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By Karabo Mafolo 6 September 2019

After a week covering protests, DM staffers give their minds a break by watching baking shows, Formula 1 docuseries and other Netflix series.

Chanel Retief, reporter and creative mind behind Daily Maverick’s Instagram feed

I just finished season three of “13 Reasons Why” and the finale was a letdown.

The first season was about a girl who committed suicide; she then released a series of tapes explaining the reasons behind her suicide. That was a good season because it got into bigger topics like rape culture and substance abuse.

The second season focused on the trial. The parents were looking for someone to blame and the attention was on the perpetrator and his other victims.

The third and final season starts with the murder of said perpetrator the case then starts unravelling by focusing on the people who would most like to have seen him dead. It ends by revealing the killer – no spoiler alert, but for me, the person who committed the crime was the least likely person.

Bernard Kotze, multimedia maverick

I’m currently watching a documentary on Netflix, called “Drive to Survive”, focusing on Formula 1. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the drama and politics of Formula 1, following teams and drivers competing for the top spot. It is a beautifully filmed documentary with incredible access to behind-the-scenes footage. More drama than a soap opera but infinitely more compelling.

Sune Payne, reporter and social justice warrior 

Who makes the better dumplings: China or Italy? This is the question asked by chef David Chang in the Netflix series “Ugly Delicious”. The series explores the history of food as well as how we come to understand food.

However, one aspect of this show stands out: food has a complicated history; from the history of fried chicken to the comfort of home cooking, or the complexity behind MSG (Monosodium glutamate), this show explores the relationships between both good and bad histories of food, and how delicious food is a worldwide phenomenon. ML


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