South Africa


Street Talk: Voting for change

Systemic corruption and maladministration have left these black professionals disillusioned with the ANC-led government.

I voted for the ANC until I got tired of it because I am just voting these people into power and nothing is happening. At first it was ok, we had all these nice programnes … NDP’s and what not, and you know up to this day unemployment is still rife, we still don’t have land, people are still living in shanty towns and you know what at the end of the day we need to hold them accountable.” – Siyasanda Peter

“Cyril Ramaphosa – we might fall in love with him now but is he going to change? No, he’s not going to change anything – he’s still going to be like Zuma. We had Thabo Mbeki, we had complaints about Thabo Mbeki, we got Zuma, we had complaints about Zuma – now we have this one.” – Zikhona Jacobs

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