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Patricia de Lille to resign as Cape Town mayor in a deal with Maimane

Mayor Patricia de Lille arrives at Marks Building, Parliament for her disciplinary hearing. Journalists will hear today whether they will be granted access to the hearing. The mayor said earlier this week that if access is not granted to media she will take the matter to court. De Lille is being accused of misconduct by her party. 22 March 2018. Photo by Leila Dougan

DA Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has agreed to hand in her mayoral chains in a deal with DA national leader Mmusi Maimane.

The terms of the agreement that will see Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille leave office – at the end of this week, Daily Maverick is reliably informed – will be officially announced later on Sunday.

Portia Adams, DA national leader Mmusi Maimane’s spokesperson, said she “could not confirm or deny anything”, referring to the media briefing on the matter later in the day.

The agreement on De Lille’s departure comes after over seven months of DA internecine battles in the City of Cape Town – including at least two motions of no confidences that went nowhere, one won by De Lille at the start of the year and the other last month withdrawn. The political tensions from the city have also spilled to the Western Cape party structures, and nationally. The DA at its national congress earlier this year introduced what’s known as “the De Lille clause” in its party constitution: that elected public representatives could be withdrawn from office on loss of confidence.

But the timing of this agreement between Maimane and De Lille is curious: De Lille has won in court against the DA over how it has treated her with regards to disciplinary and other processes. The disciplinary hearing was meant to get underway, in an open hearing, as De Lille had wanted, arguing throughout she wanted to clear her name in public. DM