Springbok Champions Tour: Tribute to the Cape Town fans

By Tevya Turok Shapiro and Anso Thom 13 November 2019

Siya Kolisi blows a kiss to the balconies of Long Street as fans erupt with cheers and adoration on both sides. Throngs of fans crammed together try to keep up with the bus as it cruises slowly through the euphoric chaos. (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)

To say that the energy was electric as the Springboks drove through Cape Town would not do justice to the thunderous roars of the thousands of fans who took to the streets on Monday 11 November to pay tribute to the Springboks and Captain Kolisi. In these photos, Daily Maverick pays tribute to them. Here are some of the faces you might have seen as the fever-pitch excitement swept through the CBD, Langa or Elsies River during the Rugby World Cup 2019 Champions Tour.


As the Springboks’ bus turns the corner to arrive at City Hall, a wave of joy emanates down Darling Street. (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
As the bus drives past, a woman at the front of the crowd shouts ‘Kolisi is a tall glass of Milo!’ (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
An exuberant old-timer swept up by the masses revels in the pandemonium, grinning in all directions giving his fellow fans a thumbs-up. (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
Amid the heaving crowds on Long Street, a man smiles and silently raises a beer to the Boks. (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
Two friends perform a lineout lift to pay tribute to Tendai Mtawarira, aka ‘Beast’. The chap at the bottom was quite the beast himself! (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
As the bus arrives on Jakes Gerwel Drive, a man gestures at Kolisi and exclaims ‘He’s the new Superman!’ (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
A woman jumps up and down enthusiastically, the little girl on her shoulders bouncing all over the show. (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
A man raises his hands to Kolisi and is overcome with emotion as the captain points and cheers at him. (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
Children scream for Kolisi’s attention as the bus drives slowly towards the N2 to depart for Elsies River. (Photo: Tevya Shapiro)
As the Springboks drive past, fans cheer along the highway outside Elsies River and climb the signposts to get to the team’s level. (Photo: Anso Thom)

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