not me?
    Follow the example of your hero.. I am starting to get immune to these arrogant cadres who think they are above the law. I’m tired of getting upset, which is probably a bad thing

  • Bla-bla. First Zuma gives Zondo and the country a toffee. Now Myeni. The result of Zondo’s threats to let the law takes its course? Zippo. The relevations do not surprise anyone any longer. It is just its depth that is breathtaking. Anyhow, nothing happens. So why bother any longer?

  • The Zondo Commission is a joke, He said – she said, and no consequences if you don’t turn up, in spite of the blustering Zondo.

  • Referral to SAPS? Please Judge Zondo, do you really think they will do ANYTHING? Nothing seems to have happened opposite Zuma, so it is unlikely anything will here either. Sad!

  • Isn’t it time to apprehend/jail the defense attorneys/advocates who come up with these preposterous ‘explanations’? It is total disregard & contempt/disrespect of the ‘law’ surely ? The so-called defense ‘legal counsel’ are co-conspirators in this defiance. NO ONE should be above accountability!

  • The contempt with which Myeni treats any accountability boggles the mind. She should be put behind bars with hard labour to atone for the economic havoc she has sown until she has paid back all the money.

  • Of course she cant come, why should she..? Her owner and handler, the only one braincell Egghead, also gives law the finger.From all the billions they have stolen and still do, they don’t have enough funds left to pay for transport. TheY must go to hell where they all crawl out from.
    Michael Honsa

  • The lies, contempt and arrogance absolutely defy belief. Straight out of the Joseph Stalin playbook. When will the arbiters of justice throw these criminals into the gulag?

  • Until Zuma is arrested the smaller fish fear nothing. Why must anybody toe the line while the Mafia squabble amongst them selves? Every day another “shocking” surprise of looting by the comrades. Time to change the name to South Zimbabwe.

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